Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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49. 45.

~ Aviana ~

"They should be here in ten minutes" Niall smiled and came inside the living room with a beer and coke. (the drink lmao)

I nodded my head and took the glasses from him before placing it on the table. He went back to the kitchen as I heard him take stuff out of the cupboards. I soon watched him sit down as he placed some snacks on the table. Doesn't surprise me, I've noticed he's a food lover. Obviously, he loves cooking. Another thing I've come to know in these past few days.

"So how has London been?" Niall asked after a 5 minute silence of just smiling at each other. It wasn't awkward neither comfortable.

"Amazing, I'm really loving it here" I smiled weakly, looking down at my hands.

"Something wrong?"

"No, it's okay" I nodded and didn't make any eye contact.

"Are you sure Aviana?" he asked and sat closer to me.

"I-I'm fine, yeah" I nodded and smiled up at him, staring into his eyes.

I don't know why, but I just didn't want to say I'd be leaving tomorrow. Not yet.

Niall and I watched a movie and talked a lot when we got to his house. It was really cosy.

We suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I turned my head to the hallway before turning to Niall again. He stood up and ran to the door.

"You won't regret coming here!" he shouted. I chuckled and hoped he was right.

I knew his friends? How?

I waited patiently and heard multiple voices coming from the hallway. I bit my lip and took deep breathes in and out. I don't know why I was so nervous. Will there be girls? Will these friends like me? Will they even want me to be here? I don't even know who these friends are and I'm so not rea-

"Guys, this is Aviana" Niall said and suddenly came into the room. I quickly stood up and felt my cheeks getting hot, I waved awkwardly and looked at his friends.

Oh fuck.

"Aviana, this is.. Well you know who, and this is my cousin Deo", Niall continued with a laugh. He looked at me and tried guessing how I was feeling, but I didn't even know. I was nervous, but now everything in my mind is just flying around and I don't know how I was feeling or what I was thinking.

I'm pretty sure I saw his cousin once on pictures on something and that Niall just calls him Deo, I don't really know his real name. Like I said ages ago, before I knew Niall was the one who I was talking with, I don't know much about One Direction so obviously not about their families either.

Harry fucking Styles was in the same room like I was. I couldn't believe it. I fucking hope Niall never said anything about the things I told him. It wasn't that bad, but it's pretty awkward when you're in a room with someone and you called them hot or anything. I didn't know back then that Harry was Niall's friend. Don't even get me started about 5 Seconds Of Summer. I once told him Luke was hot as fuck and he was fuckable. I still facepalm until today, knowing I embarrassed myself so much. Again, I didn't know it was Niall!

Deo, Harry and someone in the hallway were here. I couldn't believe my eyes. Something else that caught me off guard is Harry approaching me and pulling his hand out so I could shake it. I quickly did the same and shook his hand, smiling brightly.

"Nice to meet you Aviana" Harry said before sitting down on the couch. He is definitely sweet, just like everyone assumes him to be. When I searched some stuff about their band a few months ago, all I could read about Harry was that he was very polite to everyone and once even apologized to a dog because he accidentally tripped over it. That honeslty made my heart melt. Also other people who've met him before wrote about him. Harry cares about a lot of people and tries to make enough time for people who really need his support.

What you can find out on the internet because of searching just a little information about a boyband..

"Sorry I couldn't get my shoes off- oh, hey I'm Gemma" a girl came inside. Not just some random girl, but I knew I recognized her.. But where from?

"Take a seat, I'll be right back" Niall chuckled and left to go into the kitchen.

"You look beautiful girl!" Gemma gasped and came closer to me.

"Thank you, you do too" I smiled and sat down on the couch next to her.

"I hope you know me, if not, I'm Harry's older sister" she chuckled. Right. Harry's sister.

"I thought I knew you from somewhere", I admitted.

"That's alright, nice meeting you!"

"The feeling is mutual. I'm Aviana by the way."

We talked for about 10 minutes as Niall came back with their drinks, as if he knew what the 3 of them wanted. Which was true because they all thanked him and smiled brightly. Maybe it wasn't going to be that awkward.

We talked for so long, I lost track of time. I took my phone out and looked at the time. 5:30pm. Jacob would be having his date in 30 minutes and I was so excited for him, I didn't even know why.

I had about 4 texts, all of them from Jacob. I unlocked my phone and chuckled.


Jacob: Are you there already?
Jacob: ?
Jacob: Aviana ??
Jacob: for fuck's sake don't let me come get you. I don't even know where Mr. Horan lives.

Me: I'm fine Jacob, don't worry. Focus on your date :)) Niall's friends are here and it's actually just his cousin, Harry Styles and Gemma Styles


I put my phone away again and smiled up at Gemma who was watching me.


I nodded and rolled my eyes "With the emphasis of 'over'" I laughed. "Best friend, friend, boyfriend?" she asked again.

"Brother", I chuckled.

"Oh, should've known" Gemma sighed and points at Harry. He turned his head towards us and gasped. "I heard that!" We started laughing as she shrugged her shoulders.

"So I know the feeling."

"Yeah, he didn't even like the fact I'd come here while not knowing who Niall's friends were."

"You didn't know yet?"

"I did know people were coming over, but Niall wanted to surprise me. Kind of", I smiled.

"That's sweet", she winked. I nodded and turned my head towards him after she started talking to Harry. Niall was already looking at me and gave me a wink. I smiled and looked down.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I actually wanted to take someone else than Gemma , but I couldn't think of anyone that was close to him so I took her. I love her so yea ((if you have an idea about someone, i can easily change gemma into someone else and maybe cause some drama in the story ;) ))

I also know it's very short. I'm so sorry.

School started again today after a winter break of 3 weeks.. Can someone come kill me pls ? I wanna cry, my English teacher already pissed me off by something stupid.

Anyway, hope u had a good day and Christmas/New Years.

I'm gonna try to update more/faster in 2017, but I always ruin my new year resolutions, so I'm not gonna promise anything.. Sorry, I'm just the worst in updating haha.

I love you, thanks for commenting and liking the story <3

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