Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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I got Niall's merch (This Town shirt) as a Xmas present from my parents omf im so fucking happy , i don't wanna take it off . Ok now another chappie <3 Thank u so much for the support on this story. I wasn't sure about continuing it in the beginning but seeing some comments on the chapters make me really really happy :) thank you! Means a lot to me xx

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~ Aviana ~

"Keep calm Jacob, it's gonna be alright" I sighed.

"But what if it won't? What if I mess up?"

I bit my lip and smiled weakly, looking up at Jacob as I was fixing his hair.

"Why are you smiling?" he frowned before looking into the mirror in front of us. I was helping him get ready for his date, even though it's only 2pm.

"No reason" I shrugged my shoulders and kept smiling, trying to get his hair in a quiff.

"I know there is" he sighed.

"It's just cute.. How you worry so much about this girl and want to look perfect for her" I admit, finishing up his hair.

"It's not cute.. I just-.. I really like her and she's so beautiful. I feel like she doesn't feel attracted towards me. She's so out of reach for me."

"Jacob you look amazing and I'm sure she likes you. I'm not trying to get your hopes up, but she might want to give it a try since she wants to go out with you. If she didn't want to get closer to you, she wouldn't have agreed to go out with you" I said.

"You're probably right.."

I hope I am.

"But still, I don't know about dating.. I might tell mom about her and maybe she'll understand and let me come here more often. Than you can try to come with me and meet up with Niall" he winked at me as I gave him a light punch in the arm.

"I think you're much closer to getting Skylar than I would with Niall" I raised my eyebrows.

"Did you just admit you like Niall?" he laughed, sitting up straight in the chair and turned around. Ah well I was done with his hair anyway.

"No I didn't" I rolled my eyes. "Yes you fucking did! You like Niall, Aviana. Just tell the truth already"

"I do like him, but not in the way you think" I said and sat down on my bed.

"I bet you do, I just need to wait a few more weeks and we'll both see."

"Yeah, yeah, we'll see about that" I chuckled and took my phone out.


Nialler: I miiiissss youuuu

Nialler: what are you doing?


Thanks Jacob, because of you I 'ignored' Niall for about 25 minutes.


Me: I was doing my brother's hair . I miss you tooooooo. What are u doing?

Nialler: Seems like you're both getting along now ;) and I'm chilling on me couch. Might go out with some friends in a minute


Was it weird if I felt bad about him going out with friends instead of me?


I watched my mom get out of the bathroom as she was fixing her lipstick. Is everyone going out without me?

"Oh right, I'm meeting up with some friend I met in the hotel yesterday. I won't be gone for long, depends on how much fun we have" she chuckled.

"Oh okay" I slowly nodded, turning my head to my phone again.


Me: Yeah we kinda do. Might be because of London ;) I was helping him with a date though :) aye have fun x


You don't know how much I was doubting about doing that x, but I did. And I regret it.


Nialler: Hahah the magic London brings ;) Woah your brother going on a date? Thanks love xx

Me: Yes he's growing up so much :'(

Nialler: maybe the next one to grow up might be you ;)




Me: Who knows :)

Nialler: Ahaha I'm gonna get ready now. I'll text back in a few xx

Me: okayy x


"See you later sweeties, we'll spend our last day in London together tomorrow okay?" my mom said and gave us a kiss on our foreheads.

"W-wait, we're leaving tomorrow or the day after?.."

"Tomorrow at around nine pm" she smiled, nodded and left before we could say anything else.

I swallowed deeply and closed my eyes for a brief moment. I opened them again after a few seconds and saw Jacob staring at me, the same expression on his face like me.

"I thought, well hoped, we would've stayed longer.." Jacob sighed and went with his hands through his hair.

"Jacob no! Keep your hands off your hair! But me too, I wanted to spend more time here" I groaned.

"I wanna spend my last day with Skylar though.. I'm gonna try and skip tomorrow."

"And I want to spend it with Niall, but the three of us haven't gone outside here together yet and I'm pretty sure mom wants to.."

"Well I'm not, we can come here more often in the future."

I rolled my eyes and nodded. "If you and her wouldn't be busy today we could do it today. I need to stay here by my own."

"Ask Niall to hang out with you?"

