Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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23. 21.

~ Aviana ~

Niall: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVIANA ! Have fun today and I hope I can give you your present soon :* x
Me: THANK YOU NIALL! I will & present? You have a present for me? x
Niall: YOU'RE WELCOME ! Ofc I do why wouldn't I x
Me: I didn't even have a present for your birthday! I feel bad now.. x
Niall: I don't need presents Aviana . Don't feel bad ok ? Enjoy your birthday instead of worrying about that x

I smiled and looked up as I greeted my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Niall and I have been talking non-stop and I'm started to believe him. I'm starting to believe whatever he tells me and I really hope he doesn't ruin it again.
I forgive people too soon but I never forget what they've done.
Niall is honestly the only one I talk to and he really does make my days, not talking to him for a day just makes me sad and worried.

"Happy birthday sweetheart!" my grandma said with the brightest smile on her face.
"Thank you! I'm so happy you came", they weren't sure if they could come since my grandpa had to be in the hospital 2 days ago but they luckily made it.

I gave a big hug to my cousins before my mom and Jacob put their jackets away.

"It has been a year since we saw each other!" Jessica, one of my older nieces, said as she wrapped her arms around my neck again.
"I know! I've missed you so much!"

We sat down at the table, talking and sharing laughs when I felt my phone buzz in my sweater.
I took it out of my sweater and smiled as I saw his name on my lockscreen.
"Is that your boyfriend?" Ally, my youngest niece, screamed.
Great, I'm texting a guy and everyone thinks I'm dating him.
"No, he's not" I shook my head and looked up to see no one was even listening.
"I bet he will be someday!"
"Shut up", I bit my lip and unlocked my phone, reading his messages.

Niall: How's dinner?
Me: They just came home so we haven't even started dinner yet idiot
Niall: Oh .. Well let me know how it was than
Me: I will :)
Niall: Our last performance is today
Me: Last ??
Niall: Yea , before our break
Me: Damn I thought last performance forever
Niall: No ! We've only been here for 5 years , we won't stop this soon
Me: Good :)


I had a lil' heart attack right here. Ally likes One Direction and I wouldn't like to see her cry forever.
It surprises me that she didn't even see his name on my phone. She just screamed if it was my boyfriend because I got a message.

My mom soon started cooking dinner with the help of my aunts, even though she didn't want them to.

"Dinner's ready!" they all cheered and came into the living room. I was so hungry and Niall talking about food made me more hungry. He was getting a freaking pizza.
Well I can't complain, mom made my favourite dish.

"Happy birthday, honey" mom smiled as we all started eating our food.
I can't wait for the cake to follow afterwards..

My mom told me she would give me my present tonight, I have no idea why.
Jacob already gave me mine. It was a hoverboard segway, since he remembered I wanted one a few weeks ago. I'm really happy with it to be honest.

"This is really good!" Jessica smiled at my mom. "Thank you, Jess. It's Aviana's favourite food."

"I noticed", she chuckled at me when I literally stuffed my mouth full with food.

"I'm sorry! I'm hungry and it's delicious" they chuckled and finished their food.

After we ate our cake, we went to sit down on the couch and talked about how I was when I was little, not cool obviously.
My mom seriously had to pull out a photo album with all of my old pictures.
It was so embarrassing but thank god she's only showing it to my family.

We ended up watching movies after my grandparents left to go home. Mom decided to let my cousins sleep here when my aunts & uncles left afterwards.

It was really a good day. I loved spending time with my family and Jacob was extra sweet, if that's even possible. I can finally look at him and not be annoyed for once, unless he really tries to be.


Niall: Just finished the last performance :(
Me: Aw :(
Niall: I'm gonna miss it for a while , but I'm happy I can relax
Niall: You know what that means ? XD
Niall: I can text you more and we can hopefully meet soon again , which means I'll be able to give you my present
Me: Yaaay !
Niall: How was your day ?
Me: It was great. Spent it with my family :)
Niall: You see! I told you, you need to love your fam and it would be alright
Me: I do love them!
Me: You still remember that conversation omg
Niall: Ofcourse I do


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please understand that English isn't my mother language and Idk if I wrote the family parts right, like cousin or niece or something. I'm really bad at that kind of stuff haha ':)
I'm seriously mad at myself for making this story so bad.
I really thought it would turn out well & I had a good feeling about it but it just makes me furious how bad my writing has been these past days, months, years.
Anyway, I'm glad there are votes (:

Hope your day, or night has been great.

If any of you want me to read your story or have questions for Idk what, feel free to comment x


K bye xx Dav..





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