The Boy With the Silver Eyes ~A NaNoWriMo Entry~

When a new boy named Peter Menard comes to their high school, Best friends Sarah Wagner and Alex Haisgen know there's something different about him. When the truth is revealed, a whirlwind of lies, jealousy, and hatred stirs. An old rivalry begins again, and Sarah is right in the middle of it. Sarah must travel to a world were magic, monsters, sprites, and fairies roam. Will she succeed, or will her life end as she knows it?
Cover created by Willow Angel.


48. Chapter 46

November 30th, 2015

Zlo’s POV:

“We need to go after him!” I cried, drawing my dagger and running after The Shadow. Vladimir tried to pull me back, but I was stubborn and went out anyway. I jumped through the shattered window, surprised at how painless the glass felt as its jagged edges cut into my already beaten flesh. I landed on the ground with a loud thump, and continued to run.

“You can’t hide from me long, coward!” I yelled, ripping through the trees. I heard The Shadow’s menacing cackle, and a shiver went down my spine. I saw the hideous figure darting through the branches high up in the trees, laughing manically and swinging from branch to branch like a monkey. Suddenly, the trees ended, and I approached a large, empty blackness.

“Come, Zlo! Come play with me!” The Shadow cackled. I whirled around, looking for him, but he wasn’t there. He must be in the darkness. I took a deep breath and gripped my sword tighter, plunging into the deep blackness.

A/N: Yeah, I know, I made a really short chapter. BECAUSE I WANNA TORTUE Y’ALL WITH CLIFFHANGERS!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! I'll add the rest of the chapter when I've finished it, kay?

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