Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


68. Sixty eight

One night, we're all at Jaclyn's, all of us being their dates Tyler, Nick and Robert, me, Jaclyn, Kylie, Nicole and Freddie. We're just hanging around talking with music on in the background and it's just nice for me to be with all these new people as well as my friends. It's also interesting to see how all these little relationships are progressing. Jaclyn and Tyler can't get enough of each other, Robert has his arm around Nicole like a proper couple and Kylie and Nick are still kind of in very early stages but it's like they're heading towards something. Freddie and I aren't really like that, we're not sat close to each other or acting like a couple or anything but at the same time, there's this silent understand that there's something happening.

We're talking about me living in Austin when for whatever reason, Jaclyn decides to say "Yeah, if she still lived there she'd probably be married already."

The boys laugh even though they don't really get it and me, Kylie and Nicole just stare at her. Her face drops when she realises she shouldn't have said that and all the boys seem to pick up on the lack of comedy. 

"Wait, what?" Nick asks, confused. I sigh, nodding at Jaclyn so she can explain. 

"Uh, she just had this boyfriend over there and he proposed, that's all." she says sheepishly. I look at Freddie. I don't how I'm expecting him to react, but he seems really relaxed which is a relief. 

"What did you say?" he asks. I'm kind of stunned. If this was a conversation happening with Harry, we'd have had some huge argument about it already.

"I said no." I laugh a little and he grins. 


And then the conversation carries on and I feel like I held my breath that entire time. Just talking about Harry and everything with all these new friends should have felt like I was tainting some positive thing but it didn't feel like that. It really feels like I'm leaving it all behind. 

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