Daddy's Little Girl

Zandra is 15 has always wanted to go on tour with her dad. Her dad wont let her though. Why? well lets just say he knows that if he lets her go. That it a big sign if her growing up. Which he doesnt want, Zandra will do anything to go in tour with his dad. Will he let her go ? Will she grow up too fast for her dad? Will she stay with her dad or move away?


1. My Little Burrito

"Dad? " Zandra called me up from her room.

I went up there to see what was up. There she was standing in a dress need help to zip the back up. I know what your thinking. Why won't she just ask her mom? Well, Cara left me and Zandra for some other guy and a "better life".

Anyways it always has been me and Zandra. Anything she needs she comes to me. Well except for the girl things. Yeah she has Mike's girlfriend for that. 

"You need help baby?" I asked. 
She smiled "Yes and please stop calling me baby...I'm growing up I'm going to turn 16 next month."
I stopped and looked at my little girl. I wrapped my arms around her. 
"I remember when you where first where like a little burrito" she started to laugh. 
"I'm surprised you didn't cook me...I love you daddy" 
"I love you too mamas" I messed with her hair. 
She got out my arms giving me a dirty look for messing with her hair. She brushed her hair and placed a bow in her hair. 
"How do I look? " 
I sat on the edge of her bed 
"Too old " I bluntly said 
"DADDY!! I'm not kidding " She said whinningly 
I took the bow out 
"There, you look better without the bow. I'm going to head down stairs and get the lunch ready before we head out" 
"Goodbye victor"
I raised my eyebrow. "Excuse me?" 
"Nothing daddy I was just playing around" 
I went down and grabbed some bread and cheese and the other stuff needed for the picnic we where going to go on. I hope the fans don't freak if they see us. I put everything in a little cooler. Down came my princess .

"Daddy Tio Mike wants to come over..What do I tell him? " I wasn't sure. "Umm tell him to come later" She shook her head and texted him. I placed the drinks in the cooker and closed it up. "ya?" she asked. "yup let me go get the keys."I grabbed the keys from the table. We got in the car and made our way to the park. As we where driving Zandra began to play 20 question. "Dad can you teach me how to drive? " she asked. 'You're too young plus, its not as easy as it looks" She then asked. "What happened to mom?" Cara left to early for Zandra to know what happened "I'm sorry I can't tell you that" She frowned a bit "Oh... When am I going to meet the other half if the band?" 

I never let Zandra meet Jaime or Tony for some reason. I felt like if was weird to tell them that I have a kid...She follows then on Instagram and Twitter and that's it. They think she's just another fan. I feel like they won't care about her too. I don't know it weird. But! I want her to meet them I just don't know the right time."Soon you'll meet them" She nodded her head slowly. "DAD! It right there! Under the tree!" We parked and got off the car. She ran to the tree Excited. "You see dad here we got a good view of the lake and we got perfect shade!" She helped me set up the picnic. We got everything set up we sat down and made our sandwiches "Dad when can I go on tour with you guys?" I felt bad when she asked that. I always leave her with my parents. But I only do it because it gets bad out here sometimes..."Zandra I know you want to but... You can't" She got mad...I can tell cause she flairs her nose.. "Why!? I want to go so bad but you never want me to go... I'm growing up you need to let me explore...Why can't I live my life?!?! Because my dad is Vic Fuentes.!?" I felt bad. I could see the pain in her eyes.. But also mad. She's my daughter she has to go by what I think is right for her. "Zandra don't raise your voice with me." She must have realized she went a little overboard because I saw her facial expressions change "Sorry dad it's just I really want to travel and see the world.... I'm just a teenager. I want to live life to the fullest at this point" She put her sandwich down and laid back looking at the sky I took my I phone and took a picture of her.. I put it on Twitter 
Piercethevic-nothing better than being with my daughter... I remember when she was a 
I didn't tag her.... I have my reasons We stayed there for a while just talking about what she wants to do when she gets older. We finished our picnic and went back home. "Dad I want to sing". She gazing out the window. I looked over at her."Really?" She smiled "Yeah... But I want to be a lawyer too" Oh snap my baby girl wants to fight. "Oh fancy" She laughed and rolled her eye.. "Daddy that's not fancy that's normal. .. Fancy is rich with millions and trillions of dollars and drinking with your pinky in the air." she giggled "Sing something mamas" she looked at me "Um do I sing one of your songs orrrr?" I kept an eye on the red traffic light."Anything..." she cleared her throat and started singing "Okay... Como quisera que tu viviras que tus ojitos jamas cerrado nunca y esta mirandolos amor enterno.... Yup that's all I got" I was shocked at how her voice was so soft and smooth. "I can tell you've been at grandpas house too much... But you sound amazing" She smiled.. "Grandpa actually has taught some Spanish pero no puedo hablar como algien que era de mexico." 
"Zandra how come you don't you practice Spanish with me?" she shrugged "I don't know maybe because I spend more time with you sound really bad when you speak in Spanish..." I laughed because I know it's true.

