Spaces. ~N.J.H.~

"Who are you?"
"You don't have to know."
"What if you're an old guy who likes younger girls ._."
"I'm not. Trust me."
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17. 16.

~ Aviana ~

Nathan: So you wanted to talk to me? We haven't talked in like a week and when we did you didn't say anything

Me: Yeah, I'm sorry. I was really busy and kinda forgot what I wanted to tell you

Nathan: Do ye remember again ?

Me: Yeah I do
Me: So when you were drunk on your birthday I said I wanted to try and meet you again, don't know if you remember now

Nathan: I didn't even try to read our conversation the next day.. I was so embarrassed !
Nathan: I felt so stupid . I'm sorry again ! Didn't apologize for that yet

Me: No problem it was hilarious hahah

Nathan: Well comin back to the meeting up, that's amazing ! When do you think you're free ?

Me: I'm free for the next 3 days

Me: I'm going to Disneyland!
Me: After those 3 free days... You know what I mean
Me: I'm so stupid oh god

Nathan: Hahah no it's cute but I'm free tomorrow ?

Me: So... We're meeting up?

Nathan: Yea :)

Me: I'm so excited already but please don't leave me hanging..

Nathan: I won't, I promise.


I smiled weakly and sighed out of relief. I'm excited but still scared that he'll do the same like last time.

He said he wouldn't but he also did that when we first wanted to meet and look how that went.

"Hey sis", Jacob plopped down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

We've been getting closer this week, which made me really surprised to be honest but I kinda like it this way.

We're still annoying each other as much as we can but hug each other more and I think that's because he has had some problems with his friends lately and needed some company.

"Hey what are you doing today?"

"Nothing much.. You? How's Nathan?" I laughed while rolling my eyes. He keeps bringing him up.

"I'm gonna meet up with him tomorrow but I'm not doing anything today yet."

"Let's go out today?" I nodded and smiled brightly.

My phone buzzing interrupted our conversation. Jacob winked at me and directly ran upstairs, leaving me on the couch while I shook my head at him.


Nathan: So did I tell you anything else embarrassing on my birthday?...

Me: Yes you did hahah I'm laughing again thinking about it

Nathan: Oh damn Aviana..
Nathan: What else did I say ?

Me: I said I had a surprise and you thought I meant birthday sex while I wanted to tell you to meet up..
Me: Than you just said baby but that's it

Nathan: Oh no !
Nathan: I'm so sorry Aviana
Nathan: believe me when I say I'm not like that in real life
Nathan: I mean, maybe a little but I'm not like THAT okay you know what I mean

Me: I understand nathan haha don't worry. Like I said , it was hilarious

Nathan: ok

Me: Wow so interesting

Nathan: What ?

Me: That was such a short answer

Nathan: I'm sorry hahah

Me: Idiot


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This sucks so hard...

Hope you have/had a good day

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