Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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24. 22.

DID YOU LEAVE ?!?!?! :(((((((

So sorry , hope you didn't give up on this story.. It has only been like 22 days but still.. Too long ago in my opinion.

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~ Aviana ~

Niall: A
Niall: V
Niall: I
Niall: A
Niall: N
Niall: A


It's 4 freaking AM, Niall!
I sighed and turned around in my bed, taking my phone from the night table and unlocked it within two seconds.

I just knew it was Niall since he already texted me at 12 and he's honestly the only one who does. I told him I was going to bed.. He obviously didn't want to listen.


Me: What??

Niall: wow you seem happy

Me: Maybe because you just woke me up at 4AM.

Niall: Won't you stay 'till the AM ??

Me: I'm not even near you!!

Niall: You should've put your phone off or on silent.. It's not my fault.

Me: I forgot to turn off the buzzing on my phone -_-

Niall: Hahahah told you , not my fault

Me: Well thanks I can't sleep because of you anymore.

Niall: Sooorrryyyyyy ..

Me: Why are you even awake by the way?

Niall: I couldn't sleep when you told me you would go to bed so I made some food because I was hungry . I started playing fifa afterwards so now I'm wide awake

Me: Is this really how you're gonna spend your break? You've probably lost so many sleep because of working your ass off and you can't even sleep now you're on a break

Niall: I know , hate it but I can't do anything about it . My sleeping schedule is messed up

Me: That's something I would say too
Me: Because .. yeah someone woke me up ...

Niall: Oh shut up you like to talk to me ;)

Me: Sure but not when I'm supposed to sleep.

Niall: I'm just pulling an all nighter and getting into something I never want to forget ;)

Me: What's with you and your own lyrics

Niall: I just like us
Niall: Wait I thought you weren't a fan

Me: Well we've been talking for a few weeks or maybe even months now so I thought I'd actually listen to your new music. I thought it was time to do that lol.
Me: But I didn't really say I wasn't a fan. I just said I wasn't a Directioner and didn't listen to your music a lot

Niall: I suddenly like you more now
Niall: Start playing the guitar and you're my dream girl ;)

Me: Oh god
Me: So a girl needs to play the guitar and has to like you all and she's directly your dream girl? You do know loads of your fans are waiting for you

Niall: You're an idiot
Niall: Not everyone is the same
Niall: It's not because girls play the guitar and like us that I want to date them
Niall: It's just the person herself

Me: I have no idea what you're saying but I'm gonna agree with you rn.. You're right!

Niall: I just like girls who appreciate me and the other lads and who play the guitar but I wouldn't date everyone who does that !

Me: Okay I understand now

Me: Anywaaaay.. I wanna learn to play the guitar tho

Niall: Really ??

Me: Yeah, I've told my mom and she said I should but I don't know I haven't really thought about it afterwards anymore

Niall: I could help you

Me: Seriously?

Niall: Ofcourse !
Niall: Classes from 8am until 11pm

Me: What the!!

Niall: I'm kidding ! I don't even wake up until 11

Me: Thank god

Niall: I need the bathroom be right back

Me: Nice to know that Niall...

Niall:  Hahahah

Me: as if you don't take your phone to the bathroom

Niall: No ..

Me: Everyone does that be honest

Niall: Ok I do

Me: Haha I knew it

Niall: send nudes

Me: What?!


I swallowed deeply. Okay ? What's suddenly happening..


Niall: I'm kidding !

Me: You better be

Niall: Aviana I would never ask you to do that I'm not that type of guy

Me: What type of guy are you than XD

Niall: The sweet, caring guy who would do everything for the people he loves and would treat his girl like a princess

Me: so the non-existing type of guy?

Niall: I do exist !!

Me: I know, idiot. I just don't know if you're honest with me ;)

Niall: I am , ask the lads

Me: I'll ask Harry

Niall: Why Harry?

Me: He's hot af

Niall: Nice to know..

Me: You're alright too though

Niall: Thanks.

Me: Awww is mah little nialler jealous?

Niall: Damn you really did your research on everything even my nickname

Me: Yup
Me: Answer the question

Niall: Hahaha I'm not jealous

Me: Ofcourse not :)

Me: Would love to believe that Nialler but ...

Niall: agh
Niall: Believe what you want babe

Niall: But just to let ya know ...


Niall: Niall Horan is the hottest out of the band ;)

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