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"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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I'm sorry for the bad writing or bad timing to upload, I should really upload a lot more I'm aware of that but school's stressing me out like always. I think about this a lot though and won't ever forget it so you can always expect chapters, just maybe not very soon after each other.. :p

Longer chappie to apologize <3

Xx Davina

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~ Aviana ~

It's 6pm now so I still had time to meet up with Niall if he wanted and could. I took my phone out of my sweater and went to my messages app.


Me: I'm back in my room so if you want to meet up..

Nialler: Send me your dress first!😅

Me: Here ya go😊 *picture attached*

Nialler: Hey that's not fair!

Me: What?

Nialler: You need to put it on

Me: Ugh why

Nialler: Because that's what you do with clothes, you put them on
Nialler: and cus when I had to show you my outfit I had to do the same

Me: I just said you had to show me how you looked I didn't FORCE you to show me how you looked wearing it😊

Nialler: Slow down drama queen
Nialler: I'm not forcing you I'm just curious
Nialler: Plus the dress is beautiful now I just want to see it on something more beautiful
Nialler: Did that make sense or was that too much?😳😅

Me: It's okay, wait let me put it on first

Nialler: Yay !


I chuckled and sighed deeply. I look like a mess right now, I don't even know why I asked to meet up. I took the dress off my bed and went to the bathroom.

"Are you finally going to try it on?" my mom excitedly asked.

"Yeah" I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I bit my lip and changed my clothes into the dress. I wasn't really comfortable to be honest, but I liked it.

I slowly opened the bathroom door and walked out, my mom instantly moving her head up at me and smiling from ear to ear.

"Avi it looks gorgeous on you! You look beautiful!" she held her hands over her mouth. "You're starting to be a grown woman, oh my" she said and stood up, walking over to me and hugging me tightly.

"Thanks mom" I smiled weakly and took my phone off my bed.

"I'm going to take a shower so I'll be back soon" I nodded and walked over to the mirror.

"You're looking good sis", Jacob said as he looked up from his phone. "Thank you", I blushed.

"Start being more confident, you're beautiful okay?" I thanked him again and took a deep breath, trying some poses to get a good picture. I felt Jacob's eyes on me which made me more uncomfortable.

"Do I need to take a picture?" he asked, still smiling. I'm happy he's for once not joking around.

"If you want to", he nodded and stood up, taking my phone and walking backwards. I stood still and didn't really move at all.

"Don't be shy Avi, just pose. You look great."

"But I don't know what to do" I groaned.

"If you really don't know, put your hands in front of your face so they'll only see your dress."

I nodded and did what he said. I'm such a difficult person.

"Here you go", he handed my phone back and sat down on his bed again. His idea wasn't so bad though. I sat down at the end of my bed and went to my messages, finally sending the picture to Niall.


Me: Happy now

Nialler: wait the picture isn't loading
Nialler: oh wait
Nialler: oh shit
Nialler: oh fuck
Nialler: aviana you're gorgeous
Nialler: you look fucking beautiful

Me: I don't but thank you

Nialler: Why are you so bad about yourself

Me: Because I just know I'm not and people tell me I am to be polite

Nialler: no they don't , I'm pretty  sure they know they mean it
Nialler: They is also me btw

Me: Thank you niall :)

Nialler: so about meeting up, I'm free
Nialler: Is it okay for you if i come pick ye up at your hotel? It's easier for you

Me: Yeah sure :)

Nialler: I'll be there in 20 mins

Me: Okayy


I laid my phone next to me on my bed and looked over at Jacob.

"About your friend huh" I smirked.

"What?" he frowned and hid his phone in his pocket.

"Your friend you go out with most of the time here, what's her name?"

"Her?" he raised his eyebrows, "Luke" he smiled.

"Luke? No no no, tell me Jacob" I pouted.

"I swear, it's Luke. Look" he took his phone out of his pocket again and unlocked it, showing me he was going through his pictures. "Luke", he pointed at a guy next to him. He was pretty hot and taller than Jacob.

"Oh.." I sighed as I looked at the time they took the picture, yesterday at 4:30pm.

"I will find out soon though", I smirked again. "I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm just going to nod and say okay" I laughed and shrugged my shoulders.


Nialler: I'm on my way

Me: Don't text and drive Horan!

Nialler: I'm not! I'm at a red light

Me: Oh okay
Me: good


"Shit!" I stood up from my bed and started walking around, freaking out because I realized I didn't know what to wear.

"What's wrong?" Jacob asked.

"I'm hanging out with a friend and I forgot to put other clothes on, fuck" I groaned.


I bit my lip and nodded slowly.

"Have fun Avi", he smiled and I swear I think he meant it. "Huh?"

"What?" he frowned, just like me. "No nothing.."

