Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


69. Sixty nine

I feel every emotion when my dad says to me "We're going to visit Brie and Daniel in a couple of weeks". 

At first, of course my first thought is shit, Harry. And then I think, oh my god, Austin and my friends and Brie and Daniel and Texas weather and I get excited. Everything is actually pretty good with me, I'm so happy and excited about this little thing with Freddie, I'm back with my friends and then at the same time now I get to be excited to be with my other friends and see Brie and Daniel who are like my second parents and just be in Austin. The two little negatives (Leigha and Harry) cannot even compare to all these positives. 

Freddie's over at my house one day, just hanging out, and it's actually the first time he's been here. We're sat closer together than like usual when we're with everyone else and I don't know, I like the atmosphere with us. It's unsure, I don't really know where it's going, but it's not tense. Everything's very light hearted, all we know is that we like each other but nothing's happening yet and that's okay. 

"So not next week but the week after, there's a little festival thing on nearby, you should come with me." he says.

"Ah, I'm going to Austin." I stick my bottom lip out. "Sorry."

He sighs over dramatically, making me laugh. "God, Alice! And how long do you suppose you'll be there?" 

"Well, a week of course!" I say, just as dramatic as him. "It's America, you don't just go for a weekend."

"Oh a week." he nods, narrowing his eyes. "Yeah, of course. Just be selfish. I don't care."

I laugh. "I'm flattered that you're so pissed off with me for leaving."

"Well yeah. I'm going to miss you."

"Aw, thanks." I say and he looks at me. I smile all nonchalant. "What?" 

"That's where you say you're going to miss me too."

"Alright I'll miss you too." I admit, and I will. He smiles and he's just quiet for a minute, looking at me. 

"I've been wondering if it's too soon to kiss you or not, but I'm just going to go ahead anyway." he says and before I can respond or think about it, he leans over and kisses me. I feel so happy I can't help but giggle a little and he pulls away, chuckling. 

"What's funny?" he asks. 

"Nothing, I'm just happy." I say and he grins. 

"You're cute." he says and kisses me again. 

Perhaps my favourite thing about that whole day is the fact that we end up actually sitting there and talking about what's going on with us. We come to the whole conclusion that we're kind of dating but it's not a serious thing, we're not going to say that we're fully in a relationship, and we shouldn't rush things and I like that. I like that we were able to just sit down and make things clear and avoid any drama because this time, I just don't want anything to be complicated. 

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