Our relationship. It wasn't sonnet inspiring, the story of it won't make thousands want to listen. But it was complicated and it was special to us. It was certainly more than I bargained for from just seeing a boy with a football helmet across the room.


15. Fifteen

It's my birthday and I've opened my presents and now me and my family are having breakfast. It doesn't have that birthday feeling to it but I'm excited for the day anyway because Harry is meant to be picking me up in ten minutes. I've tried to keep the whole thing very casual with my parents but I can tell they're making a big deal of it anyway. I wait for the whole of breakfast for them to say something and then they eventually do. 

"So are you and Harry going on a date?" Dad asks all passive when really I know he's freaking out in his mind. It's not that it's Harry, it's just that it's a boy. 

"No no, he's just taking me out for the day as a birthday present." I say, getting up and putting my plate in the sink. 

"But what's going on with you guys?" he asks. "You two are going out all the time."

"Let her be for god's sake!" my mum says fondly. "She's allowed a friend. She's allowed a boyfriend too!"

Then there's a knock at the door and my dad raises his eyebrows, looking at both of us. "He knocked! He's come to the door! Only boyfriends do that these days!"

"Bye guys." is all I say, kissing them both on the cheek, and I go and answer the door. Harry's stood there and he smiles when he sees me.

"Happy birthday!" he exclaims as I shut the door behind me and when I turn back around, he pulls me into a hug. I hug him back trying to be casual but I'm shocked. I'm pretty sure we've basically never touched each other and now he's just hugging me out of nowhere.

"Thank you!" I say as I pull away. "Where are we going?" 

"You might hate this idea." he says as we get into the car. "Because it sounds really boring, so tell me if you don't want to, but I thought you might want to go the art museum? I know you were saying you've never been to an art museum and you thought it'd be interesting. Maybe I thought too much into it-"

"No!" I exclaim, so excited. I've always wanted to go to an art museum, however much of a weird thing that is to want. "Oh my god, I'm so excited."

"You are?" he says happily. 

"Yes, so excited." I promise.

It's the nicest thing to be there with him. I like the art museum in itself. I was always the worst at art but I love looking at it, finding out all the hidden meanings behind everything, feeling like I'm taken right back to the time that the painting's set in. And I love being there with Harry. It's a busy place but a quiet place too so we just talk quietly about every painting and there's something nice about that, to just be talking to each other about something we haven't talked about before, to be having conversations about things like this. 

"Oh you'll like this one." he says in that quiet voice we've both been using the whole way around the museum. "George slaying the dragon. Very English right?" 

"Probably the most English thing ever." I laugh a little and he chuckles too. And then he just takes my hand and carries on talking like nothing's happening. 

"Paolo Uccello painted this. There was a poem about it too and it was kind of weird but kind of humerous too."

"Oh right." I say but my heart is racing. 

"Yeah." he chuckles. "Turns out the maiden is in love with the dragon and doesn't want to marry George."

"Weird." I force a little laugh but I'm still shocked. What's happening?

He's just holding my hand and talking like this isn't completely out of the ordinary. I have no idea what to think about this, he's acting so passive and casual about it I'm wondering if it even means anything at all. But of course it means something, you don't just hold people's hands for no reason. I still don't know what to do about it so I just don't say anything and we walk around the way we were before but hand in hand but now when we talk to each other about the paintings it's like we're both thinking about it and we both have these little smiles on our faces and it really is the most surreal thing because I still have no idea what's going on.

It's all very weird and blurry. My family wanted to do a family dinner tonight so our whole group is going out to lunch instead. We head there straight after the museum and in the car we talk like normal and we're sat separately at lunch and it almost feels like I made the entire thing up. He drops me off home afterwards and just smiles at me before I get out the car. 

"Did you have fun?" he asks. 

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun." I smile back at him. I'm still wondering if we're even going to address the whole hand holding situation and what it was all about. "Thank you."

Then he just looks at me for a moment, in a way I would never have imagined he would look at me a few weeks ago, like he's thinking about me even though I don't know what there is to think about, but he makes it seem like there is which makes my stomach turn, especially since he's not saying a word.

"Well, I'll see you on Monday." I say awkwardly and then he just undoes his seat belt and scoots over, kissing me. I swear, I have never been more nervous or happy or confused or intrigued in one moment in my whole life. I feel him smile and then he pulls away, still smiling at me. 

"See you on Monday."

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