The Boy With the Silver Eyes ~A NaNoWriMo Entry~

When a new boy named Peter Menard comes to their high school, Best friends Sarah Wagner and Alex Haisgen know there's something different about him. When the truth is revealed, a whirlwind of lies, jealousy, and hatred stirs. An old rivalry begins again, and Sarah is right in the middle of it. Sarah must travel to a world were magic, monsters, sprites, and fairies roam. Will she succeed, or will her life end as she knows it?
Cover created by Willow Angel.


8. Chapter 7

November 5th, 2015

Sarah’s POV:
The school day was finally over. As soon as the bell rang, I shoved my books into my locker, grabbed my back pack and the books I needed, and ran out as fast as I could. It was nice enough out, so I decided to walk home. I didn’t live that far away, so I knew I would be fine.

 The wind whipped furiously around me, but I was disturbed to see that the trees surrounding me and the other that were kids walking weren’t affected in the slightest. It was like I had my own personal whirlwind! Quickening my pace, I tried to ignore the stares of people in their cars and walking past me.

The wind around me was blowing so hard that it nearly knocked me over. I struggled to walk, fighting the wind. The wind was still around me and only me. I screamed in frustration and gave up, kneeling on the ground. To my astonishment, the wind stopped blowing. It was almost like…magic.

“Okay, that’s not freaky at all!” I muttered under my breath. I spotted my house looming eerily in the now-dark night. Walking in, I sighed with relief. It was warm inside, and no weird hurricane-things could get to me in here. “Happy Birthday!” my family shouted, jumping out from their hiding places. I moaned and set down my back pack. “Please don’t tell me you invited ‘friends’ over,” I said. Timmy laughed.

 “Alex is coming over later to drop something off for you. Other than that, it’s just us!” he said, giving me a fist-bump. I smiled, glad that it was going to be a nice quiet evening. “C’mon, dinner’s on the table! It’s your favorite!” Timmy said. He put a blindfold over my eyes guided me to the kitchen. My stomach felt queasy, all of this attention was making me feel nauseous!

“Okay, what on earth is going on here?!” I asked, laughing nervously. Even though I couldn’t see them, I knew my family was smirking. “Oh, you’ll see soon enough,” my dad said, chuckling. Timmy removed my blindfold and I gasped. A stack of presents rested on the table. Mom had taken out her special crystal plates and glasses. Two candles had been lit; they were the only source of light. It was beautiful. Alex was standing in the corner, a small smile on his face, holding a set of keys.

 “Wow,” I murmured softly, stepping farther into the kitchen. “This was Alex’s idea,” Mom said, putting her arm around Alex’s shoulders. I stared at him, stunned. He came up to me and gave me a hug. “This is my way of making things up to you,” he whispered so only I could hear. I burst into tears and hugged him back.

“I’m so sorry, Alex! I’ve been such a jerk! I never gave you a chance to explain…oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” I sobbed, burying my head in his chest. My family stared at the two of us awkwardly, not knowing what was going on. “Um…what’re you talking about, Sarah?” Timmy asked cautiously. I opened my mouth to say something when Alex cut me off.

 “It’s nothing, Timmy. I just did something stupid, that’s all,” he said cheerfully, letting go of me and clapping Timmy on the back. Timmy nodded reluctantly. He gave me a look, as if to say, ‘You and I are going to have a nice, long chat later’. I nodded and he seemed satisfied.

Mom dished up dinner onto our plates, beef strogkanov with warm, buttery rolls and beet salad. It doesn’t sound that appetizing, but trust me, it’s delicious! Alex and Timmy were poking at their food, as if they expected it to come to life and swallow them whole. Alex finally got up the courage to try the beet salad. He popped a little in his mouth and his eyes widened. He began to wolf down his food, like he had been starving to death. I laughed as the same thing happened with Timmy. I loved what Russian food could do to people.

 After the food was eaten and the plates were cleared away, mom brought out a small blue and white cake, big enough for the five of us to share it. I blew out the candles and we sliced the cake. The flavors combined beautifully in my mouth. It was a vanilla cake with lemon pudding as the filling with cream cheese frosting.

“Time to open presents!” Timmy shouted gleefully, as if he were 5 and not 15. I chuckled as he tenderly pulled out a large package wrapped in blue paper and topped with a silver bow, a beautiful color combination in my opinion. “This one is from me. I hope you like it,” he said, giving me the present. I carefully un-wrapped it and revealed what was inside; it was a soccer ball. My eyes lit up and I gave Timmy a big hug. “Thank you!” I squealed. Timmy laughed. “Hey, what are little brothers for?” he said, grinning. Mom was next.

 Her present turned out to be a new journal and a packet of pens, both of which I had asked for millions of times. There were two packages left. Dad handed me the smallest one, which was no bigger than an envelope. I looked at him, confused. “Wasn’t the necklace you gave me my present from you?” I asked. Dad shrugged.

“Well, I thought you would need this, too.” I raised an eyebrow at him and unwrapped the gift. Inside was a note. I read it aloud.

“To whom it may concern,

This little girl is Sarah. She is very dear to us, and we are now entrusting her into your care. You will be doing us a great favor by taking her into your home. She is very precious. If you harm her in any way, you will face the consequences. Please take care of her. On the eve of her 16th birthday, we will come back for her. Do not reveal this note to her until that night.

Thank you,


I looked up at the people who I had thought were my family only moments before. Timmy’s face was pale. “T…this is a joke, right? Sarah’s my sister, isn’t she?!” he asked desperately, as if he could make all of this go away with a simple yes or no. ‘Dad’ shook his head. “A year before you were born, someone had left Sarah on our doorstep,” my ‘mom’ said quietly. Timmy’s eyes filled with tears and he got up, running up the stairs to his room, sobbing. I crumpled up the note and threw it, tears trailing down my cheeks.

