Sweet Nightmares

What do you get what you put a deadly creature of the night in the same room as a crying four year old? "One bloody mess!" Most would think this yes, but this time it's not the case. Yet.
Jericho is a Nightmare, a demon that feeds off the pain and fear of others. He lives alone, travels alone, and kills alone. There are few exceptions.
Lucia is a four year old orphaned English girl with a keen interest in pretty much everything.
Regardless of how they seem, push comes to shove and someone is going to have to die.


3. Entry #2

Day 1

There are many things that I thought I'd never do in my life. Giving a human child a piggyback ride to the nearest village is one of them. Sure I could have just left her there to freeze or be eaten by wolves, but I believe in potential. Human children have the potential to grow into adults, and with that growth comes fear. So what if I don't conform to the stereotype and devour this girl? I suppose you could call me a farmer because I see no harm in raising the next generation of "pigs" for slaughter. 

I ducked slightly as I walked under a tree. I didn't think it would do either of us much good if Lucia whacked her head on a low hanging branch. Both her an Sir Erin were sitting comfortably on my shoulders, at least that's what I had figured considering she'd fallen asleep an hour ago. There hadn't been so much as a peep from her since I'd introduced myself. Didn't even look the slightest bit worried when I picked her up without any warning; she just tilted her head and grinned.  And I thought I was creepy.

We were approaching it now, the next town over. I'd just leave her at the doorstep of some farm house and then fade back into the shadows. I crouched low edging up to the tree line. There was a house on the next glen, just passed a field of wheat. This is where it gets interesting.

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