Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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30. 28.

~ Aviana ~

"No I don't, grandma."

"I bet she has but doesn't want to tell", Jacob smirked at me when I looked at him. I frowned and shook my head.

"I don't."

My grandmother chuckled and turned her head to the other side of the table. Glad that conversation is over.

Why, on every single family dinner, does someone have to ask me about a boyfriend? It's annoying. Especially when my mom comes up with 'she better waits and stays home as long as possible' and I have to nod awkwardly. I love her and want to be with her for like my whole life but it's not like I'm going to wait to have a boyfriend just because she doesn't want me to.

"Your name's Aviana?" I turned my head to the left and felt my cheeks getting red.

"Yes.. What's yours?" I smiled.

"I'm Connor, this is Michael," he pointed towards a brown haired boy, blue eyes and a cute smile. I waved and smiled while Connor pointed to the other people too. "and that's Ryan, my brother."

Ryan had brown hair also but brown eyes. "Those girls are Michael's sister, Emma and Chloe."

We all started talking like we've known each other for years already. I thought I'd kind of feel left out since everyone knew each other, but I felt great. It was amazing to meet new people and finally not having to listen to my family's conversations.

"So can we have your number? You're amazing and we'd love to hang out more", Emma asked.

"Sure!" I smiled and took my phone out. We shared our numbers and took lots of pictures together.

I found out Emma had a boyfriend and Ryan broke up with his girlfriend 3 days ago. All of the others were single so I was glad I wasn't the only one. Jacob got along with all of them too, mostly with Connor.

After dinner we all got dessert and ofcourse the elderly took coffee. Everyone was having so much fun and I actually didn't want to leave at all when we stood up and put our jackets on.

"Aviana, there's this club a few minutes away from here. We're all going so if you want to come along, feel free to join", Michael said.

I wanted to, since I really enjoy being around them. I just didn't know if my mom would think it's alright.

"I'll ask my mom, wait" I turned around and ran up to my mom. It would be stupid if she actually said no. I'm old enough to actually chose myself but knowing her she's too over protective.

She smiled down at me and nodded heavily. She was happy so whenever she is she can never say no. "I'll text you when I get there and when I'm heading home", I chuckled. "Perfect. Now go have some fun!" she said after giving me a hug.

I chuckled and said goodbye to my family and friends.

"Hey, Avi wait" I looked up and saw Jacob, holding my arm.

"I'm sorry for today. I was just stressed. I haven't told you yet but some girl of my old school is stuck in my head. We've been talking for a while now and I heard she got a boyfriend yesterday while she was flirting with me. But it's okay now.. I realized I don't need her to be happy and enjoy my time. I'm sorry, again. Now have fun with them" he pointed behind me. "I'm going to try and get more sleep tonight" he gave me a tight hug and kissed my cheek.

"It's okay, Jake. I understand. You don't need her at all. She's not worth your time if she plays with your heart like that. Good night and I love you" I said. He smiled and nodded in agreement, walking towards mom as I made my way to the group of friends I made tonight.

"Let's go!" Connor cheered while we followed him outside.


We arrived at the club and got inside immediately. It was really hot and lots of people were dancing around each other. I normally don't like big crowds, except concerts, but I liked it here. I'm sure it will be a great night and it was only 11PM.

I felt my phone vibrate (is that even the right word?) in my pocket so I quickly got it out and looked at the caller ID. I thought it was my mom but.. It's Niall..

We've never called before so why does he call me now? I swallowed deeply and told everyone I'd be back soon. I quickly tried to find the bathrooms and answered Niall's call while running to the toilets.

"Hi?" I bit my lip. I was so nervous. I hate calling and especially now. Niall and I have barely talked in real life.

"Fucking hell, Aviana" I heard him sigh at the other side. I frowned and stood against the cold tile wall.

"W-what's wrong? Niall?"

"I thought you got in an accident or something!"

"How? Why would you think that?" I was still so confused.

"I've sent you like thirty messages asking how it was and why you didn't reply. I was worried as fuck.. How are you?"

"I'm so sorry.. Dinner was better than I thought and we barely looked at our phones.. But I'm alright.."

"I'm glad you're alright.. Aren't you home now? There's so much noise in the back."

Niall acted like we've called each other for like a billion times already. While I felt so awkward. My voice must sound horrible.

"I'm not. I met some people that my family brought to dinner tonight and we are at a club right now. The music is pretty loud here", I chuckled.

"Oh.. Well, I'll leave you alone than.. Please text me when you're home?.."

"S-sure", I smiled.

"Good.. I'm sorry for calling you like this. I actually thought our first call would be something else, but I was really worried" he laughed.

"Thought that too, but it's alright.. I'm happy I he-.. I'll text you." I sighed lightly.

"Okay.. Bye Aviana" "Bye Niall."

I loved hearing his voice.. It's so angelic and sometimes so soft.. I groaned and felt the urge to call him back and talk to him forever.

I put my phone away and went out of the toilets, trying to find the others.

"Aviana!" I turned to the right and saw Connor staggering towards me. Was he already drunk? You've got to be kidding me.

"The others are standing over there, but can you help me go get some drinks?" he asked while lightly pushing me to the bar. I chuckled and nodded.

Connor ordered the drinks while I looked around. The music was pretty great and you could really see everyone was enjoying it. Some people were even making out or almost throwing their clothes off each other. They were luckily far away from where our group stood so we wouldn't have to see all of that.

The bartender gave our drinks as I helped Connor carrying them to the others. Chloe wrapped her arms around my shoulders from behind and jumped on my back after I put the drinks down on the table. I have no idea why she did that but she scared me so much. I thought someone was attacking me. I took her legs so she wouldn't fall and laughed when Ryan started tickling me.

I screamed out his name and tried to stop him before I'd drop Chloe to the ground but it didn't help anything.

Michael started recording it and don't even ask me why, these people are weird, random and crazy but in such a short time they've gotten so close to me and I love being around them already.

After a while, Chloe got off my back and Michael just started taking random pictures of all of us. Some people from the club joined our group in the corner here but only like 2 girls and 1 boy. They were just making fun on there own and weren't really paying attention to us.

Suddenly, a song that I knew pretty well, came on.. Nothing better than a remix of Drag Me Down by One Direction.

I don't know how I felt, it was just weird to think that I'm talking to someone who's in one of the biggest boybands in the world. It didn't feel like it though, whenever we talked. He was just like everyone else.


Just better.

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