Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
Wattpad version :


43. 40.

"Who was that friend anyway?" my mom asked as she was getting ready to take a walk.
"Uhm, just someone I met the first time we were here.. Long time ago."
"What's her name?"
Oh so because I have a friend it needs to be a girl mom.. Well shit I slept over at 'her' house so it has to be or she'll kill me.
"Jessica, I told you already, didn't I?" I blushed a little. I don't even freaking remember what I told her.
"Oh yeah right", she chuckled. You're so stupid momma..
"Well are you ready? Jacob doesn't want to come with us."
I nodded and followed her out of our hotel room. We got into the elevators and greeted some people getting in at different floors.
I soon felt my phone buzz in my pocket, making me smile.
I have no friends so I'm pretty sure it has to be the person I've been texting to for the past couple of months.


Nialler: I enjoyed our time together :) Hope we can hang out soon xx
Me: Me too😌Ofcourse we can! I'm spending time with my mom outside now but maybe later today? Xx
Nialler: Ofcourse. I'll leave you two alone than x have fun😘


"What are you smiling so stupidly at?"
"My phone", I shrugged.
"Well I can see that", my mom chuckled and rolled her eyes.
"Are you going to be on that thing the whole day?.."
"No", I sighed. "I promise."
She nodded and smiled brightly. At least if I can keep my mind off Niall.
Wait what.


"This is a beautiful dress!" Mom pointed out and took it into her hands.
"Mom I thought we would go walk around and maybe shop for you. Not for me. Besides, you know I don't wear dresses."
"You should honey, your legs are beautiful and so are you, it would fit you perfectly."
I sighed and shook my head a little before turning around and going through some clothes. I'm the worst person at replying to compliments. It's like, I wanna say thank you or laugh but I don't want to come over like a bitch or say something like 'I know'. My mom knows and she keeps doing it.
"Avi, me and many other people told you you should go as a model but no your little insecure self doesn't believe us", she sighed.
"I know you've told me, half of the family did, but I just can't mom. I'd love to do it but I'm not that beautiful nor will I ever get big with it so it doesn't matter."
She groaned and ignored my comment, walking out of the shop so I had to follow her to another.
"You see this? This could be you", she pointed at a huge poster next to the shop doors.
"Mom stop."
"I just want the best for you."
And making me into a model will do that? I've heard enough bad stories about how shit that life could be and you need to be as perfect as you can.
I can't do that, I eat too much so my body won't ever be enough for a modelling career. I have to say there are some pretty hot models with some pretty handsome boys though.
I got another text after a few minutes but I waited until my mom was doing something so she wouldn't notice.
"I'm buying this and that for you."
"Don't", I groaned and pulled on her arm like a little child.
"No protesting, it's my money and I do what I want with it so I'm buying this for you", she raised her eyebrows.
Damn woman.
I turned around and waited outside for her until she came back. In the meantime, I took my phone out and looked at the text.


Nialler: Are you buying anything? If so you need to show me😁I'm pretty bored and curious


Well than. I chuckled and soon realized that was so stupid. I'm standing in public with my phone, hundreds of people walking past me because duh this is London, and I'm smiling and laughing at my phone. Talk about an embarrassement.


Me: Well I'm not buying anything but my mom is. She just bought me a dress, I'm not showing you though😉
Nialler: Why not?😱
Me: I hate dresses!
Nialler: I'm sure you'd be beautiful with a dress
Nialler: I mean, you still are without one but
Me: Yea well I don't think so
Me: but fine I'll show you when I'm back in the hotel
Nialler: Yay :)


