The Celestials

Area 51 is a secret government institution that is meant to hold and hide half aliens, also known as children of cosmetic powers. There they are experimented on and trained to become special agents for specific missions. As more children mysteriously show up dead, a half alien girl attempts to regain her memories through switching realities to find the killer.


1. Aaliyah (Prologue)

"Please, I don't want to go back there! Don't make me go!"

  An eerie voice echoes. "It's alright Aaliyah, remember you are in control. Slip into Celestia."  

There was a slight hesitation before obeying.    

Warmth suddenly flowed all around her. There was a birth of the soothing sound of trickling water and songs from birds.    

Aaliyah hesitantly opened her eyes to find that the darkness was gone. She was in an enchanted forest where plants bloomed with color and life while animals played merrily.    

She found herself in a small boat traveling on a riverbank. She discovered there was a fawn resting in her lap that awoke as she recognized its presence.   

"Welcome back." it greeted kindly.    

Aaliyah thanked the fawn by running her fingers through its fur. Her hands moved towards the calm water as she couldn't help but reach and dip her her finger into the depths.     

She let out a happy, relieved sigh she didn't know she was holding in.   "What do you see?" the echoing voice urged.   "It's...not as bad as before." she admitted. "Maybe I actually am in control this time."  

"Don't be so sure!" a dark voice boomed.  

Aaliyah whipped her head in all directions to find the owner of the new voice.  

The bright colors from before started to fade into darkness, and the healthy plants before began to slouch and die. Her fawn friend's body deteriorated before her very eyes. The once blue sky now bled red. The once calm river she once trusted, became enraged.   

Aaliyah tried to hold on as best as she could but was thrown overboard. She tried to swim back up but something from below grabbed her ankle, pulling her deeper into darkness. Her heart pounded in fear along with lack of oxygen. Aaliyah fought all she could, but it only made the little air she had left deplete faster.    

"Your mine!" the dark voice roared.  


Aaliyah snapped out of her hallucination with a gasp. She found herself in an office chair, surrounded by white. A white bookshelf, a floor, white walls, a white wooden desk, the list could go on. The only other color was the brown and red from the desert from the window. The buzzing of the cicadas from outside indicated that it was afternoon.    She was back at the institution.    "Aaliyah." the familiar voice called again with more assertion.    

She whipped her head to discover the voice belonged to none other than her best friend Nathan. His worried face pains her deeply.  

"I'm okay." she assured with a fake smile and a stroke across his pale cheek. The false smile slipped into a real one as he leaned against her hand. His hypnotic icy blue eyes never faulted from their worry.   The sound of a cough took them away from their own world.   

It seems that Doctor's Gilmer was present in the office as well.   "Usually you are able to wake from your hallucinations yourself but you were so far gone I had to find Mr. Nathan to bring you back. Anywho, you still need to work on your control. Your visions have the possibility to lead us to something huge. I advice you to go back to Celesti-"  

"She's not going bac-! Ow!" Nathan yelped.  

Aaliyah quickly pinched his side to silence him. She gave him a stern look.  

"I can speak for myself." she asserted before turning back to the professor.  

"I'm...scared. " she admitted. "I know I need to learn more about my powers but," she paused. "Can we please try again later? I can't take witnessing death and darkness over and over again." he words seemed choked.  

Doctor Gilmer contemplated for a minute, then sighed and nodded in agreement.   

"You are dismissed for today."   Aaliyah gave him a thankful smile before grabbing Nathan's arm and leading him out of the office.     

Once the were doors closed, Aaliyah looked around for other students before pulling Nathan into a tight hug. Finally, she was able to break down in tears. She felt his arms wrap around her body and his fingers tangling in her curls. His warmth comforted her but it did nothing to stop the tears. She needed something to help her forget about Celestia, if only for a while.   Aaliyah ran a hand up Nathan's shirt causing him to shiver. "Make me forget." she whispered.                        




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