Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


39. Thirty nine

I open my locker the next morning before going to find the guys and the paint set is in there. From that moment onward, it becomes a little war between us. We never actually talk about it but I give it to Brie that night telling her it's for Robin. A couple of days later, Harry comes over to hang out and when he goes home I find it in the freezer. I leave it in his car, he leaves it under my English desk, I put it in his locker, he puts it back in mine. 

My parents go over to Brie and Daniel's house one night so I go too. Brie tells me Harry's up in his room so I put the art set in a cupboard in his kitchen before going to find him. 

I knock on his door and go in and he's on the phone. He looks up and smiles at me, gesturing for me to come sit next to him. "I'll just be a minute." he whispers to me and then listens to the phone for a minute again, frowning. 

"What?" he says. "No, that's a stupid idea." he pauses, listening. "There's nothing wrong with how it is now! What do you mean it needs to be more official?" I can hear a girl's voice so I'm guessing he's talking to Leigha. "Yes, exactly, you're saying what if! I don't understand what could possibly happen where we need to organise this more!"

He listens for another moment and then hangs up the phone, throwing it down. 

"You okay?" I ask after a moment. 

"Fine." he sighs and then looks at me, shaking his head. "Not so fine actually."

"What's going on?" 

"Leigha wants to change my visitation rights." he says, resting his head against the wall. "We never set anything official up but now she wants to in case anything goes wrong and we don't have any sort of agreement."

I frown. "What could go wrong?" 

"Exactly!" he says. "She wants to change it to just weekends and compared to every other day, that's a ridiculously small amount of time to spend with my son."

"Oh my god. You can't let her do this. Why does she even want to do this?" 

He goes quiet for a minute. "I don't know."

I raise an eyebrow. "You don't?" 


"Because it really sounded like you were lying just then is all."

He looks at me and rolls his eyes. "It's because she's learned about you and is having a jealous bitch fit. Basically."

"Oh." I raise my eyebrows. 

"It pisses me off. She doesn't give a shit about me until I'm with another girl-" he looks at me. "Not that I'm with you. But in her mind I might as well be."

"Maybe I should talk to her?" I suggest.

"Maybe." he says sarcastically. "If you're in the mood to be bitch slapped until you die."

"Alright, it was just a suggestion."

"Yeah but you don't know her." he says, sounding irritated. I'm annoyed that he's taking it out on me now so I grab my bag, sitting up. 

"I'm gonna go. See you tomorrow." I say, all moody. 

"Hey." he grabs my arm as I try and stand up. "I wasn't trying to be mean, I'm just annoyed."

"You were mean though." I say but I sit back down anyway. 

"I didn't mean to be." he says and I can see him holding back laughter out of the corner of my eye. I am determined not to pay it any attention but then he lets a little laughter out and I groan, hitting him. 

"It's not funny when I'm angry!" I protest. 

"Yes it is!" he laughs.

"Just because you're used to being friends with guys who don't get mad about the things they should! And that's because you don't have the social skills required to talk to girls."

"Hey!" he hits me. "Of course I speak to girls, I'm the quarterback!"

"Oooh I'm Harry and I'm the quarterback and I never shut up about it." I mock him and he narrows his eyes at me but he's smiling. 

"Oooh I'm Alice and I'm overly sensitive and have invalid arguments."

"Invalid arguments?" I raise my eyebrows. "What invalid arguments?" 

"I never talk to girls!" he says. "That's bullshit. How do you think I made a baby?" 

I groan but I'm laughing too. "That's something I don't want to picture."

"That's something you've experienced first hand." he grins and I hit him again, cringing, but I can't help laughing still. 

"It's something I want to forget!" I joke. 

"Oh you won't forget it. Trust me." he winks and then bursts out laughing too. 

"How are we so comfortable with this kind of thing?" I ask, smiling at him and he smiles back, shrugging. 

"What's the point in being uncomfortable?" he says and then we're both quiet for a moment. "By the way, your idea wasn't so stupid. Speaking to Leigha I mean."

I look at him. "Really?"

"Really." he nods. "In fact I think that might help."

"Okay well let me know if and when you want me too and I will."

"Thank you." he smiles at me and I think back to what my mum said about making him feel better and I feel like that's present here right now and I also feel like I'll do anything to keep that up. 

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