Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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4. 3.


"So, Aviana.." my brother started talking.

I answered with a nod, showing I was listening. Even though I was still focused on my phone though.

"Who have you been texting lately?"

My eyes widened and I looked up at him directly.

"What do you mean?"

"I know you're addicted to your phone, but you're never really glued to it like that."

"It's no one special.."

Was it actually someone special?

"Of course not.. That's why you sometimes smile during the days while you're texting."

"It's none of your business, Jacob", I sighed annoyed.

"I was just asking. I tell you things about my life too. Why won't you? I'm your brother."

I raised my eyebrows and took a sip of my drink.

"As if you tell me a lot. The only things you tell me are about your stupid friends I can't stand."

He rolled his eyes and shrugged, looking out of the window.

"Do I know him?"

"Jacob stop it!"

"It's only a simple question."

"You don't have to know."

"Pretty sure it's a guy."

"Good for you."

"I can't ask you one simple thing or you're getting annoyed with me", he started laughing. He was just pissing me off.

"I know you better than this. You're probably on your period."

"Damn it, Jacob. How many times do I have to tell you to stop?"

"Until I get it. Will be a long time until than."

"I hate you."

"That's why we are brother and sister. We love and hate each other."

"I hate you. I only hate you."

"Shut up. Unless you want to talk about Nathan."

"How do you know his name?" I almost screamed.

His gaze going to my phone answered my question.

I groaned and took my phone from the table.


Nathan?: How is it with your brother?

Me: Feels like hell.

Nathan?: It's probably not that bad :)

Me: It is. Help me

Nathan?: I wish I could haha

Me: You can if you come to Starbucks

Nathan?: I'm out with friends..

Me: They can come too. Jacob needs some friends 'cause he has none.

Nathan?: You're such a good sister ;)

Me: I know right. I need a prize for being the best sister in t world

Nathan?: I will give you one. Someday

Me: Great thanks


"You're smiling again."

"Jacob I mean it, I'm not going to the movies with you if you keep asking about Nathan."

"So the guy is Nathan. Great."

I wanted to rip his smirk off of his face.

If only I could do that.

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