We finally got home and there was Mike and Alysha. "Uncle Mike is here" Zandra smiled. She really loved and cared about Mike and Alysha. We got out the car big smiles on our faces. Zandra practically ran out of the car. She gave them a hug and Mike brought her some chips. He always brings her something. I gave Mike and Alysha a hug. 
We all walked inside and sat on the sofa. We all talked about how it's been and what we've been up too lately. 
"Zandra! When are you going to model with me? There's this abandon park I wanna take pictures with you at this park I know you'll like it!" Alysha seemed excited for this place.. "oh really? That seems rad...Is it all like worn out with tall grass?" Alysha shook her head agreeing."Dad can I go with Alysha?!" Alysha put her arm around Zandra smiling waiting for my answer. I've seen the pictures Alysha has taken and they're not appropriate for her. "I don't know what are y'all going to do there?" Mike gave me a dumb look. "Vic are you serious? " I bit my lip. "I'm sorry Zandra but I think so" she looked like she was heartbroken. "Okay" Like that she got out from the couch and went up stairs to her room. "Um... Vic, I know it's not my kid but... I think you should let Zee go with Alysha...she'll have fun trust me. I know sometimes Alysha does go a little far but I promise that she won't do any of that stuff in front of her plus Zee is growing up let her have fun" Alysha nodded at every word that came out of Mike's mouth. "Trust me Vic I won't put her in that position" Alysha added. I know Alysha wants to take Zandra but I just don't want her to go.. "well we're going to get going the traffic is all jacked up... They closed down the freeway so now we have to go all around the town just to get home" They both got up holding hands.They gave me a hug.. " LEAVING Zee LOVE YA!" Mike yelled. Zandra came racing from her room. She hugged both of then for a long time.. "I love y'all." Alysha looked so happy when she said that... Bet she feels like Zandra is like her kid. They let go of the hug and left. I went upstairs while Zandra went to the kitchen. "Daddy?" Zandra called me from the kitchen. I walked in "What's up?" she picked up her head looking at me.. "Are you afraid of me growing up?" 

I am. I sat over by her. "Honestly... Yes". She looked like she wanted to laugh when I said that. But at the same time she looked sad. She then gave me a hug."Daddy never worry about me growing up. I'm always going to be your little girl." A couple minutes later the door bell rang and as she ran to her room. "Ima go on tumblr adios pops" I checked and it was Tony and Jaime. I opened the door and they ran in asking questions like "Why doesn't you tell us??" or " Does mike know!?!!" I shushed them and made them sit on the couch "Guys she's upstairs." Jaime sprinted up the stairs and in to the first door he saw which was the bathroom and repeatedly opened and closed doors until he found her room. "OMG VIC SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU!!.". Me and tony walked to her room seeing Jaime walk over to her bed were she was sitting and doing something on her phone. Jaime poked her face "Hi little Vic my name is Jaime I'm your dad's friend." She looked at him like he's crazy and smiled at him and gave him a big hug "I know my dad always says he loves you and how amazing you are." I frowned playfully "Zandra you know how I feel about Jaime." Jaime put his arms around my waist and said "it's okay babe you don't have to hide your feelings" with a wink. "ok that's enough." I said untangling myself from Jamie's affection. Zandra giggled as Tony came over to the bed "I'm Tony but you can call me turtle." He said as he stuck his hand out. She pulled him into a hug. I could tell Tony wasn't expecting a hug.

