Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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39. 36.




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Nialler: Acvi

Nialler: it's so hot in ere

Nialler: I wish i could throw me shit off

Nialler: I meant shirt

Nialler: ahahaha

Nialler: I'm gettin cdr,nk

Nialler: There are hot girls in ere

Nialler: But no one can compare to youuuuu

Nialler: Nobody Compares-One directionf

Nialler: ya know that?

Nialler: I like that brant

Nialler: the blonde dude is handsome don't ya think

Nialler: do you like him

Nialler: because he sure does like tyou ;)

Nialler: oh wait that's me

Nialler: i gate it here without youg

Nialler: avianaaa

Nialler: come over to ameica

Nialler: please

Nialler: are you sleeping already

Nialler: or on your way here

Nialler: I'm in deep shit

Nialler: a girl just camed up to mfe and asked me to danscn

Nialler: I promise i said no

Nialler: I'm not cheating i swearcf

Nialler: don't be mad

Nialler: Baby be mine tonightttttt


Nialler: Na na na na ana ana

Nialler: let me kiss you

Nialler: Can i kiss you avi

Nialler: ahahah gou wouldn' t let me

Nialler: or would you

Nialler: i'm stalking hahahaha

Nialler: god am i 32

Nialler: 32 ?? O meant 24

Nialler: 23 FICK

Nialler: I give up.


I read all of Niall's messages the next morning and couldn't hold in the big smile I had on my face. My mom hasn't talked to me since yesterday when we fought, I want to say sorry but than again I wouldn't know why. I did nothing wrong and I did watch out in the beginning. I always did.. I tried to push him away from talking to me but I somehow couldn't and it lead to this. Plus, I've met Niall twice now already so why does she make such a big deal of it .. Which is also why I won't tell her about tonight. I just want to make this a drama-free trip and I don't want her to come in between my happiness of seeing Niall in person again.

How I will go out asking if I can warlk around the city, is another question - since she's overprotective and probably won't let me. I'm old enough though..


Nialler: Oh god damn it aviana

Nialler: Did I drunk-text you yesterday?

Me: Yes

Nialler: Shit sorry

Nialler: I didn't mean to stalk you

Me: It's okay, I woke up and couldn't stop laughing

Nialler: well at least your day is brightened up than

Me: Ahw, poor lil' guy having a hangover? :( ;)

Nialler: Ha-ha very funny ! I do and me head is hurting

Me: I'll come help you

Nialler: yes please, i would instantly get better

Me: Maybe seeing me would help tonight? :p

Nialler: yas

Nialler: and hey i'm not little I'm taller than you!

Me: you're a little irish drunken lad

Nialler: that's a lot to take in especially when you're hungover Avi.

Me: Hahaha

Nialler: I hate ye

Me: Oh no you don't

Me: Drunken minds speak sober thoughts Nialler ;)

Nialler: Shit did I tell you anything like that ??

Nialler: I'm so sorry

Nialler: Damn it

Me: Calm down, no you didn't

Nialler: Thank god

Nialler: I could scroll upwards but I'm too embarrassed.

Me: You just sang a few times and made no sense in any of your sentences, but you didn't say anything wrong

Nialler: Good.

Nialler: Any embarrassing songs?

Me: If you think your songs are embarrassing than yes

Nialler: I'm proud of me songs so it's good

Me: You should be.

Nialler: Really?

Me: Niall you have million of people listening to your songs, most of them are number 1 in more than 20 countries and music videos with those songs break Vevo until it can't function anymore.

Me: Now you're asking me if I'm serious about you being proud

Nialler: You're right

Me: Duhh *flips hair*

Nialler: Now don't exaggerate avi

Nialler: you're not always right

Me: yes i am *flips hair other way*

Nialler: *hits hair in me eye*

Nialler: *cries out in pain*

Nialler: *calls police and makes aviana get arrested*

Me: *gets thrown in jail and can't talk to Niall anymore*

Nialler: OH NO

Me: #OhNoNiall

Nialler: #OhNoAviana

Nialler: I'll pay so you can get out of jail as soon as possible

Me: But I hit you in the eye

Nialler: I don't care about that as long as I can talk to ya

Me: Aww

Nialler: I can't stand not talking to you for even 10 minutes how would I be able to not talk to you for days ?


I blushed lightly and bit my lip while putting my sweaters in my suitcase.

London wasn't that far away but I'm really sad we're only staying there for like 4 days.

I closed my suitcase and sat down next to it on the ground.


Me: Aw cutie

Nialler: Not as much as you

Me: I'm not cute.

Nialler: what the

Nialler: Yes you are.

Me: I'm notttt

Nialler: You areeee

Nialler: You're one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen.

Nialler: Because ya know I'm in there too

Nialler: and me mum

Nialler: No I'm joking, but you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

Me: Thank you Niall.

Me: You're the most handsome person I've ever seen :)

Nialler: Don't say that because I just told you

Me: I don't.

Me: I mean that

Me: I'm serious

Nialler: Haha okay

Nialler: I believe you

Me: Good :)

Nialler: You're making me forget the pain

Nialler: Shit nevermind I'm thinking about it again

Nialler: But you really did help me

Nialler: I feel better now

Me: Makes me happy to hear

Me: I packed my suitcase already

Nialler: Yess

Nialler: I'm excited

Me: Me too.

Me: I can't wait to finally have a normal conversation with you

Me: Well as normal as it can be

Nialler: I can't wait either

Nialler: I went on my flight while still being drunk

Nialler: I swear it wasn't a pleasure

Me: Why did you even get drunk the day before you had to leave?

Nialler: Because me friends and I wanted to hang out again before I wouldn't see them in a while anymore.

Me: Good point

Nialler: Aha

Nialler: I had to get on a plane one hour after I left the 'party'.

Me: What the heck Niall

Me: you're such an idiot i swear

Nialler: I know :(

Me: My idiot though

Me: wait what.

Me: why did I say that

Me: no i didn't mean that im

Nialler: your idiot ;)

Me: oh

Me: haha

Me: Yay :')

Nialler: <3

Me: <3

Nialler: you mean a lot to me avi

Me: you mean a lot to me too nialler

Nialler: :)

Me: :)


I got up and brushed my teeth, put half of my hair up in a high ponytail and changed into other clothes than my pj's. I put a little bit of mascara on and went downstairs. Mom was lying on the couch watching tv, completely ignoring my presence. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen. She can be mad but she doesn't need to overreact.

I opened the fridge and took something to drink and eat before leaving the kitchen and heading upstairs again.

I took my phone from my night table and put some music on.

"The Weight" by Shawn Mendes came on which instantly made me wanna tear up because of his voice going through my room.

I laid down on my bed, facing my window and blankly staring outside. I'm so excited and nervous for tonight.

Talking through messages is much more different than talking in real life, especially when it comes to me. The first time we talked to each other, when I knew I was talking to him, we kind of discussed a lot of things so it was easy to talk about something. Now I just don't really know what to talk about yet, and I'm obviously stressing about such things already..

What I do know for sure is that it will make me so freaking happy.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I hope it's a little longer now, I'll try to make them like this (if they're good enough) for every chapter.

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