The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


12. Aaliyah

Aaliyah followed the fawn quietly as she gawked at the scenery. Everything was the same from when she entered before, lush forests, varied greenery, flowers bursting in colors, animals smiling at her happily. Some even greeted her with, "Hello young Celestial!" and she waved back at them politely. This was her only place of happiness when she was her child and also the place she feared. This landscape could transform into a living hell at any time, but for now it seemed stable. She would take whatever peace she could get.

"Where are you taking me?"

"To the ancient one, surely you remember them. She is the one who created this world. She will help you fight the darkness."

Aaliyah had to think before this "ancient one" crossed her memory. She thinks of a bright light, a soft voice, and agonizing pain.

She quickly took her mind away from the memory.

"What will they do?" she asked in curious fear.

"They will help you with regaining your memories, you fought off the darkness once before. We know you can do it again, to save all of us."

"If I save you all, will I be able to stop slipping in and out of both worlds?"

Truthfully, she wanted these visions to stop entirely. She wanted to stay in reality, although there were bad things in that reality, at least her father and friends were there to help her endure.

"That I do not know young celestial. Perhaps that is just your ability. You were given a gift, why not cherish it?"

Aaliyah stopped walking.

"Because it messes with my mind. You don't know how long-" she clenched her fists. "How confused I've been about everything my head keeps pounding and aching. I just want it to stop." Aaliyah fell to her knees unable to relive the pain.

The forest was silent for what felt like forever. Aaliyah, nearly in tears, felt something wet scrape her cheek. She lifted her head in shock to find the dawn giving her a comforting look.

"I believe in you young celestial, we all do. I assure that your pain will disappear once the darkness is gone for good."

Aaliyah allowed the tears to flow and held the deer desperately. She wished what it was telling her was true, she wished she could believe it. Perhaps this was just her fate, to save this world while staying hurt in the other reality with silence.

(Ugh! I'm back in school :(! Feel free to leave comments or questions so I can improve on my writing!)

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