When you love a 5'er.

It's about loving a 5'er. Enjoy, my ppl.


1. Craziness

"Ahh!" Me and HayLeigh screamed. "We got the tickets, we got the freaking tickets!" HayLeigh, my best friend and I, just got tickets to a 5 SOS concert. We are so excited. " HayLeigh I can't believe this! Just pinch me! Luke! Michael! Ashton! Calum! OMG! I can't wait!"


The concert is tonight. HayLeigh and I got in the car and drove to the stadium. We found our seats and tried to stay sane while patiently waiting for the concert to begin. The chatter of other people kept my adrenaline at a steady pace. " I am so excited! I can't wait till they play 'she's kinda hot'!"   

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