Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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18. 17.

~ Aviana ~

"I'm going out today", "On a date?" Jacob raised his eyebrows.

"No. I'm hanging out with a friend."

"Oh sure, do I have to drive you somewhere?"

"No, thanks. I'll walk", I smiled and gave him a quick hug as I threw my jacket on.

Mom was out again, I didn't even ask where she was going to since she was here for like a second.

"Have fun!" Jacob yelled from the living room before I left the house.

He stopped asking about Nathan and just carried on with his life while I had mine, not being as nosy as before anymore.

I pulled my phone out of my jacket and went to my messages.


Nathan: I'm here
Nathan: Shit I'm so nervous
Nathan: Are you here already?
Nathan: Wait no I'm too early.
Nathan: I'm so stupid
Nathan: I'm not stalkin ye at all


I chuckled and shook my head, putting my earphones in and typed texts back while listening to some music.

I hate walking and texting at the same time. I'm 100% sure that I will fall someday.


Me: Duuuude hahah why did you even go an hour before. Wasn't it clear :D

Me: Anyway I'm on my way so you don't have to wait any longer :)

Nathan: great I'm gonna pee in my pants
Nathan: Wait.
Nathan: Too much information..

Me: You're a dork you know that

Nathan: Yea I know
Nathan: Hurry uuuup!
Nathan: There's a really cute girl next to me

Me: I am trying! If you want me to fall than I'll run and text

Nathan: No don't fall I don't want us to meet in the hospital
Nathan: By the way I was joking about that girl
Nathan: There is a girl next to me but you're much cuter ;)

Me: staph
Me: talk to her lol

Nathan: No I won't
Nathan: I don't wanna talk French at the moment

Nathan: wait no she's

Nathan: I can't even say which language she talks I can't hear her clearly

Me: Is she talking to herself or something ?

Nathan: Hahahah no she's calling someone

Me: Why do I feel like you're stalking her hahah

Nathan: I'm not !
Nathan: Woman where are you

Me: 'woman', seriously ? But I'm almost there

Nathan: Sorry I'm trying to find a name t call ye but I don't know which one you like

Me: Well my name's Aviana if you didn't know

Nathan: I meant cute names
Nathan: Agh aviana !

Me: Hahah I know I understand you

Nathan: I'll just think and hold it by Aviana at the moment

Me: Good idea

Me: I'm here..

Nathan: FUCK
Nathan: You serious ??
Nathan: I'm gonna pass out

Me: You sound like a fangirl Nathan omg

Nathan: I know but

Nathan: we're finally meeting how

Nathan: Where are you I can't


Me: Great.

Nathan: I know how you look though.

Me: Well

Me: Okay
Me: I'm sitting on a bench and I feel awkward

Nathan: I'm gonna try to find ya

Me: Haha okay :)


I nervously sighed, looking around the park. I don't even know what we're gonna do.

I don't know how I should react..

Are we gonna hug? Just smile and stand in front of each other?

The sun was shining which made this day better.

I have to admit that my heart is probably gonna beat out of my chest in a few minutes.

I was maybe chill during our texts but believe me, I'm nervous as hell.

I bit my lip and suddenly felt like my hands were the most interesting things on earth.

That sounded weird but honestly, my mind was blowing up.

I sighed again, the nerves killing me. I feel like dying if he isn't coming anytime soon.

I looked up again, my eyes widening.

Is he seriously here again?

It's weird seeing him here again, where I am, and while I didn't even expect it.

Last time was when I was meeting Nathan too and he didn't show up.

Let's hope Niall isn't the one who makes us not meet than.. I always thought people called him the one who brings them luck and happiness.

I already had a picture with him and I don't wanna bother him at the moment since I already did last time. Besides, I'm not even a big fan though...

Why couldn't I keep my eyes off of him.

He turned around as I saw him gasp for some more air. I directly looked away, down to my hands again. He caught me staring.

Why am I such an awkward person. I could've just smiled and than turn away but no.

When I looked up, I saw him walking to me. I bit my lip again. Why is he coming my way?

He kept staring which made me blush a little and feel more nervous than I already was.

Where the hell is Nathan?

He better not be leaving me again.

"Hey Aviana.." my head shot up as I got interrupted from my thoughts.

I was speechless..


How did he know my name?


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Drama comin' again lol

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