Daddy's Little Girl

Zandra is 15 has always wanted to go on tour with her dad. Her dad wont let her though. Why? well lets just say he knows that if he lets her go. That it a big sign if her growing up. Which he doesnt want, Zandra will do anything to go in tour with his dad. Will he let her go ? Will she grow up too fast for her dad? Will she stay with her dad or move away?


6. It's not you it's me

I woke up to the sun beaming in my face.

"Fuck what time is it?" I whisper to myself.

I grabbed my phone and tried to turn it on…Turns out I forgot to charge it. I plugged my phone and got up from the air bed to roll it back up. I then went to the bathroom and found a note on the door from Uncle mike. 

Goodmorning baby girl!

this is just a little letter letting you know what's happening. Me and the guys woke up at like at 7 we trying to knock on your door but you stayed dead asleep. So we went to go get some food from catering. anyways so I came back like at 10 and you where still asleep. so I brought some food for you. Hope you like the sausage, biscuit and potato slices. When you're done getting ready we'll be at the main stage !love you and I'll see you in a little! -Uncle mike oh yeah ps your Dad and Danielle packed some clothes for you it's under the middle couch in the lounge! 

Gosh Uncle Mike is something else sometimes I feel like he's my dad just becuase of the amount of love and how much he cares for me. 
After washing my race I went to grab my clothes and honestly I wasn't worried about it I mean Danielle dresses good. My dad though he dresses like a teenager and that's concerning. I grabbed the luggage and looked at the clothes to my surprise they where nice. I grabbed a white shirt that had a little pocket of a cartoon pizza on a skateboard. It was cute and with it I grabbed some shorts.

After getting ready I finally was able to eat the food uncle Mike brought for me. I threw it in the microwave for a couple of second and began eating. The only thing missing from the plate was gravy for my biscuit. I finished my food and prepared myself for the heat in Dallas.

"You got this Zandra" I whispered to myself.

I went to lounge and grabbed my phone and began to make my way to the main stage. I got out the bus and went back in right away. 

"Fuck this"

I went to my dad luggage and took some sunglasses he had in there…hopefully he won't notice. I finally got out the bus and made my way. 
I walked down the street until I realized I had no idea where I am. I looked around to find someone to help me. I saw a girl not to far from me and walked over to my new victim.

"HIYA!" I somewhat shouted. the girl turned around looked down at me.

"Hiya…you okay?" I didn't know what to say honestly becuase I usually never ask for help.

"Aaaauuuumm do you know you know where main stage is at?' I asked the skinny fair skinned girl.

"Oh, yeah…um you see that Golf cart? " I shook my head 

"OKAY it right by it to your left. you can't miss it" she said with smile on her fave. 

"Oh thank you so much…um" I waited to get her same. 

"Lynn my name is Lynn what about you munchkin?" 

I laughed at the nickname 

"Zandra! Nice you meet you Lynn! hopefully I'll see you around  bye!" I walked off waving 

"BYE MUNCHKIN!" She yelled as I turning my walking into a run. 

I got to the gates and waited for the guys to notice me. 

"Yeah so I was like I can fit three sausages in my mouth" Oh my God the shit that comes out of Jaime's mouth can be so concerning 

I stood by the gates waiting still -_- 

"So did you eat them?" The British man asked.

"Hell yeah I did…couldn't let that pass." 

I saw my dad by himself tuning his guitar. Still no one is aware that I'm alive and here.

"COUGH COUGH" I screamed. My dad looked up and saw me and ran over 

"GOODMORNING NIGHT OWL!" He opened the gates and gave me a big warm hug and a kiss on the forehead. 

"Vic you have another girl?" The asked my dad confused. My dad looked at him with a weird face 

"No, she's my little girl…daughter" I smiled at the tall man 

"Hiya" I said 

"Hiya…You look a lot like your dad now that I look closer" He said getting really close to my face. I laughed a little


So am I hot or not??

"I'm Oli! what about you?" he sticking out his hand to shake. My dad went back to tuning his guitar.

"Zandra, so what band are you in what do you do" 

"Vocals…for Bring Me The Horizon "

"Niceee" I said walking over to Jaime on a bench only becuase I really feel awkward.

"I'm guessing you've never heard of us." He said following me 

"Oh this winnie yeah she's pretty lame….she doesn't listen to any of this." Jaime said waving his arms around in a small circle. I rolled my eyes. 

"It's not like that Jaime" he crossed his arms

"Mmmhmm whatever….you don't even listen to your dad's music"

"OKAY that's different! he's my dad it's weird to hear his music lime I can't see him like all the fans" I tried to get them on how I saw the band. 

"Humm. I guess I know what you mean? like you know him so well…you can't see what others see in him" Oli says with a questioning look.

"Yes…you're close but like it's mainly becuase I know what he's talking about in his songs what moments also….it's not like I can imagine music videos orrr make up a sorry for the songs becuase I know them." Oli shook his head understanding 

"Well, you should listen to some of the bands here. Who knows you may find something you like" Oli said.

"If you want after the set I can walk around with you and find a band that suits you!" I smiled. It was sweet of Jaime to offer that. 

"Thank you Jaime I would love that" I said giving him hug.

"As for you!" I said pointing at Oli 

"Me?" he said pointing to himself

"Yes you! Ima start this journey of finding the perfect style or band for me! And I wanna hear your band. When are you guys playing?" he took a sip from his red solo cup.

"Same stage last band " 

"Noice" I said. 

"Zandra!" I looked over to my dad. He waved his hand to go over with him. 

