Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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5. 4.


Nathan?: Hey I'm bored

Me: Hi, I'm not

Nathan?: Well thanks for helping me through my boredness.

Me: Boredness? You're welcome (:

Nathan?: I wonder if you're the same person in real life like in your texts

Me: I can say that about you too

Nathan?: I mean your personality..

Me: Depends on how people are around me

Nathan?: So if I was an annoying ass to you, you'd be rude to me ?

Me: Am I not already?

Nathan?: Girl are ya on your period?

Me: Ugh leave it behind

Nathan?: Haha you're hilarious

Me: Why thank you
Me: Wait was that sarcastic?

Nathan?: Maybe ..


I chuckled and got off of my bed, going downstairs as soon as I was ready.

Mom wanted to watch a movie with me so I gladly agreed with making it a mother-daughter night.

We used to do this so much when I was younger, but I got tired of watching the same movies all over again and again and again,...

"I'm so excited! I'm gonna go set everything ready!" she cheered.

I nodded and plopped down on the couch.

On these nights, I just wanna cuddle with someone and talk about random things or just watch movies all night long.

Not a single thing would get me cuddling with my mom like how I want.


Nathan?: What are you doing for the night?

Me: Mom and I are gonna watch a movie. What about you?

Nathan?: Night out with some friends

Me: Sounds fun
Me: Hey..
Me: Can't ya come over after you hung out with your friends :p

Nathan?: Are you joking?

Me: Maybe


Mom sat down next to me, throwing a blanket over the both of us and putting the popcorn in the middle.

I laughed and looked down at my phone, he didn't reply.

I was obviously joking. I still don't know anything about Nathan at all. Maybe a few things but I still haven't find out how he looks.



I'm gonna make the chapters longer later on x D.

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