Daddy's Little Girl

Zandra is 15 has always wanted to go on tour with her dad. Her dad wont let her though. Why? well lets just say he knows that if he lets her go. That it a big sign if her growing up. Which he doesnt want, Zandra will do anything to go in tour with his dad. Will he let her go ? Will she grow up too fast for her dad? Will she stay with her dad or move away?


5. I dated Jack Barakat?

Zandra pov
After all the commotion everything felt back normal Uncle Mike was watching Wayne's World with Tony. My dad was just sitting with me doing my nails.

"so what do you want on your nails again?"
"I want happy face flower and the pony on my phone wait no I want a unicorn :)"
Dad looked at me like I was crazy 
"Zandra you really think I know how to draw a unicorn on your nail? you have small fingers and you bite them there's no way in hell I can fit a unicorn on your nail"
I looked around and grab the straw and gave it to my dad
"Then I want a palm tree"
He looked at the straw and then me and then back at the straw and then to my hand.
"How am I going to do that I'm still confused"

I showed him a YouTube video and the world made sense again for him. He did my nails surprisingly really well. Once we finished our mess on the table we cleaned up and finished watching the movie with Uncle Mike and Tony. The movie was really funny especially at the part when Wayne and Garth are on the set for their show and they're on the green screen supposedly traveling around the world that part always makes me laugh.

Time skip to after the movie.

After the movie we just sat around with nothing to do. I got up from the couch and began my adventure of making ramen noddles. I grabbed the cup and filled it up and threw it in the microwave for three minutes.

"Watcha Makin Fuentes?"

I turned around to see a hungry Jaime.

"Nudes" I said quietly 

He rubbed his belly.

"Ah nothing better than a college student's favorite food!"

I shook my head slowly.


I turned back around to face my noddles and they're they were bubbling over the cup.

"shit." I muttered. I opened the microwave to the volcano of a cup of noddles.

"Jaime get me some paper please and wipes !" Jaime ran across the bus and gave me some baby wipes.

"What the hell?" he shrugged.

"well you said you needed wipes."

I breathed in slowly and dad came in 

"What is that smell? it smells like shit" I covered my noodles.

"Nothing, I think yall have some old food on here or something." Jaime nudged my side.

"This monster of yours let her noodles spill in the microwave" Jaime said. I laughed a little at what we called me.

"Mmm a monster…well, Ms.Monster you're gonna have to clean up the mess."

I shook my head and put my noddles aside and cleaned up. It took while becuase the orange color from the water wouldn't come off. After like 10 minutes of struggling I looked over to FINALLY eat my noddles. To my surprise they where gone. I ran to the back of the bus to see Jaime almost done with the noddles.

"JAIMMEEE " he looked up at me and dropped the spoon.

"It's not what it looks like trust me" I grunted

"YOU TOOK MY NUDES!" My dad started laughing at me.

"You should've of kept an eye on your food Zandra" Tony said.

Of course I needed to say my part.

"Well I was too busy cleaning the microwave."

Uncle Mike got up and left them room. Lowkey think he doesnt want to be here at the moment. 

"Come over sweetie" My dad patted the couch to sit with him.

"Jaime Is gonna make you some noddles. RIGHT JAIME?" Jaime shot his head up and shook it with a with full of noddles.

"Here ya go babygirl" Uncle make said throwing a bag of hot cheetos at me.

"Ayeee thank you Uncle Mike! "

he smiled "anything for my niece" Uncle Mike is so cool.  
"So do you still want your soup?" Jaime asked. 
"Si amigo"
Jaime got up and went to make my noddles. We all just sat around messing with our phones.

"I have a serious question!" Uncle Mike announced. "Is it possible for a fish to jump out of the tank?"  

I sat there thinking is it really possible?.

"Yes, I've seen before…my friend had a fish and I poked it with a knife and it tried to jump out its tank and we freaked out so we covered it and at night you would hear the thump from the little fish…he drowned himself. RIP Shark bait" WE all looked at Tony in shock. I busted out laughing 

"This a joke right?" Tony looked dead in my eyes. "nope" I covered my laugh and walked out.

"Jaime donde esta mi caldo?" he poured the soup in the bowl and gave to me.

"here ya go queen" I smiled and went back to the back. I grabbed my bag of chips and dipped it into the soup.

"Is that actually good? " Tony asked. I shook my head.

"yup." I took a sip of them soup and dug in.

