Sweet Nightmares

What do you get what you put a deadly creature of the night in the same room as a crying four year old? "One bloody mess!" Most would think this yes, but this time it's not the case. Yet.
Jericho is a Nightmare, a demon that feeds off the pain and fear of others. He lives alone, travels alone, and kills alone. There are few exceptions.
Lucia is a four year old orphaned English girl with a keen interest in pretty much everything.
Regardless of how they seem, push comes to shove and someone is going to have to die.


2. Entry #1

Day 1 

She must be defective in some way I reasoned. Normal humans cower at the very mention of superstitious happenings; so why was this child denying her natural instincts? "Hello Mr. Shadow," she said, dragging her sleeve across her nose. I scowled at her sheer lack of not only intuition, but hygiene too. I'm not usually opposed to slime - it makes a rather good tool in scaring germaphobes - but the very idea of it coming from such a small and innocent creature is slightly off putting to even me. She came right up to me, as if I was the most amazing thing she'd ever seen. Bright eyed and smiling like her parents hadn't just burned alive in the family barn. Way to innocent for my palette. She held her bear up to me like a sacrifice, "this is Sir Erin, and my name is Lucia!" She giggled a little as I bent down to crouch at her height, "what's your name Mr?" 

I cocked my head slightly at her question- so talkative. None the less I would be respectful to the tiny human. You are, after all, what you eat. "Jericho," I spit out, slowly sounding out every syllable. I don't speak English well, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. Most demons don't even ask for names, we learn who others are through smell and sound(Vampires tend to be the most likely to ask because they can't escape their human nature).

"Got it," giving me a big thumbs up she squeaked, "Jerry-co!" I sighed, it would do. There was no use arguing anyway, I had a long night ahead of me.

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