The Boy With the Silver Eyes ~A NaNoWriMo Entry~

When a new boy named Peter Menard comes to their high school, Best friends Sarah Wagner and Alex Haisgen know there's something different about him. When the truth is revealed, a whirlwind of lies, jealousy, and hatred stirs. An old rivalry begins again, and Sarah is right in the middle of it. Sarah must travel to a world were magic, monsters, sprites, and fairies roam. Will she succeed, or will her life end as she knows it?
Cover created by Willow Angel.


23. Chapter 22

November 19th, 2015

Zlo’s POV:

I lost it. Ripping through Peter’s subconscious, I took over the body again, boiling with rage. Tearing the cell door off of its hinges, I ran out, determined to find Sarah. It was now or never. I pulled out the knife that Peter had concealed in his shirt. I heard people chasing after me, but I didn’t care. Peter had kindled my anger, and it wasn’t about to be quenched any time soon.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” I screamed when I ran into the main cavern. “Oh, you’re looking for a girl? Down that way,” a manticore said, pointing towards a long hallway in the left side of the cave. I tore towards it, brandishing my knife. I spotted a silver doorway at the end of the hallway, and I gripped the door handle. A searing pain spread across my hand and a burn mark had formed on my palm.

“Stupid door!” I hissed, kicking it open. Several girls screamed when they saw me, and I didn’t blame them. I probably looked terrifying, with my chest heaving and my eyes burning with hatred. Zlo, please, stop! I’m sorry about earlier! Peter said desperately, but I ignored him. If she won’t love me, if I can’t have her, no one will! I screamed back, searching the room for Sarah.

“Zlo, is that you?” came her weak voice. I spun around, my face twisted into a snarl. When I saw her state, I stopped cold. Sarah was pale and slouching, her high fever causing sweat to cover her brow. Her entire body was trembling with exhaustion and fear. Once again, I couldn’t bring myself to slaughter her.

“You’re coming with me,” I growled, grabbing her wrist. She tried to pull away, but I was too strong for her. I dragged her out of the room, heading back towards the main part of the cavern.

“Hey, you! Stop!” a guard shouted, lowering his silver-tipped spear. I ran him through with dagger and kept running. I ran past the slaves working in the mines, I ran past a group of guards lying around lazily, and finally, I saw a spot of light in the distance where the cave ended.

“We’re going to make it out!” I said, grinning happily. Wow…it felt good to smile a real smile for once…”Z…Zlo, I can’t go any farther,” Sarah gasped, collapsing to the ground. I picked her up gently and kept running, the bottoms of my sneakers ripping on the sharp rock floor.

“Why are you…being so…gentle?” Sarah coughed weakly, looking up at me. I responded by kissing her on the cheek, then I started running again. Sarah seemed shocked that I had kissed her, but she said nothing. Finally, we burst out of the cave, daylight streaming onto our faces. I squinted at the sudden burst of light, my silver eyes shying away from the sun.

“Keep going, I can hear them coming,” Sarah said, looking over my shoulder. I nodded and ran through the white sand. My sneakers had completely fallen off by this point in time, and the hot sand burned the soles of my feet. There was nowhere to hide. They would catch us again, and then we would both be dead.

Do you have mood swings or something?! Peter said in disbelief. Yeah, probably, I replied chuckling. I looked behind me to see that we were no longer being pursued. I slowed down to a steady jog, my footsteps falling at the same time as my heart beat. I froze in my tracks when I saw what was up ahead.

A towering fortress loomed in the distance, surrounded by a darkness that seemed to come from it. Towers and terraces jutted out, making it look like it had thousands of spikes. None of the windows were lit except for one. Two wraiths stood at attention at the entrance, guarding it. I walked forward slowly and Sarah wrapped her arms around my neck, trembling with fear. Up close, I could see that the large fortress was surrounded by the bones of my master’s enemies. Crows flew around some of the towers. The bodies of hung men were rotting on trees surrounding it.

“Who…goes…there?” one of the wraiths rasped, clutching their scythe tighter in their hand. “It’s me, Zlo,” I sighed, holding Sarah closer to me. “Ah, Zlo, it’s about time Peter let you surface!  You’re so much more fun than he is!” they both chuckled in unison. Hey! Peter said, offended. Shut it, Peter, I sighed.

“Is this her?” one whispered, gesturing towards Sarah. “Y…yes,” I said, clutching Sarah tighter. The wraiths hissed in delight and gestured for me to come forward. As we approached the fortress, the stench of rotting flesh was overpowering. I gagged, and Sarah buried her face in my chest.

“Right this way,” the wraiths said, leading us in through the large entrance. The door looked like a skull had been carved into it. It was all happening so fast. I didn’t want to let Sarah die. But I had to.


Alex’s POV:

We had caught up to Sarah and Peter, and they had just entered a horrific fortress. The stench of rotting flesh and the sound of crows cawing hung in the air. Dimitri, Bahadur, Vladimir, and I lifted our shirts above our noses to partially block out the smell.

“We need to go in after them!” I said, running forward. Bahadur grabbed me by the back of my shirt. “Woah there, we can’t just run in there!” he chided, pulling me back. “Let me go! I need to save her!” I said, fighting back tears. “No.” I turned around slowly, my hair beginning to smoke.

“What did you just say?” I growled, eyeing the three of them. “I said no,” Dimitri said in a matter of fact tone. My hair burst into flames as I tackled his small frame to the ground. I pinned his arms down, lifting up my fist to punch him. Vladimir pulled me off of him, throwing me onto the ground.

“Alex, get a grip!” he hissed, grabbing me by the shirt collar. My hair returned to normal, and my lip began to tremble. A tear trailed down my cheek. I quickly looked down so that he wouldn’t see me cry. His eyes widened in shock.

“I…I’m sorry. Don’t…don’t cry, Alex,” he said, setting me down. I hugged my knees and began to sob. “I just want to keep her safe! Please, please let me go in!” I begged, my eyes filled with tears. I hate that I’m so sensitive, but I couldn’t help it! Sarah was my best friend, and…I wanted her to be more than that as well.  

“Come on. Let’s go,” Vladimir said, helping me up. We all headed inside the fortress, surprised that there weren’t any more security cautions. I gulped, knowing that this was it. This was my last chance to save Sarah.

The Fortress:

(I do not own this picture.)

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