Daddy's Little Girl

Zandra is 15 has always wanted to go on tour with her dad. Her dad wont let her though. Why? well lets just say he knows that if he lets her go. That it a big sign if her growing up. Which he doesnt want, Zandra will do anything to go in tour with his dad. Will he let her go ? Will she grow up too fast for her dad? Will she stay with her dad or move away?


4. I was kidding, I miss you"

Zandra POV~~~~

Let's see I've been at Danielle's place for about two days and I just want to give her a shutout. For taking me to school and picking me up. The whole time everything has been going smooth. She’s tried to get me to talk to Vic but no! I’m not going to talk to him. The whole time I and Danielle have been together it’s been amazing. A bunch of girl time going to the mall, the beach, hair done, nails done. It’s been fun hanging out with Danielle. She fills that empty space left in me that my mom never filled. 
Anyways so today I’m just in school waiting for end. Danielle said that she would pick me up two hours early so we can say bye to Tony Jaime and mike. I really don’t want them to leave but it’s alright I don’t even talk to them that much. I was doodling in my journal.

 I have a 93 in history currently so I think it’s okay if I don’t pay attention. I felt like someone was staring at me. I turned around and it was that stupid Kellin Qwan kid cheat off me…even though I’m not doing work. Yeah I know you’re thinking omg Kellin Quinn!?! No it’s not him. This kid coping me has his hair like Kellin Quinn and he’s emo and he’s annoying. He always tries to copy off me no matter what. The bell in class then went off. "Alexandra Fuentes for check out" YAS THANK THE LORD. I got up from my seat and grabbed my backpack from under my desk. I turned around to face Kellin Qwan and whispered. "You’re not slick. I know you copy me all the time. I feel your breath all the time on my neck especially during the tests." He then blushed a little and laughed. "You’re dumb why would I do that?" I rolled my eyes and started to walk out of the door. "Eric I have the best grade" I walked out and made my way to the office. Danielle was sitting on the chair. She saw me and walked over and hugged me. "How was school cutie?" We walked out the school. We got in the car and sat for a little talking. "It was okay. The Kellin Qwan tried to copy me again." Danielle started to laugh "again?" I shook my head and took my phone out my backpack "yeah so I told him that he needs to chill and that it’s obvious that he copies me." Danielle then started to drive to the lot where the guy where at. "Did he look embarrassed when you called him out? I laughed a little. "Nah. He blushed and then told me I was dumb like really? I have the highest trade in the class so don’t be telling me I’m dumb." Danielle then turned down the music "aw he blushed?!?! I think he has a crush on you!!" I rolled my eyes "you’re funny. I’m simply a potato." She nodded in disappointment. "Zandra you are so pretty that’s bull" I then took my binder out "whatever you say I’m going to do homework" I then put the music up on the radio and did my homework. Just math equations Spanish. It was easy.

Before you know it where at the lot. "Zandra come on." I put my stuff in my back pack. “I’ll be out right now" I saw the girlfriends of course I know them but they don’t know me I got off the car and saw Uncle Mike with Tia Alysha "Tio!!! I screamed and hugged him tightly "Zee I miss you too. I’m so glad to see you before we leave." Alysha came and broke us apart. "Zandra gimme a hug it’s been three days it feels like forever!" I laughed and gave her a hug. "Aye tia…" I then saw Jaime with a big smile on his face. "Zandra!" I walked over to him completely passing by Vic not saying a word to him. "Jaime!!!" I gave him a hug and his girlfriend Jessica was smiling at me "hi I’m Jessica you can call me jess" I smiled and gave her a nice hand shake "oh it’s nice to meet you! You’re so pretty. Also nice nose ring" she laughed a little "thank you" Jamie then patted my head "yo se que paso con tu papa" I bit my lip "como sabes?" I asked he looked around "tienes un tio muy chismoso" I rolled my eyes "oh my god…pues dime porque te importa tanto" he raised he glasses "porque soy el amigo de tu dad necesitas hablar con él...días después de tu palea con él estuvo Trieste y también no quiere hablar con nosotros" I rolled my eyes "Jaime si  yo soy alguien muy importante porque no me quiere a ir al tour con ustedes? " he then gave me another hug. "I don't why he won’t take you but, I know he loves you and he messed up that’s all he says" I then gave him a final good bye. "Well I’m go say bye to tony. Bye Jaime love you" he smiled as I walked away. "TONAY!" He smiled at me and gave me a fist bump. "Hey little Zee." I took his fists to look at them better. "Star wars?" He shook his head ”Star Wars" I laughed "why star wars? Out of all the things you could’ve inked you got Star Wars." 

