The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


10. Nathan

Nathan was beyond furious.

He knew full well Aaliyah wouldn't make this mission without one incident. Now she has disappeared. It never fails, her body gets strained and she goes into blackouts. Years ago, he remembers her having a terrible one.

He was twelve and has lived at the institute for nearly half of his life. He was aware of Aaliyah but didn't know much about her. She was quiet with a permanent expression of lifelessness. Everything she did, every action she took was without any feeling into it. She was top of the class and one of the best fighters,a child prodigy, but lacked any passion for any of her achievements. It was the day she was supposed to be fighting him was when she had the blackout. It was a popular fight with many making bets on which powerful child would win. It was a very good fight with neither of them giving in. He remembered seeing a flick of emotion on her face and it made him smile to be the one to bring her to life. His triumph didn't end long. She suddenly pressed her hand against her ears and fell to the floor, letting out a bloodcurdling cry.

"Leave me alone!" she chanted.

Objects started flying and crashing in to each other, and a strong force nearly blew everyone away. The medics were there to take her away immediately. As he began to follow, Professor Gilmore was there to pull him back.

"She'll be fine. Just let them take care of her."

His mind was telling him his words were a straight lie.

Nathan was worried for this girl, he wanted to see her smile, if only once. No matter how many times he tried to visit her at the medical station, he was always turned away with the saying,

"She's fine."

Anyone who could hear would know she was the opposite. Her screams could be heard through the doors and into the hallways. He tried and failed for months, but finally got a chance when someone carelessly left the door to Aaliyah's room one night. Her screams from before were tiny whimpers. Room items were floating in mid air as her nightmare continued.

"Go away!" she cried in her sleep.

It hurt him to see her in so much pain. He slid next to her on the bed and took her hand. Her whimpering slowly softened into nonexistence so and she leaned into the contact. Gently, objects were set back to their rightful places. When she opened her eyes, he felt an instant connection. The threaded their hands together and squeezed hard.

"Don't go." she begged.

He smiled and held her tighter.


After the incident, they were inseparable. He always made sure to hold her hand and keep her close. Soon, Aaliyah began to laugh and smile more. As they grew, their touches became less innocent with Nathan experimenting with her body and she doing the same. For reasons he did not know, they grew distant and were only together when she needed to be get out of her head, and for relief. She was using him and he didn't mind much because Aaliyah was now her own person who helps others. What he did mind was her never telling him anything anymore and doing things he knew would put a strain on her.

He knew he should've tried harder to stop her from coming on this mission.

The others came back to him with no trace of her. He let out a growl on frustration.

"We...have to keep going." he ordered reluctantly.

Haillee gave him a challenging look.

"And just leave her out to die?"

"She can take care of herself, as she always says."

He hopes.

"We need to find that artifact before this mountain collapses and is gone forever."

(Writer's block sucks!)

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