Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


6. Six

Me and my parents go around to Brie and Daniel's quite a lot. We go pretty much every other night and I like it more than I should to be honest. As a sixteen year old girl I should not be so excited to go spend time with my parents and their friends but it's just relaxing for me to just go and sit there quietly while they talk but also listen to all the things they're talking about and I just like them as people too. It's more my scene than some house party that's for sure. 

I am yet to meet their son though. He's always out with friends or whatever but then one evening we're there and we hear the front door open. 

"Oh, he's actually home!" Daniel says, shocked. "Harry come in here!"

And then Harry walks in, looking at his phone. I feel so stupid. Of course their mysterious son is Harry. Why did it not occur to me that his parents moved to Bristol and then back here just like Brie and Daniel did? 

"Are you going to stop looking at your phone and say hello to our guests?" Daniel asks him. 

"Sorry." Harry says and then looks up. I cringe internally as he says hi to my parents and then his eyes find me. He looks shocked and then looks at his parents. "This is your friends' daughter you've been talking about?" 

"What, you know each other?" Daniel asks. 

"Yeah." Harry laughs, looking at me. "We're in the same group of friends."

"Really?" Brie exclaims. "That's just wonderful!" she looks to my parents, so much joy in her eyes it's making me want to laugh. "How did we not know they were friends?" 

"I have no clue!" my mum laughs, shaking her head.

"How come you're home so early anyway son?" Daniel asks as Harry's looking back down on his phone again. 

"Oh he went to bed." he says casually and then looks up, laughing. "Dan, that is. He isn't well."

"Oh." Brie sighs. "Well you tell Dan I hope he's okay."

"Right. Well I'm heading up to bed, night everyone." he says after looking down at his phone yet again, giving his warm smile to everyone and then he lifts his chin a little when he gets to me. "Let me know when you're wanting to go and have a look around."

"Okay." I smile back and he goes upstairs. I'm shocked he actually wants to do that, I thought he'd sobered up and wanted to back out but apparently not. We stay a little longer and all I can think of is that Harry's right upstairs. I know it's not like there is opportunity for anything to happen between us because he really doesn't seem to have any proper interest of me, he's just friendly, and I don't particularly want anything to happen but it's exciting none the less that I'm actually kind of friends with him. I say kind of because I can't get him saying "We're in the same group of friends" out of my head but it's been a week, what am I to expect?

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