Zandra's Pov

I pulled away from the hug and said. "I'm hungry." As my stomach started growling. "Dang gurl when was the last time you ate?!" Jaime asked. I looked at my phone..... Are you kidding me it's only been 20 minutes. "20 minutes I know what your gonna say... I am a fatty." Jaime started laughing and so did Tony but I just sat there while Dad was chuckling. "Go downstairs and make your self a sandwich while I talk about this up coming tour." I nodded and began to walk out but I stopped "Can yall get out my room. I don't like people in my room if not in here with them" they all shook their heads. I went down too  the kitchen where I started to prepare a sandwich. Then it hit me. My dad came back like two weeks ago and he's leaving me…AGAIN. I just want to be with him for a month. That's all I'm asking. I sat at the table just slowing eating my sandwich thinking if I'm going to be able to deal with dad gone for so long again. After about five minutes Jaime came sprinting down the stairs screaming. "LITTLE VIC YOUR COMING ON YOUR WITH US WE LEAVE IN 5 DAYS START PACKING!!" I stopped eating my sandwich and started happy dancing as my dad came down the stairs screaming "NO NO NO JAIME THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID MY DAUGHTER IS NOT COMING ON TOUR YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ON TOUR I CAN'T LET MY BABY SEE THAT!". I started frowning as Jaime started a counter argument on why I should go. I sat there just chewing on my sandwhich. "Dude nothing bad is going to happen to her!" I then threw myself in the kool aid mix. "Dad plus I've never been to a concert which makes it a better reason to go on Tour with you guys!" Jamie's mouth dropped to the floor when that sentance came out my mouth.. "WHAT!?! " Jaime was just in so much shock he probably had a heart attack. While Tony gave dad a disapproved look. Dad then wanted to prove i'm lying "LIES THAT'S NOT TRUE" I got up from my seat. "Really? Dad you took me to a Mexican restaurant and showed me the mariachi band saying that this was the only concert I can go to! " Jaime started to laugh.. "Haha ghettoooo dude you can't do that to your daughter" My dad started to laugh then I had a light bulb go off in my head "Dad how long is your tour?" Tony answered the question for dad "two months and one weekend for a festival" I shook my head... My birthday is during the tour.. " Dad how are you going to be on tour during my birthday?" Tony shook his head agreeing. Dad looked like he forgot about my birthday. "Shit. I forgot about that." It bothered me so much when he said he forgot about my birthday.  "Well I'll probably just fly you to our show for two days and send you back. That's enough time." I got pissed. He just doesn't want me to be around. "Dad if i'm going to fly over there then why don't I just stay for the rest of the dates? " he shook his head. " No, You still have school though" goddamn it… to be honest I hate school with a passion. Too many fake bitches. Plus I'm the quiet one so I just sit in the back. "Oh I forgot" I said monotone voice. But its like what one more week of school after my birthday then summer starts. I can miss one week of school. I mean it's not like they're going to make us learn the last week of school. I gave up on my dad and went to my room and got on tumblr for the rest of the day.



hey ..okay new story. more confident with this one. I have lots of ideas i'm excited to be writing again i cant wait to be distracted again in school lolol heeheehee i'll see y'all next week- PtVFuEnTEs  #cholosweg

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