When you love a 5'er.

It's about loving a 5'er. Enjoy, my ppl.


6. Happy ever after... With a twist.

After that day, when Lucas was smiling back at me, I was in complete and utter love with him and with anything that had to with him. Lucas Hemmings was mine and I was his. Every day since that night, we went everywhere together. Even on tour, and sometimes I got the opportunity to come out on stage with him and sing. 


After that, he asked me to marry him, and of course... I said yes. He asked me while I was on stage with him one time. 

Although people thought of us differently from that point on, we still loved each other more than ever. We will always be known as the Hemmings couple, but now we'll be known as the Hemmings family because Lucas Jr. is going to be here soon, that's right, he's gonna be a dad. 


If you want a sequel, please tell me. Thanks for reading. Bye ppl!

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