Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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29. 27.

~ Aviana ~

Me: Niall

Me: Are you back already

Me: Because if you are

Me: Than why didn't you tell me

Me: Ugh

Me: Okay I'm bored

Me: You can probably tell

Me: You know, I normally hate to spam people because I don't want to annoy them or make them hate me

Me: But I don't even care to spam you

Me: I liek dat

Me: Lol

Me: I should stop

Me: But I'm not going to


Me: Mickayla is funnier than me right

Me: she's probably nicer and prettier and cooler and amazinger like me

Me: Is amazinger even a word ..

Me: Let's pretend it is

Me: Hi

Me: Tell me how many messages I've sent you already ;)

Me: I need to go and eat dinner with my fam & some friends of them so I won't be home and all I wanna do is watch some movies and cuddle up in my blankets

Me: Ugh niall come save me

Me: there will be other kids too

Me: Wait no kids I mean teenagers or something but i dont wanna communicate with others

Me: Halp

Me: RIP me

Me: Okay I gotta go get ready

Me: How long do you even 'hang out' with people wth

Me: Brb


I chuckled by all my texts and threw my phone on my bed. Great, family dinner.

Mom told me there would be like 5 people around my age and all of the others are my family members and their friends. I'm really not looking forward to going out for dinner but mom forced me to.

I sighed and went to the bathroom to get changed and look a little decent.

"Aviana, hurry up, I need to get ready!" I heard Jacob's voice from the other side of the door.

"I just got in here", I groaned.

"I don't care, hurry up."

I rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders, not caring about him. He should've gotten ready earlier, knowing I'm in this house too.

My mom already got dressed at 2pm today while this dinner is at 7, she's always too excited or has stress because of family members joining. Mom is pretty insecure so she's scared people will say something about how she looks even if they're part of the family. I guess it's her fault that I'm insecure..

I heard a notification on my phone, hoping it was Niall who finally texted back.

I might've said I don't mind if I spam him, but I don't know if he actually gets mad easily.

I should really meet up with him so I can know him better and more personally instead of our stupid phones being in between us.

"Aviana for fuck's sake hurry up!"

"Calm down, Jacob. Seriously I've only been here for like five-"

"Twenty minutes, yes so get out of there."

What the heck is wrong with him. I haven't even been here for 20 minutes.

I took my stuff and stormed out of the bathroom. He couldn't even see anything in the mirrors, they were fogged.

I smirked as I heard him groan and throw stuff around the room.

I took my phone from my bed and saw Niall finally texted back.


Nialler: Woah okay wait

Nialler: I'm back now , I would ofcourse tell you if I was already!

Nialler: I can see you were bored hahah

Nialler: Thanks ? I guess hahah. Be happy I can never be mad at you ;)

Nialler: I'M BACK NOW

Nialler: Avi !! Stop being so jealous of her ;) , it was fun to hang out with Mickayla AND Liam AND Harry

Nialler: but you are much funnier and nicer and prettier and amazinger to talk to :)

Nialler: I think it is

Nialler: Oh ow no it's not a word hahah

Nialler: You've sent me like 30 !

Nialler: Hey don't leave me now

Nialler: I wish we could cuddle up

Nialler: Nope I didn't just say that nevermind

Nialler: I could come save ya but I don't know where you are

Nialler: Oh good you only want to communicate with me :)))

Nialler: I think I'm done replying to most of your 30 messages now , my fingers are tired.


I smiled the whole time reading his texts. Being spammed by Niall wasn't something I would ever expect in my life.

Talking to him through text messages was always so amazing, makes me want to meet him even more.

I really need to get everything off my chest for once, to someone else than Niall.

I could tell my mom, but than she'd be worried that I talk to someone I have never met in real life, while I have.

I could tell Jacob, but it would be the same like my mom. Even though he's not as bad as her..

"Jacob, Aviana, are you guys ready?" I heard my mom calling from downstairs.

I stood up while looking at my phone, taking my purse and keys, just to be sure that no one loses their keys somewhere.

