The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


4. Nathan

"Amazing! Your cells fight off bacteria like it's nothing!" The doctor awed with glee.

  Nathan listened to her as he rubbed his arm in an attempt to reduce the pain from the syringe

. It was true that none of them got sick the last time he remembered. He guessed they could scratch disease out of the cause of the recent student deaths.  

"Is there anything it can't fight off?" he asked curiously.  

"I don't believe so! Your cells can also fight off cancer cells! You don't know how much this discovery could mean for people. You children are a true gift to the world."  

He stiffened at her words.  


I was only born because an alien thought he was entitled enough to have sex with my mother.

"If I'm so gifted then why do I feel so insignificant?" he said without thinking.  

The doctor gave him a look of shock.  

"How could you say such things? You wouldn't know what I would give to have what you have! Aren't you Gilmore's Golden Boy?"  

Nathan did not answer.  

He could lead his own team, win nearly every time in sparring matches, lift hundreds of thousands times his weight, yet he could do nothing to protect Aaliyah from that hell she is forced to endure. Hell, he couldn't even find his mother! All he remembers is the feeling of her hand. The institute is all he knows yet no one feels safe here anymore.   "You're free to go!"  

He nodded.

"Thank you, Doctor Blake."  

Upon exiting the lab, he was taken by the hand and grabbed. He nearly tripped as his captor lead him. When he found who had linked hands with him, he stopped in his tracks, startling the boy.  

"What the hell Alex?!"  

The boy recovered and began cackling.  

"I just wanted to scare ya! It worked didn't it? Of course it did!"  

Nathan scoffed at his friend's antics.   "What did you want?"  

That mischievous smile was still plastered on his face.   

"Gilmore's got finally got a job for us. It's been ages since we were able to go out and hang together!"  

"It's been ages because you always find ways to get in trouble." he retorted while heading towards the Headmasters office.   

"It's not my fault they keep us locked in this place like animals!" he whines as he followed.

  It's not usual to have a gap between jobs. For one, we are supposed to remain secret and we only get called upon extreme cases. To many people here, it was an honor to get summoned. Gilmore normally chooses the strongest and most compatible of students and if someone is chosen, their social status skyrockets. For Alex though, half of the institute is annoyed by him and the other half worship him. Nathan assumed it was more about name recognition then it was popularity, but what did any of it matter anyway? Students can die on jobs and it is dangerously common for it to happen.   The automatic doors to the office swooshed open to reveal three new figures. Immediately, his eyes laid on the bronze skinned girl and his body filled with both fear and rage.  

"No! She's not going! I won't let you-!"  

"I wasn't forced in to this Helios, he asked me and Hailley if we wanted this." she calmly responded.  

Hailley simply looked on as they fought.  

Nathan opened his mouth to argue with her but before he could form words, Professor Gilmore spoke.  

"Alex, Nathan, it's nice of you to join us."  

Nathan let out a low growl.  

"Nice to see you too Gilmore!" Alex jested.  

"Why are you allowing her to go?" Nathan spat.  

"She has proven herself many times."  


"Now that you are all here, we can get started on the details."  

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