Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


26. Twenty six

The next morning, I wake up first again. It's early today and I want to go back to sleep but I can't. I'm almost worried that he's going to act like last night never happened but he wakes up not long after me and smiles down at me, still sleepy.

"Good morning." he says, kissing my head before rolling over closing his eyes again. I nestle up behind him, pulling the covers back up over us. 

"Morning." I mumble, sleepy again now I know he's not going to act like it never happened. 

"Can we just stay here for a week?" he murmurs. 

"I wish." 

"Me too." he says. "To be honest I'm shit scared of facing our parents."

I laugh. "Me too. I'm terrified."

"We aren't going to see each other for a long time are we?"

"Probably not." I say and he rolls back over, grinning at me. 

"Let's make the most of our time before our imminent deaths then." he says, kissing me. I kiss him back, giggling. I hate the word giggle, I kind of hate the act of giggling, but he makes me giggle and then it seems like the happiest, lightest, best thing in the world.

I have to say, it's weird being like this with him. I got so used to the idea that this wouldn't happen and I got so used to us being friends that it's surreal to be able to be this close to him and have it not feel like we're doing something wrong. It's like I have no idea to do with it all. This is my first time even having a boyfriend at all and he seems so much more natural about it than I do so I do feel like I'm following his lead a little but at the same time, it does come naturally, somehow even more natural than being friends with him. 

"Shall we get ready and go?" he asks reluctantly. 

"I guess." I sigh. "This has been a good trip. I'll miss it thoroughly when our parents have killed us."

"Me too."

We decide he's going to come into my house with me so I don't have to face the wrath of my parents alone and then no doubt my parents will call his parents to come over and he won't have to face the wrath of his parents alone. I get to my front door and almost just want to sneak right up to my room and hope somehow I never have to see them again.

"We got this." Harry says determined. "It's going to be fine."

"No it's not." 

"Yeah I know I was just trying to make you look less pale and like you're about to die."

"I am about to die."

As soon as the front door shuts behind me, there's already shouting. 

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I hear my dad shout from the living room and then he and my mum are rushing out into the corridor, looking angrier than I've ever seen anyone look before. They just look angrier when they see Harry. 

"And you." my mum snaps, crossing her arms. "You are both in so much trouble. Let me call your parents Harry."

There's lots of Harry and I just standing there while my parents do lots of shouting. Then Brie and Daniel show up and there's more shouting. However, once the shouting is done, we all sit down in the living room and have to actually talk about it and that's even more terrifying. They won't even let Harry and I sit together and when they say that, we share a glance. We are not going to be allowed near each other after this.

"Now, tell me exactly what you both were thinking when you thought it was okay to disappear, without permission or supervision, for two days." Daniel says, sounding exhausted. 

"For one, we told you where we were-" Harry begins.

"No you didn't." Brie shakes her head. "You did not tell us where you were."

"We told you we were safe." he says instead. "Which we were, because we're old enough to go an hour away without dying, okay?" 

"Quite frankly Harry, none of us care how old either of you are." my dad says. "Up until you are eighteen, you are under your parents' control. You are their responsibility. You are not allowed to go an hour away without their permission."

"Dad, we didn't do it for some terrible reason." I protest. "It was all good, honest reasons."

"Honestly, it doesn't matter to me." he shoots back. "You are not allowed to be alone with a boy overnight in his own home with his parents there, let alone in some hotel room an hour away."

"It's not some boy, it's Harry." I protest. "You know him-"

"Harry is some boy to me! I don't care who he is, he made my daughter go completely out of character and do something completely reckless!" he says and I see Harry lower his head and that's when I feel angrier than ever. 

"I'm sorry, but you're completely wrong!" I laugh, shocked. "Harry did not make me do anything! He was upset, I suggested it, it was my idea, you cannot blame him!"

"All I know is you would have never behaved this way before we came here." my mum says, sounding beyond disappointed in me. 