After eating my soup I got sleepy. "Dad where am I sleeping? he got up and pointed to one of the little cubbies to sleep in.

"yeah I didn't really think this through but you can sleep in my bed for now" I shook my head and got in.

"Thank you daddy" he smiled and went back to where everyone else was at. 


"ZANDRA ZANDRA ZANDRA ZANDRA " I woke up to Tony waking me up.. I looked at my phone and it was already 8 pm shit. "you need to eat it's been like five hours since you ate"  I rolled in the bunk. "Give me five mintues " 
I got out the bunk and smiled drunkly at tony. "rise n' shine lazy pants." Tony said with a bowl of cereal. "good morning" I said. I sat down by the window and looked out.

"Now the night is coming to an end...ooh ooh" 

"You want some cereal?" He asked. I put my head down on the table.

"Nah I'll pass I gave a headache" Tony got up and left his bowl at the mini table we where at

"Here, this should help you" he handed me a Tylenol bottle.

"Thanks mate" he winked and continued eating his cereal.

"off I go!"

"where ya going?" he asked.

"Just gonna walk around the area. I mean we are at the first stop right? " he shook his head.

"yup. bye! Pay attention to your phone I don't want Vic to go nuts" I got off the bus and walked around the area looking to see what bands would be on tour with my dad until a familiar face stopped me. 

"Hey little lady" he stopped walking as he put his arm around me.

I looked at the stall awkward Lanky man. He kept his arm around me and kept walking I hadn't said anything until.

"Whats a pretty girl like you walking you're around by yourself here?"

But when I open my mouth I heard yelling. He took his arm off and he stopped talking. I looked back to see my dad screaming.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU JACK?"  My father has lost his mind.

"Go find your own little lady Vic!" Jack had said my dad look disgusted as he heard what Jack had said to him.

My dad screamed back "That is not your little lady get away from her before I call the cop-" 

"She's not complaining just leave it alone Vic and trying to pick up a chick besides she don't she doesn't want you"

Then my dad said "It's okay I don't like incest"

Jack then immediately let his arm go and screamed "Incest?!'

I looked over at Jack and smiled  "Vic is my dad"

Jack then proceeded to say "He looks nothing like you!"

My dad finally reached us. "If I look nothing like her then look at me again" He grabbed to the rubber band all of his hand and put his hair into a messy bun. To be honest he looked like a kid.  

"Oh my god" Jack said disgusted. I never noticed but I look just like my dad.

My dad grabbed my hand "exactly she is my daughter get away from her you nasty perverted sicko*

I looked over to Jack  "So what you're saying is I'm ugly?" Jack starting to shake his hands "No no no you just you you just look a like your Dad alot. You're not ugly! You're pretty very pretty yeah!"

My dad then pulled my hand and said "We're going to the bus stay away from my daughter Jack. crazy hippie"

Jack laughed "Sorry dude but she's cute!"

My dad yelled back at him "WELL SHE'S GONNA GET YOU IN TROUBLE!"

I got back on the bus with my dad and he freaked out. "okay no more going out anymore for you!"

I looked at my phone ."Alrighty then" His face was frustration but he relaxed.

"Did he tell you anything." I shook my head. "nah though he is a little on the crazy." I laughed.

"Well you almost went out on a date with him and I don't want that." I smiled and gave my dad a kiss on the cheek. "It's all good dad that won't happen in a thousand years" he hugged me. 

"NIGHT GUYS!" Uncle Mike yelled he came over to me and gave me a hug. "night Baby girl" I smiled in the hug. "night Tio" 

My Dad Was Still Sitting In The Back Lounge. "Dadddddy I'm bored" I put my legs on his lap "go to sleep then." I got up "fine….goodnight! wait? where are you sleeping tonight if I'm taking your bunk?" 

"Don't worry about it" he said while texting.
I rolled my eyes 
"How am I not gonna worry about it? " he shrugged 
"I went out earlier when you went to nap and got a airbed! It's small but it'll work!" I felt bad and stayed with my dad. "Go to sleep in your bunk. You need it to rest for tomorrow." I said pushing him out the lounge and locking the door.

"Zandra Come on! Let me sleep here!" he said whining.

"Nope! Love you Daddy!"

 I filled the bed with air and stayed up all night.

"This I'd gonna be good trip"

I whispered to myself.


A/N- im bacccckkkkk its been a whille i hope yall forgive me 

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