"I can't, he's meeting up with friends" Jacob sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Or go look around on your own, might be fun too" he chuckled. I shook my head and took my phone again. Niall is probably still getting ready.

I laid down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, listening to Jacob's music that just started playing on his phone.

"I'm so nervous" he sighed and I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to hear it.

"It's going to be alright. Don't worry."

"You better be right Avi. Or I'm blaming you"

I gasped and sat up, resting my hand on my chest.

"That's rude!" I laughed as he joined.

"What time did you meet?"

"Six" he sighed. I nodded and laid down, taking my phone from next to me and scrolling through my camera roll. I need a picture with Niall as a memory.. Even though I'll never forget about this. It's probably one of the best, no screw that, the best trip I've ever done in my entire life. Not just because of Niall, but also just because I love London and this is Jacob and mine's record of being friendly to each other. I chuckled at the thought and went to the App store before I almost let my phone fall down on my face as it buzzed in my hands.


Nialler: I'm readdyyyyy

Me: Ayeeee


I'm the worst at keeping conversations going.


Nialler: What are you gonna do?

Me: Nothing much, just staying in the hotel I guess

Nialler: You sure ? Don't you wanna chill with me? :)

Me: But you're hanging out with friends?

Nialler: So that means we still can't hang out? I'll pick you up in 20 minutes

Me: But I'll just bother you guys..

Nialler: Aviana that wasn't a question, I'm picking you up at your hotel in 20 mins.

Me: Oh haha okay ..

Nialler: See you in a few ;)

Me: See ya :)


Well change of plans than...

I quickly jumped up from the bed and took some clothes out of my suitcase, carrying them towards the bathroom and changed as fast as I could. I put some mascara on and brushed my hair, sighing as I was done in time.

"Why are you suddenly dressed up?" Jacob frowned as I walked into the room.

"Niall is picking me up in a few minutes."

"Didn't he have plans with other friends already?"

"Yeah, but he told me I could join" I shrugged my shoulders and hid my phone and hotel key in my sweater.

"Wait so he's hanging out with friends and you as in boys and you or?"

"I think so.. I don't know, he didn't say much about his friends"

"Aviana you can't go with him" Jacob groaned.

"Why not?"

"Because, if they're all boys you can't be the only girl there. What the fuck is he thinking? Is he stupid or?"

"Don't think like that Jacob" I rolled my eyes, "I'm pretty sure Niall isn't one of those guys."

"What if he is?" he bit his lip.

"Oh god Jacob! Stop with your 'what if's. I'll text you when I'm there and I'll let you know who the guys are. Don't worry and focus on tonight."

"Don't stay when they ask you to tonight, okay? Niall asking you to stay alone is enough, not more than three guys."

I just nodded and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "See you later. Have fun tonight and let me know how it went!" I said before waving and leaving the hotel room.

I pressed on the elevator button and waited about 3 seconds until the doors opened. I got in and went down the lobby, waiting inside because it got pretty cold outside. I was wearing a pink supreme hoodie with black skinny jeans and my white adidas shoes, aka my favourite outfit.

It didn't take long before I saw a familiar Range Rover being parked in front of the hotel. I smiled brightly and opened the hotel doors, walking down the few stairs and saw Niall in the drivers seat. I opened the door and got in the passenger seat, turning my head and still smiled brightly.

"Hi" I chuckled.

"Hey" he smiled and pulled me in for a hug.

"You look great", he said before I saw his cheeks get a slight tint of red.

"Thanks, you too" I bit my lip and turned my head towards the window as Niall drove off and headed to his house.

"Are your friends at your place already?" I asked to break the silence.

"No, not yet. I asked them to come a bit later so we can hang out alone for a while" I saw him smile as I looked at him for a brief moment. I smiled and looked down at my hands, nodding my head.

"If you're wondering, you know my friends, don't worry."

"I know them? Who are they?" he looked down at me and smirked, shrugging his shoulders afterwards.

"You'll see" he winked at me before focusing back on the road.

We soon arrived at his house and got out of the car. He walked to my side and pulled me in for another hug, surprising me but making me blush and smile brightly again.

"Are you okay?" he asked while opening his door with his keys. I nodded and bit my lip again, realizing I should really stop doing that.

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