Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


10. Ten

I'm the happiest and most excited I've been in forever walking into school Tuesday night for the game. I mean obviously I've been happy and excited but this situation makes me beyond happy. Nearly everybody from school is there to watch and there's a buzz to the atmosphere as everybody find their seats and cheers, ready for the game to start. 

I've dressed in my denim shorts and a light blue t-shirt with my blue trainers because that's our team's colour. I've even done little blue flicks for my eyeliner. I wonder if I've gone too far but I've come here to support the boys, I don't care if people think I've gone too over the top. I don't think I have though, there are people with full face paint, mascot costumes, banners. In England, we don't go watch our school's football games and even if we did, everybody would try and act like they weren't so interested but that's what I love about school here; it's cool to be interested, it's fun to be involved. 

II can't even get over how big this sports arena is, it's a third of the size of my entire school I swear.  find my seat somewhere in the middle sort of area of the bleachers and luckily I think I'll be able to see the field well. After a couple of minutes, music starts playing and there's our team running through the banner and I feel so proud of them. That's when I know we really are friends, when I see all of them running out onto the field and feel genuinely proud that they're out there in their element and to hear everybody from our school cheering for them.

The game's actually really interesting to watch, kind of exciting. It's non stop, the ball is constantly moving around or somebody's always running or nearly scoring or getting knocked down. I don't get bored once and then suddenly it's over and our team won. I cheer so loud for them, usually I'd be too shy but I feel so proud of all of them I can't care too much. When they all run off the field, my phone starts buzzing in my pocket with a call from Dan.

"Well done!" I exclaim. 

"Thanks! Where are you?" 

"Up on the bleachers still."

"Give us like ten minutes to shower and get changed then meet us here in the changing rooms, yeah?" 

"Sounds good." I agree.

When I go in, they're all dressed and packing their bags but they all grin when they see me, rushing over.

"Did you see me take their quarterback down?" Jesse asks. 

"No, did you see that throw I did at the end?" Luke interrupts. 

"I'm sorry, I'm the quarterback here, did you see me just be generally amazing?" Harry says and I laugh. 

"You were all so good! I loved that!" I enthuse and Dan grins at me. 

"Good!" he says, sounding just as proud as I felt. "We're all going back to Harry's for a couple of drinks to celebrate, do you wanna come?" 

"You know what, I'm good actually, thanks." I say. It's already kind of late and I know as soon as the excitement dies down a bit on the ride back I'll be exhausted. "I'm just gonna go to bed actually."

"But look at you in your blue t-shirt and shorts with your blue makeup!" Dan says, gesturing towards everything. "You can't just go to bed looking like that! You need to come drink when you look like that."

"I'll get changed and wash my face then." I say and he groans. 

"You're no fun but fine. We'll just have the music really loud so you can hear it from your beloved bed."

"And I'll just call the police." I grin and he laughs, shoving me towards the door as we all start to leave. 

I have to admit, when I'm going to sleep and I know they're all a couple of houses away having all that fun, it's a little depressing but at the same time, I don't exactly feel left out because I know there's always going to be another time when I can be included with them and that's what I like about our friendship now, that we feel like actual friends.

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