He then pulled his hands away and put his arm around his girlfriend. "Star wars is the best movie Bam boom POW no more explanation needed “I then gave him a hug. "Well hope you have fun on tour." I walked off and made my way to the car. Everyone still talking.  "Zandra" I looked up and it was Vic. I looked at him and ignored him. I looked back. Vic looked like he gave up. That’s good. He deserves it. He always leave me when I really want to be with him. Now it’s his turn to see what it’s like to in my position. I walked over to Danielle’s car. I sat on the trunk just messing around with my phone trying to make it look organized and also stylish. "You ready Zandra" 
I smiled. "Yeah I’m dead" we stood outside the car watching each one of the guys get on the bus. “BYE UNCLE MIKE!" I screamed. He waved at me and got on the bus. "BYE TONY!” he smiled me and got on. Jaime is another story. "BYE JAIME!" He yelled back at me. "BYE ZANDRA BE CAREFUL!" then Vic got on. He looked back at me and Danielle. "I LOVE YOU" He yelled. Danielle smiled and blew him a kiss. He pointed at me. "Zandra he’s talking to you." I looked up at her ”And?" She grabbed my hand ”Look this is the last tine you’ll see your dad for a while…" I looked down and felt a ball in my throat. "He’s been telling me that ye loves you so much and that he needs to know you’re okay...he said he can’t imagine being without you" I looked around to see if Vic was around but the moment I looked at the bus it started to leave.  In that moment I started balling. Tears just start running my face. "Zandra what’s wrong?" I kept balling. "He’s l-leaveing without saying b-bye to m-me" Danielle pulled me into a hug. "Cutie I thought you said you didn’t care about him and he’s not your dad" I then started to scream "HE IS MY DAD I WANT TO SAY BYE!" I let go off the hug and started running. "DADDY!" The bus kept going. "DADDY I WANT TO SAY BYE!" no stop I looked back and Danielle was on the phone. She then told me to keep running. I did.
The bus finally stopped. I ran up to the door and the bus driver opened it. I walked on and hugged daddy tightly. He looked like he wanted to cry. "Daddy I’m so sorry I didn’t say bye. I’m sorry I was being rude to you and disowning you. I love you daddy I love you so much I’m so sorry" he was just in silence hugging me. I know he was in pain during the time I was gone. He then gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Mama…I’m sorry for what I told you I should’ve never told you any of that stuff said the other day. You mean the world to me you're my baby and I can’t be treating you like that." I started to cry harder. I just wanted to hug my dad forever.

I'm never going to have another dad. Daddy then took my phone. "Good you have your phone." He gave me another hug but this time I was calmer. Dad then pulled my arm. "Come on" I stayed in place "what about Danielle?" He walked over to me and moved some hair out of my face. "Its okay she'll say bye in a little." In that moment I realized my dad is talking me on tour with him. "Can I say bye to her now?" Daddy gave me my phone. "Hurry because you’ll lose signal.” I dialed her number. And she answered right away "Dani! You knew didn’t you “she giggled over the phone "maybe…anyways are you okay with your dad?" I hugged my dad "yes dad and I are all good….I just wanna say thank you for letting me stay at your apartment and taking me to school. It means a lot to me. You don’t even understand. I feel like you’re my mom…urg I hope that doesn’t sound weird." She giggled. "Its okay I feel like you my little girl anyways promise that you’ll take a bunch of pictures so I can see everything.” I smiled "promise okay bye Dani love you" "love you too Zandra" I hung up the phone and hugged my dad again" I love you Zandra never forget it."



i hope you liked ;) i like krispe kreme

~jayqualin and Emiloo

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