Daddy's Little Girl

Zandra is 15 has always wanted to go on tour with her dad. Her dad wont let her though. Why? well lets just say he knows that if he lets her go. That it a big sign if her growing up. Which he doesnt want, Zandra will do anything to go in tour with his dad. Will he let her go ? Will she grow up too fast for her dad? Will she stay with her dad or move away?


2. mom?

 Zandra's Pov

I was so happy to finally meet Tony and Jaime. They're sweet. Both of them followed me on my social media. So I acted like senpai noticed me, I made one of those post that are like "OMGG THEY LIKED." Yeah that's me acting like a fan when I don't really listen to their music. I mean its my dad… it's weird to hear him sing. I don't hear the meaning...or an idol. I just hear my ol' pops. Anyways so before Dad leaves he wants me to meet his girlfriend. Not too excited for that. I have seen pictures of her. She's pretty but I don't know... Something kinda bothers me about her. Dad told me that he knew that we will get along just fine. Which I doubt. 

We where going to meet each other at lunch.  Dad was hype about it. He was talking about it non-stop. "Zandra! Hurry up" I was still getting ready. Even though my dad gave me a two hour warning. I know you're thinking god you take a while. No I didn't a while. I got busy with instagram and twitter. Time flies on the phone I'm telling you. "ZANDRA!" Dad sounded pissed now. "I'M COMING!" I grabbed some black vans and ran down the stairs. "Come on we're going to be late." 

We got in the car and drove to some little cafe not too far from the house. I got out the car fixed my dress and tightned my shoes. "Okay her name is Danielle. Okay…you're going to love her " dad was excited. I bit my lip not sure how to feel. We walked in and he looked around for her. I looked around the place. Dad suddenly pulled my hand "there she is " I was confused. We got to the table there she was a red head with freckles. She had a pretty smile but I felt like she was bitch. She reminded me of a girl that could hang out with Regina from mean girls. "Oh my god you are so beautiful!" She complimented me. I mean that's a good start but, I don't like her. She still reminds me of a mean girl "Thank you. Um I'm Alexandria but my dad calls me Zandra." I stuck my hand out and she raised raised an eyebrow.  "Are you trying to shake my hand?"

Bitch wut?

"Yeah" I said she look at me crazy. I knew it! I do hate her -_- "No girly, give me a hug this is not a job interview" I looked at my dad and he was just smiling. I gave her a hug and it didn't feel like a normal friendly hug. It felt like she was excited to meet me. "There you go. Oh my name is Danielle" I smiled at her and shook my head. Me and dad sat down and out came a waiter "Hello welcome to Mimi's Cafe. What would you like to drink?" We went around the table giving our orders.  The waiter left.  I had my menu standing up covering my face. My dad went to the bathroom. "Zandra " Danielle got my attention. I looked over at her and she stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes. I laughed a little. "What are you laughing at? I bet you make wierd faces in the mirror." she says jokingly my dad came back.. "Zandra you know what your getting? " I shook my head. 

"So Zandra what do you like to do?" Danielle seemed interested in me surprisingly. "Well, I like to be with my grandpa, listen to music, look at clothes and also eat." She laughed when I said eating. "What about you?" I asked.  She took a skip of her tea. "Well I model, I like fashion, food enthusiast like you, and I like to travel" I looked over to my dad and he was just smiling at us. "Dad stop smiling at us like that you look crazy. " he raised his hand as if he was in defeat "I'm sorry. This is nice to see" I rolled my eyes jokingly. "Anyways so what's the nicest place you've traveled to?" Danielle looked around thinking. "That's hard…um I think Yellowstone…I like natural things and places." 

