The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


3. Hailley


It didn't take a genius to realize the tension in the classroom was thick with fear and confusion. The tension gets thicker with each passing dead body. People were barely listening to the professor as they gossiped about Rose. She heard whispers a of people trying to explain the death. Rumors about Rose were already ignited, of course they all had to do with her sexuality.

  "Maybe Mabel was the killer! Think of it! No one has ever seen them being intimate towards each other. I bet Mabel was afraid that she would talk!"   Hailley scoffed at the classmates in front of her. They clearly know nothing! They just like to open their mouths for attention. She heard from Aaliyah that the doctors explained that her brain was cut from circulation, but there were no marks on her body to indicate a chokehold or any other attack so Mabel, let alone anyone attacking her was out of the question. Rose's death was was an exact replica of the other five deaths. All this uncertainty was scary and she knew it was taking a toll on Mabel and Aaliyah the most. Mabel in grief with the loss of her love and Aaliyah in frustration, causing her to hallucinate. She goes into a world called Celestia which she has been told is not on Earth, yet is able to inhabit earthly animals. At night, she hears Aaliyah whimpering at night, trapped in that world and it hurts her to know there was nothing she could do about it. Of course she is able to absorb her powers of telepathy but the visions seem to be all psychological as if there is something or someone who doesn't want to let her into Aaliyah's mind. She was slightly jealous that Helios was the only one who who could shape her out of that world. What's the use of having this power if she can't help her friend?   Suddenly, Hailley felt a light touch on the tips of her knuckles. She looked down to find a stray ace of hearts. Out of curiosity she examined the card and found on the back a scribble that read:  

"You're too pretty to be sad."   

Hailley broke into a small grin before realizing it came from the trickster Eros.  

She dared to turn from the professor to eye the boy and to no surprise, he was giving her the widest grin. Hailley returned her grin with a frown. Eros was known for his seductive ability. He could charm his way in or out of anything he pleased. Of course that was great for battles, but she didn't feel like getting punished for his antics.  

Oh no.  

Eros was approaching her table. She cursed the empty seat next to her and looked straight toward the teacher. Perhaps if she didn't look at him, he would leave her alone.  

"Some of us are sneaking out to go to Vegas tonight." he whispered, "You coming? It'll be nice to be away from all the negativity for once. I heard your tribe lives near the city and owns some of the places. Maybe we could get some discounts!"   

Hailley stayed silent.  

Unfortunately, Eros kept on prodding her to speak.  

"I know you're worried about Selene, but carrying all those emotions isn't good for you. Why won't you just live a little?"   "Because some people can't go out and still ace their tests like you can!" she hissed quietly.   Eros smirked at her response and lightly pressed his hand against hers.   

"You can be like me. All you have to do is absorb my powers, then you can get as many gold stars as you want."   This wasn't the first time he has offered this nor did she think this would be the last. The offer was tempting every time, but she would rather become successful all on her own.  

"Save it for people who actually want it."  

"Everyone does."  

"Don't be so cocky, more people favor Helios' abilities."  

Eros snorted. "Superman? Please. All he does is fly around and wreck things. He can't cause objects as simple as a deck of cards to become deadly."  

He demonstrated by ordering the card to glow with deadly energy.  

The teacher eyed the card and scolded Eros.

"One of our major rules Eros, no use of abilities in the classroom!"   Hailley couldn't help but smile in triumph as Eros pouted.  

"Anyway," he whispered. "You coming to Vegas or what?"  

Hailley was saved by the bell. She exited the classroom quickly before Eros could find her.  

"Annoying brat." she muttered.

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