"Don't get close to Jack and Alex when you explore"

I laughed "Okayy but what about the others in band." He looked up with his mouth barley open….goddammit that get on my nerves 

"ughh they're fine." 

"OKAY well, I'm off to explore bye dad" I gave him a hug. 

"Be careful…you don't wanna see us perform? It's our first day" he said in a low voice like we was kinda sad or something.

"You're right now? right? If so then I'll stay " I said giving him a warm smile

"Yeah ten minutes, you'll just watch from the side. you'll enjoy it"  He got up and went to put his guitar up. 

"ZAYN!" I turned around and saw oli smiling at me .

"It's Zandra not zayn…"

he took a sip from his red solo cup

"I know…anyways, Jaime left and told me to tell you that he couldn't walk you around" I felt my face expression change.

"Well isn't that nice of him." Oli laughed i crossed my arm and breathed in trying to calm down.

"Off I go I'll see you later Zayn" 

I felt my insides cringe...

"bye oli" 

he patted my head and left the stage area. 

"hey dad I'm going to be sitting over there if you need me."

"Okay! Yo where is Jaime" My dad asked.

"No idea. He prolly went to the bathroom okay bye for real now " Oli said walking off.

"Baby girl did you read it?" Uncle Mike said giving me a side hug. 

"Yup thank you"  All the guys gathered in front of me jumping and stretching. 

"I'm back and ready to go!" Jaime screamed. 

"Let's go" the guys clapped as they did their chant. The crowd was screaming for them. I gave the guys a quick hug as they went up to the stage. 

"I love you" My dad said giving me a kiss on the forehead.
"Love you too daddy" He ran to the stage and started playing uber loud.

"LET'S GOO DALLAS  DIVE IN TAKE A BREATH" The crowd looked nuts.. 
"I WANT A PIT OPEN IT UP" I looked at Tony playing we was close to me and you could see he gave it his all when he played. Uncle mike was the same. Jaime was like a squirrel. Dad is like….my dad. 

"Long time no see Zandra! Your dad still hates me?" I turned and saw Jack. 
"l-m-a-o I'm not aloud to speak to you" I looked over back my dad a different song I guess was playing he noticed jack was by me and gave him the look.

the look - when a Hispanic makes a face that they're gonna beat someone's ass also beware the person giving the look is hella pissed off…usually occurs with Parents to children. 


"FUCK YOU"  My dad screamed turning and point at jack. I laughed and moved away 

"Zayn!" Cringe attack by the wild Oli

"Hey Oli, Whats up" 

"Nothing much love, just watching your dad for now"  He said as watching my dad and Uncle play.

"Aye supporting my pops " I winked with the figure guns Oli smiled at me and god dang does this boy have a pretty face. 

"Hey Zandra I don't wanna date too young for me" Jack said I looked at him and laughed 

"Okay? um I I don't I don't what to tell you….I don't what good you came to your senses?" I honestly didn't know what the fuck to say. what am I supposed to act butthurt or something?

"Zandra Please dont make this any more harder than it has to's not you it's me..." Jack then skipped off.I got closer to oli and he put his arm around me. 

"I like this song. also you're you're a good arm rest"  he smiled down at me


the whole began to mosh and scream. 
"DEAR TO JUMP OFF THIS JERSEY BRIDGE!"  The crowd would sing the next line back. The crowd was so loud my dad's voice barley went over them. It was crazy to see done fans just crying…crying over my dad,Uncle and the guys…..IT'S SO WEIRD.

"THANK YOU WARPED TOUR!!!" My dad jumped in the crowed giving people picks and high-fives.

"OKAY off I go !Good job guys still got like 10 more weeks left toot toot!" Jaime laughed at Oli. 


"Ready when you are pick the time and we'll be ready to win"


"DAD YOU'RE GROSS AND STICKY GET AWAY FROM ME" My dad gave me a hug . I pushed him away tight away He grabbed a bottle of water drank or and threw it at me.

"I'll get my hug later" Dad said sitting on the ground. 

"I'm going to the bus!" I yelled. 

"BE CAREFUL!" Jaime said

"I will I'll see yall later" I got to the bus and took my shirt off and wen to the back to watch back to the future. If only the movie was right in technology oh snap that would be amazing. 

During the movie my phone buzzed. Checked who was bothering me.



me- it's pretty cool. I'm lost but I'm enjoying it!


Dani- oh lol you'll get used to it trust me

me-  hows home? lol i miss you and my bed. 

Dani-  pretty chill, I had a shoot today it was fun as always and I miss you too!!

me-  OHH !!! what kinda shoot was it??

dani-  Wedding dresses! it was wonderful I tried on like 12 and jesus I just wanted to steal some 

me-  woah there you can't do that! I need you back at home 

Dani-   ik ik it's just soo tempting to take like if you would've seen them you would say the same thing as me 

me-  truuue  oh before I forget I wanna say thank you for getting me more clothes…don't think I didn't notice that some of the clothes my dad brought looked unfamiliar to me 

dani-  Lol you're welcome  o had a hard time getting a few things threw tour dad….you know they way he is  how is he?

me-  it's know exactly what you're taking about . My dad just FINSIHED performing like an hour ago I think he's with the guys watching his friends do their thing I don't know how they can be in the heat this long. 

dani-  i feel you the heat is a killer for sure, ima let you go! talk to you later cutie

me-  adios


I got off my phone and threw it on the opposite couch and got on my laptop…I felt like I had something to do.


Do I need to do something? 
fuck it

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