The Boy With the Silver Eyes ~A NaNoWriMo Entry~

When a new boy named Peter Menard comes to their high school, Best friends Sarah Wagner and Alex Haisgen know there's something different about him. When the truth is revealed, a whirlwind of lies, jealousy, and hatred stirs. An old rivalry begins again, and Sarah is right in the middle of it. Sarah must travel to a world were magic, monsters, sprites, and fairies roam. Will she succeed, or will her life end as she knows it?
Cover created by Willow Angel.


7. Chapter 6

November 5th, 2015

Sarah’s POV:
I groaned as the sound of my alarm clock jolted me out of my blissful sleep. Turning over, I slammed down the button to turn it off, maybe a little too hard. The alarm clock flew off my night stand and onto the floor. Rolling my eyes, I picked it back up and set it gently on the nightstand. I got up and opened the curtains, allowing the golden rays of sunlight to illuminate my room. I checked my calendar and sighed.

 Today was November 5th, my 16th birthday. I hate my birthday. Don’t ask me why, I just do. All of the attention and fussing over me gets on my nerves, I guess. I spotted an azure colored dress hanging from my door knob. I smiled, knowing that mom had continued her tradition of getting me a new dress every year for my birthday. Quickly slipping it on, I spun around, making the silky material flow around me. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where mom was making breakfast.

“You look gorgeous!” she squealed, giving me a tight hug. I sighed and hugged her back reluctantly. “Thanks, mom,” I sighed. “Oh, I almost forgot! Your father told me to give this to you when he left for work! Happy birthday, sweetheart,” mom said, handing me a small package wrapped in golden paper. She turned back to the stove and went back to making breakfast. I studied the package. It was crudely wrapped, with a silver bow taped unevenly onto the top. Rolling my eyes, I unwrapped the gift, not expecting much.

 It revealed a white box with sliver lettering, which I completely ignored and opened the box. My eyes widened as I saw the beautiful necklace inside. The chain was gold, with a circular pendant hanging off. The words, “Love you to the moon and back,” were spelled out with hundreds of small diamonds.

“Mom, look at this! Isn’t it beautiful?” I breathed, showing her the box, but inside, I was filled with annoyance. Why did dad have to get me something so expensive?! Mom smiled and nodded. She set down three plates of bacon, eggs, and toast on the table. “Timmy, time for breakfast!” she hollered up the stairs.

 My 15 year old brother, Timmy, came running down the stairs, tripping over his shoelaces and falling flat on his face. “I’m okay!” he said, popping right back up with a huge grin on his face. He slid into his seat, his blue eyes filled with hunger. I ruffled his dirty blonde hair and he swatted my hands away. “Stop it, Sarah!” he whined, sticking out his bottom lip. “Stop it, Timmy!” I whined back mockingly. A small smile tugged at his lips, but he crossed his arms and made a pouty face. “You’re mean!” he said. “Yep, I know,” I said, tickling his stomach.

“N…no! S…stop! I surrender!” he said, bursts of laughter bursting out of his lips. I laughed and stopped tickling him. He stuck his tongue out at me and then dug into his breakfast. “You big baby,” I muttered to myself, smiling. “I heard that!” Timmy said with his mouth full of food. I chuckled and dug into my own. Mom had put cheddar cheese in my scrambled eggs; my favorite way to eat them.

 “Are you going to take the driver’s test after school?” Timmy asked, pulling out his phone and opening Candy Crush. I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. I don’t really want to, but mom’s probably going to make me do it,” I sighed. Timmy looked at me as if I’d grown another head. “You don’t want to drive?! Why?!” he asked, as if the idea of not wanting to be stuffed into a metal box on wheels was an awful concept. I shrugged and finished my breakfast. I swung my backpack over my shoulder, which was really hard with a dress, and walked towards the door.

“Bye mom, bye Timmy! See you after school!” I called, closing the door behind me. I turned, expecting to see Alex standing there, his usual goofy grin on his face, waiting for me so that we could walk to the bus stop together. But he wasn’t there. I remembered what had happened yesterday, and my expression hardened. Well, it tried to, anyway.

 I realized with a jolt that I missed Alex. I sighed and walked to the bus stop by myself, my white sneakers making a slapping sound against the sidewalk. I saw Alex standing at the bus stop with his other two friends, laughing his head off. I gritted my teeth at the sight of him. I might miss the guy, but I still hated him. If that makes any sense at all, which it doesn’t? I caught Alex staring at me, his mouth hanging open. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“What?” I asked. He quickly snapped his mouth shut and turned back to his friends. One of them snickered and whispered something. Panicked, Alex covered his mouth and looked over at me to see if I had heard. Seeing that I hadn’t, he uncovered the guy’s mouth and glared at him. I sighed and looked away. Boys were so weird. The bus pulled up and we all piled in. For a second, Alex’s hair looked like it was on fire, but then it was back to normal again. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. “I’m going crazy,” I said over and over again. Alex shot me a worried glance.

 “You okay, Sarah?” he asked, his voice filled with worry. I sneered at him and his face fell. He trudged over to a seat near the back of the bus and sat all by himself. I smirked and sat in my usual seat. Well, our usual seat. My shoulders slumped. The bus finally reached the school and I got out quickly, making sure not to look Alex in the eye. I felt someone tug on the back of my dress and I whirled around. One of the kids who rode my bus (I think his name is Josh) was standing there.

“What do you want?” I snapped. Josh’s eyes gleamed wickedly. His hand inched towards the hem of my dress slowly. “Oh, I jus’ wanted to see what you was hidin’ under there,” he chuckled darkly. I rolled my eyes and kept walking, ignoring Josh’s wolf-whistles. Hearing someone yell in pain, I turned around.

Josh was clutching a bloody nose, Alex looming over him, his face twisted with anger. He grabbed Josh by the front of his shirt and brought him close to his face. He said something and then let Josh go. Anger boiled up inside of me. Alex acted like I couldn’t take care of myself! I turned back around and stormed into the school, muttering under my breath. Alex ran until his was standing next to me. “Sarah, about yesterday, I…I” he started. I shoved him away and kept walking. He stood in front of me, blocking my way.

“Move,” I snapped. Alex shook his head. “No. You’re going to listen to me whether you like it or not,” he growled. I shoved him again and he stumbled. I started walking again and Alex grabbed my hand. “Sarah, please listen to me!” he begged, his eyes pleading. I yanked my hand out of his grip and slapped him.

 “Don’t ever talk to me again!” I screamed, running into the school. I glanced back to make sure Alex wasn’t following me. He was doing just the opposite. He had collapsed to his knees, his head in his hands and his shoulders shaking with sobs. Everyone walking by him stared at him, like he was a freak. I covered my mouth with my hand and turned away, resisting the urge to sob.

Did I mention that I hate my birthdays?

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