"Just wear your dress, it's not that cold outside. Don't do anything stupid though, I'll tell mom you're gone. Be careful sis."

I smiled brightly and nodded, "Even though I'm freaking uncomfortable right now.. But I sent the picture to him so" I shrugged.

"You gave photographer credits right?" he warned. "No sorry, I will tell him" I laughed. He gave me a hug and pointed at the door. "Now go have fun" I nodded and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

He was being so nice right now and I loved it to be honest.

"Oh by the way", he said before I closed the door after I took my bag and phone.

"Her name's Skylar", he winked.

"Oh my god!", "Go Aviana", he laughed and closed the door.

"You need to tell me about her later though!" I shouted before going to the elevators. I'm so nervous again, why the fuck does Niall have this effect on me?

I went down to the lobby and waited inside for Niall. I quickly put on my black leather jacket before I got out of the hotel room. I was honestly shaking because I felt people look at me and I get more nervous when they do that.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, so I unlocked it and smiled brightly.


Alex: Hey! I know we haven't talked in what felt like ages but I just wanted to let you know I'm really happy I met you and I hope you'll be back home soon cause I really wanna hang out again! Lots of love xx

Me: Hii, I'm really happy too and I'll be back soon, can't wait to hang out! Much love back xx


"Boo", I jumped up and turned around, seeing Niall and one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen.

"You did scare me!" I said, resting my hand on my chest, "But hey!" I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck as I felt his around my waist.

"Thank god you're wearing your dress, I wanted to see it in person" he chuckled.

"Well don't be too happy, I'm not comfortable."

"You should be Aviana, you look beautiful" he smiled and I could feel my cheeks turn so fucking red, worse than a tomato.

"Let's go", he smiled and laid his hand on my back. I nodded and followed him to his car.

"Is it okay if we go back to my house?" he asked when we sat down in his Range Rover.

"Yeah sure", I smiled.

"Have you eaten already?"

"Only this noon."

"Great", he smirked.

"I don't know what you have planned Horan but I'm excited", I chuckled which he returned right afterwards.

"It's nothing special to be honest" he shrugged his shoulders, looking at me for a brief moment.

"There's only one way to find out than."

He smiled, soon driving on a highway.

"Oh my god turn the music up!" I brought out after a few minutes.

"Say You Won't Let Go, you like that song?" he asked.

"Yes, James' voice is beautiful."

"I met him a long time ago, he's really nice"

"Oh shut up, don't make me jealous!" we both laughed and I could see we were close to his house. I don't know why but some sign boards reminded me we were close.

He soon started singing along to the song and I swear my heart started beating faster. It perfectly fit his voice and the way he got all the words out was just... I was speechless.

He took my hand and started waving around with it, "Sing with me!"

Hands on the steering wheel Horan!

"I'm so in love with you and I hope you know! Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold. We've come so far my dear, look how we've grown. And I wanna stay with you, until we're grey and old.. Just say you won't let gooo!" he shouted out the lyrics. I was laughing so hard, trying to sing along but even though it was a slow, meaningful song he made it hilarious. It was cute though.

"Your voice is actually really great", he told me. "Impressive", he nodded.

"It isn't, how could you even hear I was laughing my ass off because of you."

"Yes why did you do that? I was great!" he gasped, laughing afterwards.

"I didn't say you were, but it was still hilarious."

We soon arrived at his house, we got out as I followed him towards his door.

"You have security cameras?"

"Yeah, you don't know how many times I got fans at my door who started freaking out. It's easier now, I can be more careful opening my door" Niall explained as we got inside. "Smart."

"So.. Make yourself comfortable again. I hope you are more here than in your dress", he chuckled, putting his jacket off and quickly running to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch. It was always really cosy and beautiful in here. His couch was so amazing to sit in, I could immediately fall asleep.

"I would honestly never think we.. I mean, you would be here this soon.." Niall said as he walked into the living room.

"It's amazing though, I'm happy we got closer in such a short time", he admitted and I know he had a little blush on his face even if it was pretty dark in here.

"So.. I'll just tell you what I have planned. But I warned you, it's not special."

"Just tell me!" I clapped my hands.

"Since I like cooking, I wanted to make dinner for you and I hope you like it, but I can't promise anything."

That's literally the sweetest thing anyone has ever done to me and I'm not even kidding.

"Aw that's so sweet, I'm sure it'll be delicious!" he chuckled and bit his lip, sitting down next to me on the couch.

We didn't talk for a few seconds until he turned the TV on and turned his head towards me, "I'm really happy to be honest", he admitted. I blushed again and nodded, agreeing with him.

I was wondering if I should or not, but I slowly laid my head on his shoulder. He didn't move so I knew it was okay. I smiled brightly, still blushing and watched TV with him.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Imagine a dress yourself, I didn't really know which one I should take so :))



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