The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


8. Aaliyah


Her eyes snapped open at the sound of her name. All her team members were sleeping peacefully in their respective corners. She brushed the call out for her simply hearing things. Something is bound to make a sound in the mountains anyhow.

"Aaliyah!" This time, the voice was louder.

Out of fear and realization, she covered her ears. No, she was getting better! She was supposed to be the one one in control!

Soon there was an echoing mantra of her name. Aaliyah pressed her ears harder but alas it did not work. She stood from her corner and quietly exited the camp. If she walked around for a bit the voices in her head may cease.

She did not mind the darkness at all, it was actually soothing to hear the sounds of night. The voices in her head dwindled the longer she stayed out until finally they were gone.

Thank goodness! She was able to keep her mind at bay!

Aaliyah let out a happy, relieved sigh and turned back to the campsite, only to see an ominous figure, inches away, staring at her. She covered her mouth to keep from shrieking in surprise.


"Please, I just want silence!"

As the figure stepped closer, Aaliyah took the equal amount of steps back. She used her powers to shine a light on the figure to find that it was a fawn. Her eyes widened upon realization, it was the same fawn from her dreams. Aaliyah didn't know whether to be relieved of scared. She was glad to see something she knew well, yet if she could see the fawn, that meant she was hallucinating. No matter what she did, she always slipped into that place of her mind. It angered her that she wasn't strong enough to resist the hallucinations.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?"

"We need you! It's getting stronger!" the voice in her head answered. It was no doubt it was the fawn speaking to her.

"Please leave me alone!"

Suddenly the mountains began to shrink, night fell in to day, and the area grew green. No matter how hard she tried to get back to reality, a big part of her was allowing this to happen. Her stuffy winter clothes were now a sundress. The sun's light revealed a lively forest that Aaliyah couldn't help but stare at in awe. She would be lying if she said the warmth wasn't refreshing. The fawn was kneeling before her.

"Please Aaliyah, you've saved us before! What's stopping you from doing it once more?"

Aaliyah knelt down to the fawn's level.

"I'm sorry, I don't know how to save you." she replied softly.

The fawn looked up to her. "You promise you will figure it out, yes?"

Even though the fawn took her from reality, she didn't not want to sadden her. Aaliyah gave her a small smile.

"I'll do my best." she looked around to examine the forest further.

"Though, I don't see the darkness anywhere." Her mind flashed to when she was being dragged down into the river, but surely that was only one instance.

"Aside from the times I was here, how much has the darkness appeared?"

"Too many."

Aaliyah nodded and felt a small sense of guilt.

She gently pet her animal companion. "I assure you I will do everything I can to help you."

(I apologize immensely for not updating. Midterms suck!)

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