“I won’t go with them,” I said firmly. “Sarah, you have to,” Alex said quietly. I turned to him, shocked. “You knew about this?! How?!” Alex looked down at his feet. “I may or may not know your birth parents. They uh…sent me here to protect you,” he muttered. I looked from my parents to Alex and then back again.

“How dare you keep something like this from me?” I screamed, my body trembling with rage. “Oh honey, there were so many times when we wanted to tell you! But your parents didn’t want you to know!” Dad said, trying to put his hand on my shoulder. I tore away and tried to run back upstairs to my room, but Alex grabbed me by my waist and dragged me back. I kicked and screamed, but he held firm.

“I hate you! I hate all of you!” I screamed. Alex’s grip on my waist tightened and he shoved me back into my chair. I tried to stand up and he shoved me down again.

“They’ll be here soon, you need to be patient!” Alex said, his brown eyes locking with mine. I shook my head. “No! No, I want to stay here!” I screamed, knowing that I probably sounded like a bratty three-year old. Alex turned to my parents. “Bring out the duct tape,” he said firmly. My parents nodded curtly and began to stand up.

 “No, no, that’s okay! I’ll stay here!” I said fearfully. Alex chuckled, but he still held me down, just in case. The doorbell rang and we all froze. The silhouettes of two figures were in the door. Mom swallowed hard and got up shakily. She opened the door and a couple came in.

The man was wearing an orange sweatshirt with blue jeans and white sneakers. His graying brown hair was about shoulder-length and was tied up in a ponytail. His brown eyes twinkled mischievously, as if he was planning a prank on every person in the room.

His wife, whom I assumed was my mother, was at least a foot shorter than him. Her red hair hung in curls around her shoulders. Her light green eyes were soft and kind and had wrinkles around them, as if she smiled a lot. She wore a simple but elegant white dress with black flats.

“Sarah,” she murmured, pulling me into a tight hug. Her husband came up to me and rested a hand on my shoulder. “My, look at how much you’ve grown. It seems like just yesterday you were but a wee babe,” he chuckled. “Well, technically for us, it was,” his wife said. I looked at them, confused. That’s when I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before. Both of them had pointed ears.

I screamed and pressed myself against the wall, breathing heavily. “Y…you’re ears!” I said. The man raised his eyebrows. “You can see them?” he asked. “Well, duh! Can’t everyone?!” I screeched. I turned back to Alex to see that his ears were pointed too! How had I not seen that before?! Alex shook his head.

“No, only other Fe can see our features that make us different from human beings,” he said slowly. My ‘mom’ opened and closed her mouth, but no sound came out. “Fe? Pointed ears?! What the heck are all of you talking about?!” My ‘dad’ shrieked. “Monsters, fairies, sprites, magic, and all of that stuff is real,” Alex said simply. ‘Dad’ sat down, too stunned to speak.

“Really?” Timmy said, coming out from the stairway. I moaned. “You were eavesdropping again, weren’t you?” I sighed. “Hey, what can I say?” he said, his eyes hard. “I wanted to know if all of this crap about my sister not actually being my sister was true,” he said harshly, glaring at the couple who were supposedly my parents. I approached the woman cautiously.

 “Are you really my parents, and if you are, does that mean I’m a…?” My voice trailed off. “A Fe? Yes, that’s exactly what it means,” the man said in a matter of fact tone. I folded my arms, still not convinced.

“Prove it,” I said, glaring at the couple. “Prove what?” the man said, confused. “Prove that you’re my real parents. I don’t believe you,” I growled, glaring at them. ‘Mom’ placed a hand on my shoulder. “Honey, they aren’t lying. This isn’t some big joke,” she said softly. I knew she was telling the truth. ‘Mom’ would never lie to me about something this serious. My shoulders slumped.

Shaking my head, I closed my eyes. “So I’m a freak,” I muttered under my breath. Alex put his hands on my shoulders. “You are not a freak. You’re just…special,” he said, probably realizing how much worse that sounded. I rolled my eyes. “Special. Much better,” I said sarcastically. Alex winced.

“Alex, Sarah, we need to leave,” The man said. “Leave? Where are we going?” I asked. The woman smiled. “We’re going home. You didn’t think we lived in the human world, did you?” she chuckled, her eyes shining. “No, I guess not,” I said reluctantly. I turned back to the others.

“I’m going to miss you guys. We’ll always be family, right?” I asked softly. They all nodded. “Take care of mom and dad, okay?” I said to Timmy, giving him a tight hug. “I’ll…I’ll try,” he stammered, hugging me back just as tightly as I had hugged him. “I love you guys,” I said to my ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, giving them both a hug. ‘Dad’ gave me a kiss on the top of my head, and I could feel his tears dripping into my hair.

“We’re going to miss you, kiddo,” he said, trying to smile. “I’m going to miss you, too,” I said. “Can Sarah visit us?” Timmy asked my new parents hopefully. My real mother smiled. “Of course she can, Tim. No need for you to worry about that,” she said. Timmy looked surprised when my mom used his real name, but he smiled all the same.

Waving one last goodbye, I headed out the door with Alex and my new parents. “Are you ready, Sarah?” my father said. I looked out onto the dark, empty streets. Of course I wasn’t ready! I was going to leave my home, my school, most of my friends… “Sarah, you’ll be okay,” Alex said, placing his hand onto my shoulder. I turned back to my parents. “I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied. With that, we walked off into the dark. Together.

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