Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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6. 5.


"Can someone please tell me where my phone is?"

Mom shook her head and Jacob was just smirking at his phone.

"Jacob I know you took my phone! Now please give it back."

"What's wrong? Missing Nathan already?"


"Nathan?.. Who's Nathan, sweety?" Wow great thanks Jacob.

"No one mom", I sighed and sat down next to my brother.

"I hate you, Jacob", I whispered and tried to take his phone.

"How old are you both? Just give her phone back, Jacob."

"Who says I have her phone? Maybe she left it somewhere and forgot where."

Mom looked at him with cleft eyes and soon made him give my phone back.

"Thank you", I gave him a fake smile and went upstairs.

I groaned when I saw all the messages I got.


Nathan?: Hey I'm bored
Nathan?: Don't ignore me it has been 20 minutes already
Nathan?: Avianaaaaa
Nathan?: Where are you :(
Nathan?: Are you killing your brother ?  Don't hurt your family !  

Me: I'm not hurting my family, Nathan :D

Nathan?: Thank god. I thought you were gone

Me: I kind of was. My brother took my phone

Nathan?: Are you sure he's older than you ? ..

Me: I think so. I'm not sure if he's older than me in that lil' brain of his

Nathan?: I'd like to meet him

Me: Yeah right , you don't even wanna meet me lol

Nathan?: Who said that?

Me: Can I please, at least, know how you look?

Nathan?: No. You can't

Me: Why not??

Nathan?: Because...
Nathan?: I don't know , you just can't. I'm sorry

Me: Do you even know how I look?

Nathan?: I've seen pictures

Me: You creeeeep

Nathan?: I'm not a creep I swear!

Me: Okay okay, but I still don't trust you though

Nathan?: You maybe will someday

Me: I hope so.


I soon heard someone coming up the stairs. I looked at my door and saw my mom slowly walking in.

She gave me the 'I-wanna-talk-about-your-life' smile. I don't know but I just see when she wants to talk about something and when she does, it's always something about my life or something that Jacob told her.

"Hi mom", "Hey sweety!" she sat down at the end of my bed, still giving me that smile.

"Mom you're getting scary. What's wrong?"

"I wanna talk about something.."

Told you.

"About what?"

"Who's Nathan?" her smile faded away and she looked deeply in my eyes.

"No one special mom."


"You know how Jacob is! He's just joking."

"Are you lying?" I sighed while rolling my eyes.

"He's a friend of school."

"And?..", "And what?"

"You both are getting along?"

"Yes, but as good and close friends. Nothing more."

"That's what they all say.."

"Mom, stop it. You're acting like Jacob."

"Well maybe because he's my son?"

"Maybe. But still. You don't have to be like him. Don't worry. Nathan is a good friend and we're working on a little project for school."

She slowly nodded and stood up.

"Okay, good night, Avi."

"Good night mom."

She soon left the room. Finally.


Nathan?: Hey I have a question

Me: Shoot

Nathan?: Do you know any bands?

Me: A few yeah. Why?

Nathan?: Do you like one or more of them?

Me: I like 5 Seconds Of Summer? But it's not like I would die if they were in front of me
Me: [well maybe. They're pretty hot]

Nathan?: No others?

Me: Why do you wanna know this?

Nathan?: I don't know. I just wanna get to know you better ..

Me: Well I've seen One Direction with my friend a few weeks ago and they're pretty awesome

Nathan?: Aha

Me: Yup.. Do you like bands?

Nathan?: 5 seconds of summer are pretty good yea

Me: Awe. Any fav lads ;)

Nathan?: Luke is fun. Ashton is amazing. Michael is awesome and Calum is cute

Me: Why is Luke only fun? (Calum is adorable! Let's be honest)

Nathan?: I don't know I can't say more

Me: Ass.

Nathan?: Hey!

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