Love never dies

When Lauren discovers she has fallen in love with on of her best friends, she thinks that if she would forget about it the love would die. Boy was she wrong.


2. Chapter 2

I was in my bedroom on face time to my best friend since infants, Bella as I did most Thursday nights. She had left my dad's house about an hour before and had just come home from the gym.

"Do you want to go on a Skype call with Jacob and Spencer?" Bella asked me whilst doing some sought of funny yoga move. "Yeah ok then," I said laughing, "As long as Jacob doesn't start going on about how much he loves Hannah again. It does my heading so much." Jacob talked about Hannah all the time saying they were going to be together forever and what not. It was getting quite boring. Bella ended the face time and I was sat for about 20 minutes until my Skype ringtone rang from the group call. Jacob, Bella and Spencer were already on the call and was laughing about something but I was too tired to ask why so I just left it. I was silent for a while then someone said "Is Lauren here yet?" It was Spencer. I can't believe he asked about me. Me and Spencer were best friends. Well we were all best friends with each other really. We had a group of friends and we called that our family because we all looked out for each other. No one was allowed in that family without all of us agreeing. "Yeah I'm here," I said quietly, "I'm just a bit tired that's why I'm not talking much. sorry."

"It's ok. Anyway, What you up too?" Spencer answered.

"I'm just texting Hannah."


I was silent the rest of the Skype call and whenever one of them asked me something I went 'mmmmmm' or 'mmmmhhhhhh' and all I did was listen to their conversation apart from texting Hannah. This was mine and Hannah's conversation.

(Hannah)                                                                                                                                         'Hey x'

(Me)                                                                                                                                                 'Hey. I have to ask your advise on something x'

(Hannah)                                                                                                                                         'Sure anything for you hun x'

(Me)                                                                                                                                                 'I fancy spencer and I don't know what to do. I have liked him for a while and I didn't wan to say anything because were best friends. What did you do when you fancied Jacob? x'

(Hannah)                                                                                                                                         'Just tell him how you feel. I have to go. cya at school tomoz x <3'

(Me)                                                                                                                                                 'Ok cya x'

At about midnight I text Spencer saying 'Hey'. I was hoping he wasn't asleep and to my surprise he wasn't. He text back saying 'Hey how are you?' From there we had a conversation and I wasn't awkward at all until...........he asked me who I like. I said 'You tell me first then I will tell you. So he told me who he liked then I told him that I liked one of our friends. And.......He believed me. I was so sad that I told him that I was tired and I cried myself to sleep. It was our first conversation that I had stayed up until 3am to have with someone. When I woke up my pillow was wet through and under my eyes were all puffy. I wanted to stay in bed for longer but it was 6:30 and It took me an hour to get ready for school so I dragged myself out of bed and to my desk. I did my makeup and hair perfectly so that maybe...just maybe....Spencer would notice. When I was walking to school with Bella, I told her the same thing as I told Hannah and she said 'You should tell him'. When I had put my point across that I would never tell him she said 'Fine I will tell him.' I started to argue but I knew better than to pick a fight with her. When we were close to school Spencer shouted us then appeared by us on his bike. Bella smiled at me and I went red. They were talking until we got to school but I never said one word. It was like my whole body was frozen apart from my legs. The day went past and by last period all the people in our friendship group knew about me liking Spencer. Everyone apart from Spencer. Our class rooms were joined together and we were both in Design 'n' technology. I went into the store room between our two class rooms and saw Tracy. She looked at me and said 'Wait there. I will be right back.' When she got back she wasn't alone. She was with Spencer. I froze until Tracy said ' Spencer have you got anything to say to Lauren about what I have just told you?' I knew what she had done. She had told him I liked him. He looked down at his shoes and I walked quickly out of the store room and slammed the door. 


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