Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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Nathan?: Hey :)

Me: 'Nathan', it's 6am and you're waking me up with a text. Aren't you living in the same timezone as I am?

Nathan?: Why the " ' " ?

Me: That's confusing o.O

Nathan?: Why did you wrote ' when you wrote my name

Me: Because I'm not sure if you're saying who you really are.

Nathan?: I am

Me: Sure N.


I sighed and rubbed my eyes as I sat up in my bed.

No sleep for me anymore.


Nathan?: Anyway, I couldn't sleep

Me: So than you text me at 6?

Nathan?: I directly thought about texting you. I didn't look at the time. I'm sorry

Me: It's alright, I guess


I looked around the room, just noticing my television was still on. I took the remote and put it off when I heard a loud noise coming from downstairs.

I frowned and hid my phone when I walked down the stairs.

"Oh I'm sorry, Avy! Did I wake you up?"

"No you didn't. I was just checking."

Mom smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek, a hug following afterwards.

"Is Jacob going out today?"

"Not that I know, why? You're not gonna say you want to hang out with him, are you?"

"I don't know. I'm bored."

"Wow Avy, I think this is the first time you want to do something with your brother."

I rolled my eyes at both the name she gave me and how she reacted on me wanting to hang out with Jacob.

"Why are you both up already?" we heard someone say coming to the kitchen. I turned around and saw a sleepy Jacob coming over to us. He could barely hold his eyes open. Literally me in the morning.

"Good morning to you too, Jacob."

I chuckled and sat down on the kitchen chair.

"Hey, you wanna hang out today?" Jacob's eye widened while he looked up at my mom.

"Mom, did you put something in her drink or food?"

"If you don't wanna hang out, just say it."

"No, I'd like to do something today. It's just weird."

I shrugged my shoulders and took my phone again.


Me: My mom and brother are annoying me already *rolls eyes*

Me: I roll my eyes too much to be honest...

Nathan?: Woah , first time you text me first

Nathan?: What did they do?

Me: I don't know. They're just being annoying. Like always actually

Nathan?: Just love your family :)

Me: Weirdo

Nathan?: I'm not a weirdo (alright maybe I am)
Nathan?: You just have to love your family. They're probably one of the most important things in your life

Me: I do love my fam. You're right but they can just piss me off sometimes

Nathan?: As if you don't piss others off sometimes?

Me: Wow thanks dude. Glad I can talk with you

Nathan?: I was joking

Me: Sure


"So, sis, what are we gonna do today?"

I looked up from my phone and saw Jacob sitting in front of me.

"Starbucks, park, movies, home."

"Sounds like a plan", I smiled and stood up.

While running upstairs, I got a message again.


Nathan?: Where do you live?

Me: Creep

Nathan?: I'm not -_- Just tell me which country

Me: America

Nathan?: You serious...

Me: No lol I wish. England

Nathan?: Amazing ! Same here. London to be exact.

Me: What if we someday see and greet each other but we don't even know we have been texting for a day already. Because I don't even know how you look

Nathan?: Yea , that would be crazy

Me: 'Nathan' I just gave you a hint.

Nathan?: What?

Me: I just gave you a hint. I don't know how you look..

Nathan?: We can meet someday.

Me: Seriously why won't you show me a picture of yourself?

Me: Wait you can be fake.

Me: Can't you send me a video of you?

Nathan?: Calm down girl ! Hahah

Me: I'm serious


I opened my closet and took my jeans and sweater out of it before going to the bathroom and changing.


Nathan?: I'm sorry. But my phone barely works so I can't take pictures

Me: You're good at lying.

Nathan?: How do you know I'm lying?

Me: I kinda feel it

Nathan?: Maybe you're kinda feeling it wrong

Me: Maybe


"You ready Av?"

I nodded and followed him outside after saying good bye to mom.

We went into the car and drove off the parking lot, heading to Starbucks.

Nathan kept texting me while we drove. I actually didn't mind. Jacob was only talking about a girl he's seeing, while I can't even stand her.


Nathan?: Maybe you should trust me


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi guyz,

Sorry for all the texts. There will be a lot, just warning if you don't like .

I'm just trying something else and I just wanted to start writing a new story . Hope it gets better later on (:

x D.

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