Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


70. Seventy

All of the guys, minus Harry meet me at the airport when I get to Austin. I am so unbelievably excited to see them all actually in person, I'm so overwhelmed by how happy I am. I just run over to them and jump, knowing that one of them's going to end up catching me and picking me up, which Alex does. 

"Alice!" he exclaims and all of them start chatting excitedly to me. I almost just want to spend an hour with each and every one of them. I've missed them so much. 

The first thing I do is go and see their new house that they've all bought together. Thankfully Harry's out so I can just enjoy this and it is the best thing. I mean, it's kind of a mess and there's no order to how things are decorated and it's just such a guy's house but I like it for that. 

"So have you been eating properly?" I ask them, going into the kitchen and they all look at each other sheepishly. I raise an eyebrow at them and look in the fridge and the cupboards and there's barely anything. 


"What?" Tom says defensively. "We eat, we get pizza or Chinese food!"

"That is a pathetic excuse!" I say but it's not without fondness. I've missed this whole Wendy/Peter Pan thing we have. 

Dan's phone rings then and he sighs when he sees who it is, picking up. "Hello?" 

"Hey, is the bitch still there?" Harry's voice echoes out of the phone which was apparently on speaker mode. Dan curses, turning it off of speaker mode and putting it back to his ear. 

"Oh, I thought you were spending time with the bitch. Oh no, you're spending time with the two faced whore, that's right." Dan says, probably meaning Leigha. I hear lots of angry rambling on the other end of the phone and Dan just sighs again, hanging up. I'm really hurt by hearing Harry but I don't want Dan to fall out with him over it. 

"You didn't need to do that." I tell him and he smiles, shaking his head. 

"Don't you worry about it little Alice, I'm not most pleased with Harry at the best of times." he says, walking through the kitchen and into the living room. I just look at the others and Tom sighs. 

"He's not happy about the whole Leigha thing. None of us are really Alice." he says and I sigh, shaking my head. 

"It's not worth an argument guys. I'm fine, I'm over it." 

I don't know if I am over it. I haven't really been upset about it yet because I haven't really thought about it yet. I just don't think it deserves any thought.

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