The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


5. Aaliyah


The high altitude was making it difficult to breathe. It would take a while for her lungs to adapt. The falling snow stung the uncovered parts of her skin but the pain was bearable enough to ignore it. Hailley appears to be having a hard time breathing as well while the other two seem fine. Nathan still looks irritated about Aaliyah coming while Alex is giving Hailley a look of concern. She smiled at the thought of Alex caring for her friend even if she didn't know how much yet. It strangely reminds her of when she met Nathan.

When she was little, her powers were unstable. She moved objects involuntarily and shatter others. If she was unable to controller emotions, everything in her vicinity would turn into debris. People would label her a witch or the black demon and the words hurt her like daggers. She was not safe in sleep for she would have nightmares about a darkness and a beast from it chasing her. Aaliyah reached the point where she could her mind could not bear her current reality, so it made anew one or so she thought. Her father was the only one who protected her from others, he was the only one keeping her sane and the only one who kept her from destroying everything in sight out of sadness, anger, and confusion. Those were the only three emotions she had at the time. 

Soon they were visited by Professor Gilmore and it was then that both he and her father revealed that she was half alien. At first, Aaliyah refused to go to the institute because she did not want to leave her father all alone but was soon convinced after realizing that being around him would only hurt him. The realization broke her heart but she knew she had to go.

Her nightmares only increased when arriving at the institute. She would fall into the other reality frequently and would not wake up for days. Aaliyah's illusions slowly decreased once she spent time with Nathan. He made her smile and for once she felt truly happy to the point where she was partly terrified of Nathan. If something ever happened to him, she was afraid she would fall back into the darkness.


Aaliyah was torn from her thoughts at Alex's antics.

Hailley trudged over to him to yank the hood of his jacket.

"Can you be mature for once?!" she hissed.

"You know full well that could've caused an avalanche! How would we find the artifact then? An artifact that has the potential to tell us about our alien heritage, don't you want to know? I'm not letting my first mission to be a slip up because of you!"

He rebutled with a snicker. 

"Relax Copy Cat! If it weren't for me, all the missions would be boring. I've been on enough to know what I'm doing."

Hailley ignored him and looked to Aaliyah.

"I can breath easily now, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." she responded while closing her eyes and concentrating.

"I'm making a telepathic link before the wind causes us to not hear each other."

Can everyone hear me?

"Yes," they all replied together.

"Gilmore said he could not be specific on which part of the Himalayan Mountains the artifact would be." Nathan informed.

"From the legends, the mountains was were many of the battles for Earth took place. The necklace could be anywher-"

A sudden force flung the four off the ledge. Aaliyah was able to stable herself to levitate and catch Alex while Nathan simply flew and grabbed Hailley. Aaliyah examined the source of their displacement to find what looked like a great beast made of rock. It's roar caused mounds of snow to break and slide, covering where they stood with ice. 

It must be another Alien remnant from the alien war for Earth.

"Malo! Muy Malo! And you thought my yelling was bad!" 


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