The waiter came after like waiting for twenty minutes.  "Okay orders? " Dad ordered for me. "Yeah she'll have a turkey sub half blah blah blah"  nothing better than dazing off into the distance."Soo Zandra.. I heard your birthday is coming up. Any plans or themes for the sixteen?" I thought about it. "No theme just being with my dad... I mean I would like for him to just take me on tour with him instead of wasting money for a I sound so spoiled" I muttered the last part. Danielle smiled.."Well look if your Dad is crazy enough not to let you go to the tour then I swear I will make a birthday week just for you. We'll have some girl time and fun time. Who I knows we'll have a salon party. I took a sip of my coke "Yes! That's would be so awesome I'll tell you my crushes and you'll tell me your crushes" Dad looked at me in shock "You have crushes?" I shook my head.. "Daddy I'm a girl growing up it's normal to have a crush"

"Your not allowed to have crushes until you're older than I am" I gave him a straight face "Dad I'm never going to be older than you so whats the point in that?!" he grinned and clapped his hands together "That's the point you're never going to be older than I am so you can never have a crush or a boyfriend" Danielle started laughing at my dad's fatherliness. "Vic stop being so uptight eventually she's going to get married and have kids."Danielle said slapping my dads arm playfully. "You know what Danielle your right I have to stop being so up tight and give my baby girl some freedom." I grinned really hard and said "So your letting me go on tour with you guys!?!? "he looked at me crazy "No.....I'm gonna let you choose what restaurants we are going to go to."

I looked down wanting to cry. I guess my conscience was right he really doesn't want to have to deal with me while on tour. I got up and said i was going to the bathroom tears starting to form at the edges at my eyes. I guess he doesn't care. I walked in the stall and started crying. A couple minutes later someone started to knock on the door. "Zandra can you please come out I'm worried about you." It was Danielle. I opened the door and she immediately started hugging me. "Why are you so nice if I'm your boyfriends daughter? And why did you come over here?"

 "I know your mad at your dad" I wiped my eyes." you can tell?" she nodded" yeah the way you just walked off I can tell it bothered you" I still was confused on why she is treating me like this " Danielle answer me. Why are you even trying to comfort me? I mean I'm not even your daughter." she then grabbed my hand.. "Your dad had told me so much about you. I was so happy to meet you. I had to meet you weather I wanted to or not. We would have to be apart of each others life sooner or later. It may not seem like it but, I've have always wanted a kid and when I found out your Dad had a pretty,cleaver, and artistic girl I practically won the lottery with him. I promise I'll have your back no matter what. If something goes wrong with me and your Dad...I'll still have your back" I was shocked when she said this...I didn't expect Danielle to say something like that. I smiled and gave her a hug."I'm going to be honest but at first when my dad told me that I was going to meet you I wasn't so excited. I actually had a bad vibe" She hugged tighter "It's okay I mean who would want to meet their dad's girlfriend and not their mom, even though I am pretty awesome." I started to laugh."I'm really glad I have someone like you Danielle" She gave me another hug, "If you want we can have some girl time after this" I smiled "Yes that would be fun"

We walked back out and dad was sitting with his sandwich munching on his chips. "Yay you two are back" I rolled my eyes and began to eat my sandwich. "Zandra, you want more coke?" I shook my head no and got on my phone. "So Vic after this I wanted to hang out with Zandra her. Mind if I steal her for a couple of hours" I didn't look up at Dad to see his answer. I already know the answer is no. "Nah, don't worry about it. We need to get back home and I don't want you to go out your way to deal with Zandra" I swear the moment he said that I bit my tongue before I can say anything bad. Dani saw my face and looked at me with a face saying don't worry, I got you. "Vic come on, she needs some girl time. She just can't just be with you. Also it will be good for the both of us me and her. We'll bond and get to know each other more." YEs!! best point made! I smiled a little cause I thought I had a chance of going to the mall with Danielle. My dad smiled and grabbed Danielle's hand. "Babe don't worry about it. I'm just gong to take Zandra home" he gave her a kiss on the forehead and asked for the bill. I took out my earbuds and plugged myself out of this bullshit. 



After tumblring my Dad and Danielle got up. In otherwords we were finally leaving. I took my earbuds out and gave Danielle a hug. "Next time I'll take you out I promise!" Even though I just met Danielle I know I love her like a mom. Dad said bye to her one more again. I got in the car and waited for my dad to get in but he was talking to Danielle Next thing you know Danielle got in the  backseat of the car.

"What are you doing?" I asked 





A/n- Yo i know im late but ive been out of town and i couldnt up sorry its like four days late please forgive me also have a sweet, fav, comment if you like ptv mcr adtr sws atl.. lol #frnkiero 

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