My mom came back out of the shop with one of the biggest smiles ever.
"This will look amazing on you sweety!"
I rolled my eyes for the millionth time today and started walking next to her as we decided to go look for a restaurant.
I actually loved hanging around with my mom, especially in my most favourite place in the whole world.
We walked inside and sat down at a table for 2 as a waiter didn't take long before he stood next to us. We ordered our drinks and accepted the menu he gave us, thanking him afterwards and watching him leave behind the counter.
"He's pretty cute isn't he", my mom smirked.
"Meh, a little."
"Oh you're never satisfied with what you see", she stated.
"That's not true."
"It is honey, you just don't realize."
I ignored whatever she said and went with my eyes over all of the food options. Shit there was too much. Ever have that feeling when you're hungry as fuck and want to eat everything they have? Me, my life, all day; every day, yas.
I laid the menu down on the table and pouted. Guess I'll just go with the usual thing, steak with fries because why not I'm already fat anyway.
I soon heard people whisper and somehow it felt like they were talking about me.
I slowly turned my head and looked around the restaurant. While I was doing that I noticed how cosy it actually was and many people were enjoying their time with each other.
My eyes soon stopped as I saw 3 girls looking at me, directly turning their heads outside as they saw me staring. Those girls were probably whispering about me and I didn't like it at all..
I put my attention to my mom again and talked to her until our food came. We started eating and I couldn't help but look at the girls again. One of them, a brunette one, kept looking at me and smiled. I returned it and looked back at my food. Or she's sweet, or she's a two-faced-bitch and I'm about to find out soon if they're going to keep whispering.
"Do you know those girls?" mom asked after a while, referring to the 3.
"No never saw them.. I don't know why they keep looking", I shrugged my shoulders.
We got done eating pretty fast and asked for our bill since we wanted to walk around for a bit and it's getting pretty dark already.
"They must know you, because they're coming our way", mom said and stood up, going to the counter and paying the waiter for our food and his work he had done.
I turned my head towards the girls and swallowed deeply as they did walk up to me. What was their problem?
"Hey, can we ask something to you?" the brunette one asked. You already did, didn't you?
"Sure", I smiled weakly.
"Are you friends with Niall Horan? I mean, not to make you feel bad or anything but Melissa, my friend here", she started and pointed towards a red haired girl, "saw you both walking around in London yesterday.."
I started blushing and looked at my hands for a brief moment before looking up again. I know how some fans are in the One Direction fandom and fucking hell I don't ever want to start a fight with them.
I actually never realized that they could start sending hate if more and more people notice me. I don't really know if I'm even-
"Are you okay?" the third girl asked, a blonde one.
"Oh yeah, I am. Sorry. Uhm, well yeah I know Niall but-"
"Oh my god you're so lucky! He's literally the cutest human being on earth and he deserves all the love in this world", Melissa suddenly brought out. "Lissa, sush" the brunette one calmed her down and put her hand in front of Melissa's mouth.
I chuckled and stood up.
My mom was standing at the door for about 5 minutes already but I only noticed now.
"Girls, I should go now.. I'm here with my mom and we're leaving but it was nice to meet you all!"
"Wait, can we at least have one of your social medias? We'd love to see or talk to you more if that's alright for you" the brunette one said.
I smiled and nodded, giving them my Twitter @ and waving them goodbye. I told them my snapchat and instagram was the same so it wouldn't be too hard to find me on there.
"Seems like you had a lot of fun with them."
"Yeah, well I still don't know them but they're nice and just... liked my sweater", I said. She believed it as we walked back to the hotel.
I'm suddenly a good liar I guess, even though I hate to do it but if I told her it was about Niall she'd probably think something different and know I met up with him instead of someone named 'Jessica'.
Those girls were actually sweet.. Unless they're going to use me, than they can fu- leave.
We soon arrived to the hotel and saw Jacob sitting down on one of the couches in the lobby.
"I forgot to ask the other key and wasn't bothered to ask someone in the lobby so I just waited", he said while walking towards us and into the elevator.
"How long have you been waiting?" mom asked worried.
"I think for about ten minutes", he shrugged. We went into our hotel room and sat down on the beds. I sighed happily and got the shopping bag mom was carrying half of the day thrown on my lap. I actually forgot to ask her if I had to carry it but it's her fault, she wanted to buy it.
I smiled and sat it down on the ground next to my bed as she rolled her eyes and started talking to my brother. In a couple of months it's Christmas and she literally bought me a dress right now

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