Sweet Nightmares

What do you get what you put a deadly creature of the night in the same room as a crying four year old? "One bloody mess!" Most would think this yes, but this time it's not the case. Yet.
Jericho is a Nightmare, a demon that feeds off the pain and fear of others. He lives alone, travels alone, and kills alone. There are few exceptions.
Lucia is a four year old orphaned English girl with a keen interest in pretty much everything.
Regardless of how they seem, push comes to shove and someone is going to have to die.


4. Entry #3

Day 1

My claws cut deep into the loose soil.  The edges of the field had been weeded recently leaving the earth soft and pliable. It seemed that the closer I got the quieter the night seemed. Not so much as a creak was emitted from the old farm house. If I could feel fear I suppose a shiver would have run down my back. I crouched behind a corner of wheat, and felt the weight on my shoulders shift. The ragged old teddy bear fell down into the soil effectively creating a loud thump in the quiet. 

Panic is not in my spices nature, but I can't say the same for adrenaline. Quickly I hauled Lucia over my head holding her "still" sleeping form in my paws. Her head and back bent at quite and uncomfortable angle but seemingly had no effect on her sleep. Her eyes were still closed and she was still breathing. Perhaps I reasoned, she might pay for that in her later years. 

I, instead of replacing her; scooped her up in one arm with the teddy before returning my attention to the goal. Slinking quite stealthily I might say, up to the house I paused to taste the air for the first time. 

The sent of fresh blood filled my nose.

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