The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


2. Aaliyah

 Screams alarmed and echoed through the female quarters. Aaliyah begged for the screams to not be because of another death. She prayed to her unknown alien mother that this person was alive. Without hesitation, Aaliyah slipped from her bed to find the source of the cries. As she was just about to go out the door, she felt a slight snag on her nightwear and turned to see that it was her roommate Hailee. She had that knowing stern look on her face.

  "It's not your fault if-"  

"I know Hailley, but I have to see. I need to solve this."  

"It's probably just from a razor cut in the bathroom, you know how sharp those blades are." Hailley urged.  

"You and I both know that's not the case, Psyche." she usually only ever calls Hailee by her codename during lectures and missions. Although she know it gives Hailee a pained expression, she wants her to know that she is serious.  

Aaliyah knows that Hailley doesn't like  seeing her upset. She admits that every death takes a toll on her, but she has to keep going, to save everyone. In her visions, all she sees is the destruction of her world and it all begins with these deaths.  

"I'm going with you then." she insisted while taking her hand.  

Aaliyah gave her a nod and followed the echoing screams.  

It only took minutes to find that the sobs were coming from a girl who was cradling a body in her arms. It was difficult to see due to other girls crowding around her. Still holding Hailley's hand she was able to weave her way through the crowd to discover the girl's body limp body with no signs of breathing.  

Once again, Aaliyah's prayers did not  work.   She nearly got ready eyed herself before straightening up. She has to find out how she died. Aaliyah knelt beside the sobbing girl and gently rubbed her back to comfort her.  

"What's your name?"   "M-Mabel," she sobbed. "My name is Mabel."  

Aaliyah nodded slightly while continuing to rub her back.  

"What was her name?" she gently questioned.  

The girl sniffles before answering.   

"Her name was- is Rose. She's my girlfriend." the tears came back with a vengeance.  

"Do you mind telling me what happened?" she urged on.   "I don't know. She wasn't feeling well after a mission. I came to check up on her and..."   

Anger, sadness, and frustration boiled  from within. She's not getting anywhere with this mystery. Too many lives have been lost for her to find not one clue! What if Hailley's life was next? Or Nathan's?   Aaliyah could feel Hailee's grip tighten in support and she thankfully returned the intensity. It slightly relaxed her.  

Aaliyah pulled Mabel into a tight side hug.   

"I promise I'll find whoever did this to Rose. I swear it on my life!"  

Just as she made her promise, the institution officials finally appeared to examine the situation.  

All the girls in the room were questioned about Rose. Her body was confiscated much to Mabel's hesitation, and everyone was ordered to carry on like normal.  

"Will you be okay?" Hailley asked with worry.  

"I'll make it through the day." Aaliyah admitted, giving her slight smile. "We need to get to class."  

It didn't look like Hailley liked her answer but she nodded in agreement and with that, they were off to their room to get ready for what was to come.        

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