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"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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40. 37.

I had such an amazing time in Disneyland last weekend, sorry for not updating! X

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This was it. I was going to meet Niall in a few hours again for like the third time, or second, when he actually talked to me and when I knew he was 'Nathan'. I'm so happy I didn't ignore him for the rest of my life and just kept talking instead of staying mad. I'm nervous as hell, but also excited and I can't wait to meet him again. We did facetime a couple times but it's not the same. I don't even fucking know what to do when I see him. Should I hug him? Give him a kiss on the cheek? Or just wait what he is going to do and see? I can barely think straight, what if something will go wrong and he won't ever talk to me again?

Why the fuck am I worrying so much.. It's Niall, we have been talking for ages and he has never judged me unless it was a joke. For fucks sake Aviana keep calm.

We were going to meet up in front of the London Eye because it would be easier that way, well his words - I don't think noticing each other in such a big crowd will be easy.

"Sweety we're leaving!" I heard my mom shout from down the stairs. I breathed in and out while taking my suitcase and fixing my hair really quickly after putting my sweater on. I wasn't ready at all.

Why was I more nervous than the first time though?

"You ready?" nope.

"Yes, I am" I smiled as I came down the stairs.

"Great! Now I can't wait to be back in London. Jacob hurry up!"

He soon came downstairs and followed us to the car.

"What's up Aviana? You look a little pale?" he asked while putting my suitcase in the trunk.

"What? No nothing" I shook my head and got in our car. He rolled his eyes and followed behind, getting in next to me. We used to have fights every single day when we were younger, always wanting to sit in the front next to mom. Now we both just sit in the back even though we've grown up.

I put my earphones in and listened to my music the whole ride, ignoring Jacob's rants to mom or her singing along to the music. Not that she sang badly, just that I prefered my music more. I tensed a little when I heard 2 songs of One Direction on the radio. I don't know why but it makes my heart beat so much more when I hear his voice through the radio too. It's crazy to me that I'm talking personally with him.


Nialler: I'm eating Nando's again after more than hundred years ago.

Nialler: It's fucking delicious

Me: Awe haha

Me: I've eaten it once and I was directly in love so dont make me jealous

Nialler: You did?

Nialler: And not with me!

Me: I didn't even know you back then!

Me: Well i did - you just didn't know me :p

Nialler: Ohh

Nialler: Before my life became better

Me: Aww

Me: Wait you mean what I think u mean right ?

Nialler: I think so

Me: Okay good

Me: Mine did too :))

Nialler: Nahw you cutie

Me: Hahah

Nialler: :*

Me: By the way !

Me: I'm on my way to London

Nialler: Really ??

Nialler: holy shit

Nialler: we're getting closer than

Nialler: we're meeting again soon .

Nialler: Shit I'm nervous .

Me: Don't be niall

Me: i am too so don't make me more than i already am

Me: but it will be fine :)


I'm giving him advice about not being nervous while I'm shaking and not thinking straight myself. The heck.

I looked up from my phone and noticed we were almost at our hotel. This ride went by really quickly to be honest.


Me: Niall

Me: I'm in London

Nialler: Shit

Me: I'm almost at my hotel

Nialler: Fuck

Me: I'm shaking

Nialler: I'm nervous

Me: Ugh

Nialler: Shit Aviana why are ya doing this to me .

Me: Hey! I'm not doing anything :o

Nialler: Yes you are

Nialler: You make me nervous

Nialler: I don't think my first performance even comes close to how nervous i am right now

Me: Omg niall don't overreact

Nialler: I'm not !

Nialler: Maybe a little

Me: I need to get my suitcase and go into the hotel i'll text back in a few

Nialler: Ok x


Don't 'ok' me Nialler. I chuckled and got out of the car.

"Your brother is right, Avi. You still look a little pale. Everything alright?" my mom asked when she faced me.

"Yes I am, don't worry. I'm just excited to be here."

They smiled and closed the doors. We took our stuff and walked into the hotel. It was huge but very cosy actually. I'll be so sad to leave.

We checked in and got our room keys, we headed to the elevator and soon got to our room. We decided to just take a room all together since it will only be a few days. I threw my suitcase on my bed and laid down. I was so tired from the ride, also because I could barely sleep last night.

"It's beautiful in here", mom smiled and looked around.

I'm glad she started talking to me again, even though I still think she overreacted. Kind of.

"I can't wait to get out of here, I want to explore London much more than all the other times we came here."

"As long as you'll be careful it's alright for me", mom warned and pointed a finger at him. He rolled his eyes and quickly nodded.

"And Aviana.. Be careful too, okay?"

I frowned and nodded weakly. "I don't want anything bad to happen to the both of you."

"We will be careful mom. If we go outside without you, we'll go together."

I looked up at Jacob and was trying to figure out if he was serious or not. I know how protective he is over me too so I don't really know. I do hope he isn't because than I will probably not be able to be alone with Niall.

"Good. Well you're both old enough so it doesn't matter to me, just be safe."

We nodded and unpacked our suitcases. I took my phone from the bed and laid down on it.


Me: I'm lying on my bed rn :) Going outside in like an hour sooo

Nialler: Yes great amazing

Nialler: I'm getting ready now

Nialler: Your hotel is like 10 minutes away from my place

Me: really

Me: I can totally feel the connection

Nialler: Ahahah me too ;)

Me: I'm going to charge my phone and than I'll leave.

Nialler: Ok I'm ready in 5 minutes

Nialler: Text me when you're ready

Me: I will


I honestly feel like throwing up and I pray to God that I really don't, especially not in front of him.

What and why was this happening..

"Is it okay if I go outside in an hour?"

It isn't the first time we've been here and it wouldn't be the first time I would go outside in London on my own so we're pretty used to it. I just never really stay out long.

"Sure, be sure to eat if you don't with us. We haven't eaten all day unless it was breakfast."

I nodded and bit my lip. Knowing Niall he'll probably be hungry as fuck so it wouldn't surprise me if he was the first one to ask to go eat something.

My phone charger got to 100% which made me jump off my bed and put my shoes on.

I quickly texted Niall saying I was ready and put my sweater back on.

"I'm leaving", I said and threw my Vans bag around my shoulders. Mom looked up from her phone and nodded smilingly as Jacob came out of the bathroom. "Maybe we'll see each other when you stay around the hotel. I'm meeting up with an old friend."

I nodded and waved as I opened the door. "Be safe!" "I will! Love you!" I closed the door and pressed on the elevator button. I walked in and went to the lobby, smiling at the people who passed me and went outside. The sun was shining which made me more happy than I already was. I made my way through the streets of London and soon got to the London Eye. Many people were walking around and taking pictures, admiring the city that is London.


Me: I'm here

Nialler: I'm here

Nialler: Oh fuck

Me: Omg really

Me: I can't see you

Nialler: This place is too huge we should've met up somewhere else

Me: I freaking told you so! It's your fault

Nialler: You should've told me much more!

Nialler: wait i think i see ya

Me: I'm so

Nialler: IM SCARED



Me: Im shaking

Nialler: You know what I think i'll just stay here

Nialler: watch you be nervous

Nialler: i can see you shaking and biting your lip and please stop doing that


Me: I hate you


"You hate me, huh?" I gasped quickly and turned around.


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