I got out of my room and suddenly bumped into someone. I looked up with an annoyed face and saw Jacob doing the same, looking down.

"Watch out where you're going, Aviana" he said.

I know there's really something wrong with him now and I'm going to find out what. Just not tonight.

I didn't reply so I just walked passed him and made my way downstairs.

"You both look great!" my mom clapped her hands excitedly.

I chuckled and smiled up at her. I wasn't too small but wasn't the tallest in the house either.

I wore a ripped skinny jeans and a white top, simple as fuck but I didn't really mind. I don't have to impress anyone so why would I.

"Let's go", mom said while pushing us to the door, outside the house.

We got in the car, Jacob sitting in the front next to mom, like always.

I swear I'm someday going to throw him out of the car and sit in the front. I feel like a little child, every time they make conversations and not include me in it. Maybe because I'm always on my phone texting Niall, but that doesn't mean they need to make me invisible.


Me: I'm just going to put it in one text message because spamming does make your fingers tired. Aw that's great for next time than ;)
GOOD. I'm not jealous of her!... K maybe.. NO.
I tried to look her up on facebook but I couldn't find her since I don't even know her last name.. I'm so weird wth.
Aw that's sweet :) Did you look that up, Horan ;)
Well sorry for the 30 text messages ! for your information, it were only 29.
I won't leave you, I'll be on my phone most of the time anyway. AW YOU WANT TO CUDDLE WITH ME. Same though.. I really need a cuddle buddy XD
I don't even know where I'm going either.. And yes I do.


That was long a long text.. Ah well I needed to reply to all of his.

"Where are we actually going?" I suddenly asked, interrupting the conversation of her and Jacob about who knows what.

"To this beautiful restaurant a few minutes away from aunt Theresa's house. The food is apparently the best over there so if it's as delicious as they tell us, it'll be a great and wonderful night with the whole familly."

Thanks mom. I now really do know where we're going to.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, nodding anyways.


Nialler: Let's agree to all of that right now. Just one thing I'm going to reply to, even if I read all of it; I volunteer to be your cuddle buddy ;)

Me: You're so lazy Niall XD

Nialler: Yeh I actually am

Me: But me too, me too

Nialler: So about the cuddle buddy thing ..

Me: You know I was joking right?

Nialler: Sure

Nialler: I was too..

Me: Sure ;)

Nialler: No I wasn't :(

Me: Well I would love to have a cuddle buddy though

Nialler: Really

Me: Yes..

Nialler: You know my answer

Me: Yes I do

Me: But we don't see each other that much

Nialler: I know ..

Nialler: But we can work on that

Nialler: Right

Me: Yes ofcourse we can

Nialler: :)

Me: :)


Was Niall really serious..

"We're here!" mom said.

I looked around and recognized some cars, mostly of my aunts, uncles and cousins. My cousins can all drive a car already, except for two who are 3 and 7 years old.

We got out of the car and saw them standing a little further away at the door of the restaurant. They smiled brightly by the sight of us.

I quickly took my phone out of my jeans and texted Niall before following mom and Jacob to them.


Me: I need to say hi to my family now so talk to you in a few xx

Nialler: Ok , have fun even though you'd prefer to stay home ;) xxx


He's so quick at texting..

"Hey Aviana! You've grown up so much!" aunt said while giving me a hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled before greeting everyone else of the family. My grandparents were here also, just like everyone else so I think we were complete. We got inside and followed the waitress to our table.

Friends of my family sat in between us and those 'teenagers' around my age sat around me since it would be easier to talk to them and not be included in the conversations of the 'adults'. They literally act like we are 5 year olds.

I did have to admit that 3 boys looked pretty handsome.. I should stop.

"So Aviana," my head shot up to my grandmother as I smiled weakly, "do you have a boyfriend already?"

We've only been here for a minute!..


Let the 'fun' begin..


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Imagine 'XD' as the laughing with tears face okay? Ok.


Well I tried to make it long for all you lovely people <3

Have a good day/night.

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