I sigh, rubbing my forehead. "Honestly, I know what I did was maybe wrong, but I also know I did it for a completely good reason which is worth a lot more than the fact I wasn't allowed to go. So punish me however you will, I'm not sorry."

"You're grounded." my dad shrugs. "A month."

"You are too." Daniel says to Harry. "And you are absolutely not to see one another."

"Phone." my mum says to me, holding her hand out. I sigh, giving it to her probably a little harsher than I need to. "Your laptop's already hidden."

"Same goes for you." Brie says to Harry. "Now let's go." 

I'm still not sorry for what I did, I know I was doing the right thing. I have to say though, I didn't expect them to be quite that angry. I especially thought my mum would maybe understand but apparently not. It's the most torturous weekend of my life to be honest. I know Harry and I will be able to see each other in school but I can already tell how little we're going to see of each other for the next month and it's even worse seeing as we can't even talk over the phone or anything. But at the same time, I have this happiness too. We're actually together, and not that I minded just being friends with him, but being with him properly seems like the right thing. 

It's absolutely silent in my household though. I spend all my time in my room but whenever I am downstairs, my parents don't even look me in the eye, they're still that angry with me. I'm so relieved when Monday comes around that I get to school half an hour early. I wait and wait for the boys to arrive, circling the corridors over and over and finally, the fifth time I go back Dan's locker, they're all stood there. Harry has his back to me but I'm so excited to see him ad to even be able to talk to him, I rush over, wrapping my arms around him. 

"Yes!" he exclaims, turning straight around, kissing me. He pulls away, grinning at me. "Hey!" 

"Hey!" I say, knowing I'm smiling just as much.

"Woah, what?" Dan demands, looking between the two of us. "I knew you two went on a little runaway trip, I didn't know this had happened." he punched Harry's arm, grinning at him. "You forget to mention this tiny detail?" 

"I just wanted to keep our relationship Dan free for as long as possible." Harry jokes, putting his arm around my waist. He smiles back at me. "Your weekend hell?" 

"Yes." I groan. "My parents haven't even looked at me."

"My parents didn't even make me dinner last night." he says. "They said if I was old enough to go to Taylor alone, I'm old enough to make my own dinner."

"Kind of true." I admit and he elbows my ribs, making me laugh. 

"You two are actually kind of sickening." Luke says but he's just joking. 

We all walk into English and Mr Jackson takes one look at mine and Harry's joined hands and sighs, like he's relieved. 

"Thank god that finally happened." he says. 

"Right!" Dan agrees. "Took their time didn't they?" 

"Took their sweet time!" Sir agrees. "By the way, should I take it as a coincidence that you both skipped school Friday or no?" 

"No." Dan shakes his head. "They snuck off to Taylor and now they're both grounded for a month."

"What's your problem man?" Harry says but he's laughing. 

It's a really good day. I take advantage of every minute I have with Harry, every minute that I have with all of them really seeing as I'm not going to get to talk to them any time other than the six hours a day we have at school. Also, it turns out my friends have been messaging Dan worried about me which is kind of sweet to know. That's the worst part of my parents taking my phone and everything from me because that's the only way I can talk to my friends back in England so I'm hoping they'll give in partly and give me my phone back some time soon.

The boys have practice at the end of the day but Harry comes up to me at my locker before he goes. 

"Hey." he says, a sulky kind of look on his face. I can't help but laugh a little at his expression. "What? Don't laugh at me."

I laugh more. "You look like a five year old."

He smiles then, rolling his eyes and putting his hands on my hips. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah." I say, frowning. I'm quiet for a moment and then I sigh heavily. "Why did they have to ground us?" 

"Right!" Harry agrees. "We're not even sorry, grounding us isn't doing anything."

"Parents are stupid."

"So stupid." he says and sighs, kissing my cheek. "I've gotta go."

"Ugh, me too." I let go of him. "Bye."

"Bye." he says, turning back and waving as he walks away. 

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