Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


46. Forty six

My friends all come and stay the night at my nan's house the night before I'm going back home and there's such a peaceful atmosphere. I think if I'm being honest, I did think they'd forget me. I just thought we'd sort of stop talking and they wouldn't want to bother with me because they'd see each other every day and yes, they have inside jokes I don't know about and entirely different lives to me but at the same time I'm still completely included in the friendship.

"How come you guys didn't forget me?" I ask them and Jaclyn laughs. 

"Why would we forget you?" 

"Because I'm not here." I shrug. 

"I mean, I was scared we were going to all drift." Nicole says. "But it just didn't happen. We just kept up with barely any effort."

And it's about to be one of the most beautiful moments of our friendship when Nan walks in and says "Girls, did you all know about the hotel room in Taylor?"

I have no idea why she's making such a big deal out of this. But I also didn't tell my friends because I knew they'd make a big deal out of it. It's weird, if any of us think one of us is being a little too stupid or irresponsible we turn into each other's parents. I guess it's a good trait of our group but sometimes I feel like it's unnecessary and like it's just about being right. They all liked Harry perfectly but now they're going to take the opportunity to tell me I shouldn't let him pressure me into things and I shouldn't change who I am for him and how he's a bad influence. 

"What's the hotel room in Taylor?" Kylie asks, intrigued. 

"It doesn't matter." I say quickly.

"Well, I overheard a conversation last night between this one and her American boy about a hotel room in Taylor so I did some snooping and it turns out these two ran off to some hotel an hour away. How scandalous!"

"Nan, what is the point in this conversation?" I ask her, pained. She looks at me, shrugging. 

"I was just impressed sweetheart." and she walks out, leaving all of my friends giving me the most judgmental looks.

I sigh after a moment's silence. "It's not a big deal."

"It kind of is." Jaclyn raises her eyebrows. "You ran away with him?" 

"She made it sound more dramatic than it was. It was two nights. He was upset and needed to get away, I went with him, we just didn't tell anybody so they wouldn't follow us."

"Alice!" Kylie says, shocked. 

"Kylie!" I imitate her. 

"That's really not like you. You should not ever change who you are for any guy, even Harry."

I roll my eyes. "I'm not changing who I am for him. I was helping him."

"By doing something stupid!" Jaclyn says. "What if one of you got hurt?" 

"We wouldn't have! And anyway, we had our phones."

"Oh my god." she mutters, shaking her head.

"Alice, we're just worried about you." Nicole chimes in. "At the end of the day, we don't actually know Harry. We need to be able to trust that he's not a bad influence and that you're okay."

"You can trust me!" I say, frustrated and they're all still giving me that judgmental look so I just sigh, turning the light out. "Night."

"If you want to be a bitch about it then fine." Jaclyn says. "Night."

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