Beanie's Guide To Killing Off Characters

Need help with killing off a character, main or even just a side? You could even just be bored and want to kill a character for the sake of it. I can guide you through the process of making a dramatic death or even write one for you if you'd like.


8. Nolan PART 2

He pulled my trench coat off and stared to unbutton my shirt, smiling against my lips. He broke our kiss and my lips longed for the taste of him. He ripped his shirt off letting the fabric fall to the ground. I looked at his abs and I had to prevent myself from drooling. He pinned me up against the wall and begun to run his hands down my torso stopping at my hips. I wanted more of him, I wanted him to never leave my side.


His warm body was pulled off of me and my eyes flew open to see him on the ground against the wall just lying there watching. I looked at Sam standing there, his eyes black, I moved quickly to stop Sam. "Cas!" Dean yelled in terror, I glanced at him and then I felt it pierce my flesh. That's what Dean was trying to warn me about, I looked down at the first blade glowing red in my chest. Sam vanished and so did the blade. I dropped to the ground, struggling to keep myself awake.


Dean's terrified face appeared in my vision and I smiled up at him. He grabbed my hand and held it tightly as he pulled me into his chest and held me in his arms. "Castiel, don't die. Please, anything but. I can't loose you. I love you," he whispered sadly. I looked dead into his green eyes and opened my mouth to speak despite the fact that I was near impossible to breath. "I love-" I managed to say before darkness encased me.

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