Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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9. 8.


"Aviana, how's Nathan?" Jacob smirked as he plopped down next to me on the couch.

"Are you ever going to stop asking about him?" I asked annoyed. He chuckled and shook his head.

"Obviously not. I want to know who my brother-in-law will be!" I rolled my eyes and stood up, wanting to go upstairs.

"Wait, Avi" Jacob took my wrist and pulled me back on the couch.

"What is it now?"

"Will you ever tell me more about him? He seems to make you happy... I want you to be happy, as stupid as it sounds 'cause I know we can, like, kill each other sometimes but the only thing I want is for you to have a guy who protects you and makes you the happiest girl alive."

I smiled and bit my lip, looking at my hands.

Is it weird to smile every time Nathan texts me?... While I don't even know how he looks, how he really is and if he ever smiles whenever I text him?

"Thank you, Jacob. I promise to tell you more about him. I'm happy to have a brother like you."

I hugged him tightly while closing my eyes.

I do need to know more about Nathan, before Jacob finds out he's not really in my class nor school. Jacob would be so mad if he finds out Nathan and I only know each other of accidentally texting the wrong number.

He'll kill me for talking to a stranger.

"And I am happy to have a sister like you", he smiled while pulling away.

"I'm going upstairs now.."

"Have fun", he smirked. I chuckled and shook my head again.

Jacob and I rarely have little talks like these.

I ran to my bedroom and threw myself on the bed, lying on my stomach and taking my phone seeing 3 messages of Nathan.


Nathan: I just brought Theo to my brother
Nathan: Aviana I need to talk to you. On here but also personally
Nathan: I really need to I can't do this anymore, I feel bad.


I frowned lightly and bit my lip again. I swear my lips are someday gonna fall off and I'm not gonna be happy about it.

What is so important to tell me on our messages and personally?

Wait, does that mean he really-really-really wants to meet me?


Me: Nathan, everything alright?

Nathan: No, nothing is alright . I feel so bad and I can't hide anything more for you.
Nathan: We should really meet

Me: Well that's what I think also but I'm not really following? I don't understand what you mean by hiding things?..

Nathan: Can you meet me tomorrow?

Me: I'm free, yes.

Nathan: I'll text you where I'll wait. Please come then.

Me: I will, Nathan


My heart was almost pounding out of my chest.

Was I really gonna meet Nathan?

Please don't tell me this is a dream.


I'm meeting Nathan.


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The story won't be over soon after they met. More chapters are going to come :)


Will probs post another chapter tomorrow so see ya than :*

Love the comments! Thank you all <3

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